Can You Have More Than One Apple TV in a House?

If you’re looking to make your house more tech-savvy, buying an Apple TV might be right.

However, many questions can arise when you decide to buy your first Apple TV or add another to your house.

For example, can you have more than one Apple TV in the same house? Is there an extra fee? How many do you need to rent movies on iTunes?

We’ll answer these questions, and more so you know if having more than one Apple TV in the same house makes sense.

So can you have more than one Apple TV in the same house?

Yes, you can have more than one Apple TVs run effectively in the same house without any issue, except for remote and AirPlay conflicts.

Remote conflict is triggered when both remotes are close to each other. And with the AirPlay conflict, it happens when your Apple TVs have the same name.

In that case, it becomes difficult to pick them out of the AirPlay menu.

To use your Apple TVs in the same house without any interference, you will need to pair each remote to its own Apple TV or make sure that your remotes are never near each other.

AirPlay might also require you to name your Apple TVs differently so as not to cause any kind of conflict. With that, it’ll be much easier to choose which of the Apple TVs you want to use.

While Apple TV displays the name Apple TV by default on your network, it is simple and quick to rename the device.

And in instances when you have multiple Apple TVs in your house and need to decide which one you’re using to AirPlay something, or when you need to set up Home Sharing and distinguish one from the other, it can become necessary to change the name.

Can You Have More Than One Apple TV Remote?

You’ll be surprised at how many people ask me about this question, so I thought to delve a bit into it here in case anyone else was wondering the same thing.

Can you use more than one Apple TV remote to control your Apple TV?

The Apple TV can be controlled with the Siri Remote or the Apple TV remote. You can also use Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to control the Apple TV.

Sometimes you don’t feel like using the remote or feel lazy going to get the remote, so you’re covered with the Apple TV app on your Apple device.

That said, can you have more than one Apple TV remote? As in more than one actively working Apple TV remote?

For original Apple TV remotes, you can only use one with an Apple TV at a time. And if you intend to use another Apple TV remote, you would’ve to unpair the current one to be able to pair the Apple TV with the new remote.

But it’s possible to add an Infrared Remote (IR) or Apple TV remote app to control it at the same time.

How many Apple TVs can you have on one account?

Apple has quite several products, and one person can have more than these products or devices.

Another person with more than one of these devices can choose to have a separate account for each device, the same way one person would want to use one account for all devices he or she owns. Let’s get to see how possible that can be.

You may want to own more than one Apple TV, whether you need to access content on different TVs in your home or have guests streaming different shows simultaneously.

And while adding additional devices to your Apple TV account is easy, it’s important to check that you aren’t exceeding the limit first so that you don’t find yourself locked out.

10 Apple devices may be associated with your account, with fewer than 5 being Computers.

Can I set up multiple users on Apple TV?

Apple TV can be shared easily by different family members if they all have Apple IDs. This is handy because they can customize their Apple TV to create a customized experience that can include any personal media from Game Center to Playlists.

Yes, you can add family members to your Apple TV so that each person can access their custom-tailored content preferences and apps for the Apple TV, Apple Music, and App Store. Then, switch account profiles to create personal viewing experiences.

To do that;

  • Go to Settings on your Apple TV
  • Go to Users and Accounts
  • Select Add New User, then enter a new Apple ID

You can also use the Home app on an iOS, iPadOS, or macOS (running Catalina or later) device to add new people to your Apple TV and control which family members have access to each individual device.

You can set up an Apple TV in the kids’ room to have a child account and one in the living room to have both parent and child accounts.

It is also possible to remove a family member from Apple TV. And to do so;

  • Go to Settings on your Apple TV
  • Go to Users and Accounts
  • Click on the account name you want to remove and select Remove User from Apple TV.

The user will be permanently removed and will no longer have access to the account.


Having two Apple TVs in the same isn’t an issue, but how they’re operated together is what might cause conflict between them.

So to avoid any such conflict, avoid physical proximity with the remotes that is you make sure these remotes are not physically brought closer to each other. It’s good if you have these Apple TVs with their remotes in their separate rooms.

And one other thing you might again want to take action with to avoid conflicts is to name the Apple TVs differently, to make it easy for AirPlay to choose which TV it would want to use.

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