How Much Does An Apple TV Remote Weigh?

Regarding TVs, the remote is man’s best companion to enhance and ease entertainment while chilling.

Apple TVs are the best in the market,  with their simplified and unique features. And its remote’s straightforward interface and design beat other remotes around. 

However, with the features and functions of the Apple TV, you can say it’s the future of regular remotes. 

But an ideal aspect one considers it is the weight, so how much does an apple TV remote weigh?

The first generation of Apple TV remotes weighs about 45 grams, and the second and third generations weigh 63 grams. The later generation of the remote has a thicker and great design to make them easier to find when lost. However, the apple TV remotes still weigh less than other regular TV remotes.

It will help if you read further, as I will explain more about the weight of an apple TV remote. Then, I’ll discuss its thickness and the material from which it is produced.

What Is the Weight of an Apple TV Remote?

How Much Does an Apple TV Remote Weigh

The weight of the first generation of Apple TV remotes is 45 grams, and the later generations are 63 grams.

The design and features make these generations of Apple remotes vary in weight.

There are some reasons why apple TV remotes weigh less than regular TV remotes. First, there are reasons, such as the batteries, design, etc.

Unlike regular TV remotes with more mass, Apple doesn’t use replaceable batteries. 

Instead, Apple TVs have internal rechargeable batteries that are not as heavy as the AA batteries In regular TV remotes.

Design is a significant criterion one should consider when having a remote, as it determines its aesthetics. However, it’s also ideal to consider the physical properties of your remotes.

Even though you are not a designer, you can choose what design best suits you. 

However, the apple TV remotes you may see today are a bit traditional in design and might be what you are looking for.

When it comes to a TV remote, a characteristic you consider is it looks nice and feels nice in hand.

And you will have this experience with universal remotes and the apple TV remote.

How Thick Is an Apple TV Remote?

The thickness of an Apple TV remote varies with its generation. However, below is a table with the specifications of the TV remote generations.

ModelsFirst generationSecond generation
Height (mm)124136
Width (mm)3835

However, looking at the table above, the second generation of Apple TV remotes are thicker than the first generation. 

Also, being an upgrade, the new apple TV remote is big and thicker than the previous one for specific reasons.

If you are planning to get an apple TV remote, with the consideration of thickness and other physical features, they are reliable. 

You may wonder if being thicker is a good quality, and my answer would be yes. However, in summary, when it’s thick, you will hardly misplace it, and it’s easy to hold in hand.

With requests to have a tracking feature on the remote, instead, Apple decides to make its new Siri remotes thicker. 

Unfortunately, its shape and thickness make it hard to get lost in couch cushions.

However, being conversant with TV remotes, TV remotes will go missing most times. So to often misplace your remote, it should have a certain thickness to find it easily.

The new Apple Siri TV remote has a suitable thickness to stay safe.

Apple Siri TV remotes are specially made a bit thicker than previous ones to counter the couch issue. 

What Material Is the Apple TV Remote Made Of?

Apple makes its TV remotes with Aluminum or plastic materials. However, the materials are of good quality and will give the remote its apple beauty.

The first original Apple TV(2005) remote is plastic. As a result, you will mostly find apple remotes in either black or white.

The Apple remotes made of aluminum are a later release of the remote from 2009. Also, this remote has other features that exceed the previous version, such as an upgrade on the product.

One significant advantage the new apple TV remotes have over the old ones is the shiny silver-colored aluminum material. As a result, you can easily see your TV remote by reflecting the TV’s light.

Also, comparisons between the first and second generation of the remotes will help you know more about your apple remotes. 

Below is a table comparing the two generations of an apple TV remote.

The first generationSecond generation.
It has a glass touch surface for clicking and swiping.It has both a click pad and a ring for pressing and clicking.
It’s compatible with first-generation apple TV 4k and Apple TV Hd.Compatible with both first and second-generation apple TV 4k and Apple TV Hd.
Connectivity is with an IR transmitter and Bluetooth 4.0.Connectivity is with an IR transmitter and Bluetooth 5.0.
There’s no power, back, mute button, and click pad ring.It has a clickpad ring and all the buttons absent in the older generation.
It has a menu buttonNo menu button
Siri’s voice control button is on the remote.The Siri voice control button is on the remote’s side.

The second generation of the apple TV remote gives you a more definition of a typical TV remote. And as such, the remote will weigh more than the first generation.

You can see the quality of any apple TV remote in the different varieties. Also, with the help of a silicone case, the remote can withstand damage from falls. 

Why Is the New Apple Remote so Big?

Apple decides to make the new Apple remote big to solve some common issues with the old versions. When it’s bigger and thicker, you can easily find them when they get lost.

The first generation of the Apple Siri remote was relatively small, which is a drawback for the device.

Another reason is because of the small weight it has. A TV remote ought to weigh more than the first Generation Apple TV remote to avoid mistakes and displacements. 

The remote is easy to touch accidentally, and you end up clicking multiple functions because of its small size. 

So the new apple TV remotes being more oversized is an advantage and upgrade to the old ones.

Users of the old apple TV remote will appreciate the inclusion of the “find my feature on the remote. But the size and thickness cover that.

Apple has reasonable reasons they didn’t add more technological features to the remote. The company’s main priority is your comfort and experience as a user/customer.

An Apple representative ‘Twerdahl’ earlier explains why some expected features are not in the new Apple remotes. 

He explains that they made it thicker as an alternative to a ‘find my feature.

The company made the new remote big and thick with fewer but advanced technology features.

So, a remote should give you the old nostalgic experience rather than some frustrating experiences.

Apple TV remotes have come a long way in durability and performance, regardless of size. However, you will appreciate the new Apple Siri remote for its weight and big size.

Although you may dislike that the new remote is big and thick, others prefer it this way. And it’s an excellent choice for many reasons, but it depends on your preferences.


Should I Buy the New Apple TV Remote?

Yes, you should; if you can afford the new generation of the Apple TV remote, getting it is worth it for your 4k apple TV and HD.

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