Will Roku TV Work Without Internet? (All You Need to Know)

For the past few years, media streaming has drastically elevated due to technological advancement.

And talking of media streaming, there’s been quite a several platforms and products that enhance it, making it much easy and more comfortable. Roku can’t be left out when the issue of media streaming is discussed.

In this article, we will be looking into one of the most asked questions about Roku TVs,, will Roku TV work without the internet?

Roku TV will always need the internet to access its full functionality. Whether Roku TV is used to stream free or paid channels, it always has to be connected to the internet.

Roku TV and other streaming devices always need internet access to stream content.

Internet connection is either via WiFi or wired Ethernet connection. But there are a few functionalities that can be accessed without the internet.

With all these being said, a few functionalities can be explored on Roku TV without the internet.

Roku TVs have USB ports; hence you can use a USB stick to access some media on your Roku TV without connecting to the internet.

Roku TV, at the same time, can serve as a monitor for your PC, and we know that it also doesn’t require the internet.

But to access the full streaming functionality, it always needs internet access.

The first you get when you turn on your Roku TV for the first time is to connect to the internet.

And connecting Roku TV to the internet can be done over WiFi or Ethernet cable.

To use any of the Roku devices, you will have to create a Roku account to activate your device, and this can’t be done without the internet.

The activation of the device that helps give you access to all the streaming channels you will need on your Roku TV.

Using the Roku TV or any of Roku’s devices is always in three steps, That is, turning on the TV or the device, connecting to the internet, and launching your needed channel (or creating an account and activating the device if you happen to be a new user).

And either way, you are still going to need the internet.

How to Use Roku TV without the Internet

Using Roku TV without the internet has been the concern of the many people who own a Roku TV or are interested in it and want to purchase one for themselves.

The truth of the matter is told, Roku TV is fully utilized if it’s connected to the internet.

But as stated earlier, a few functionalities can be accessed without the internet. And that’s exactly what we will be looking at in this section.

Without access to the internet, be it Wi-Fi or Ethernet, Roku TV can be used to;

  • Access media content via USB sticks or SD card
  • Screen mirror or cast any smart device
  • Download online media and access them offline

Access media content via USB sticks or SD card

Roku TVs have a USB port and SD card slot. So with the help of either your USB stick or SD card, you can access all your downloaded content via your Roku TV without using the internet or subscribing to any premium plan.

All you need to do is follow the steps beneath.

STEP 1: Copy the media content you want to access on the USB stick or SD card, and plug it into its rightful slot.

STEP 2: Plug or slide the USB stick or SD card respectively into their appropriate place.

STEP 3: Open the Roku Media Player channel from the home screen. You will be able to view now all the media content you earlier copied on it.

STEP 4: Go through, and select the one you want to play. There you are.

Screen mirror or cast any smart device

Content on your mobile device or any smart device can be accessed on your Roku TV without using the internet or plugging or slotting a device into your TV.

It could be downloaded offline content or even browsing the internet. You can generally cast anything being done on the phone onto your Roku TV without the internet.

Now let’s have a look at how that’s also been done.

STEP 1: Go to Settings on your menu

STEP 2: Select System from the new menu

STEP 3: Select Screen Mirroring

Another menu shows the options Screen mirroring mode and Screen mirroring devices.

STEP 4: With the Screen mirroring mode, you can either select Always allow or Prompt. (I prefer to always go by Always allow)

STEP 5: Now select the Screen mirroring devices, and pick your phone.

STEP 6: Based on the phone you’re using, select Screen Mirroring (iOS) or Smart View (Android) from the Control Center. With iOS phones, you swipe up, whiles you swipe down with Android devices.

STEP 7: Your Roku TV name will appear on your mobile device as an available device, then you tap on it to select it.

You will receive a prompt on your Roku TV telling you your TV is not connected to the internet. With two options to choose from, either to Set up a connection or Proceed anyway.

STEP 8: Select Proceed anyway

In a few seconds, you should be able to see your phone display on your Roku TV.

That means your phone has been connected or cast to your Roku TV. And that was done without the use of the internet.

How to Connect Roku TV to the Internet

Roku TV should always be connected to the internet if you want access to your TV’s full functionality.

Connecting Roku TV to the internet is done in two ways: via Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet connection.

Let me now walk you through how to connect to the internet, either through a Wi-Fi connection or an Ethernet connection.

STEP 1: Select Settings from the Home screen

STEP 2: Select Network from the new menu

STEP 3: Select Set up connection

STEP 4: You have two options, either wired or wireless. The wired for Ethernet cable connection, and the wireless for Wi-Fi connection.

So you select per the connection you’re using. (If you opt for the wired option, your Roku TV will automatically connect to your home network and internet.

But if you opt for wireless, you will be given an option to continue to the next step)

STEP 5: A list of available networks will be shown to choose the preferred network you want to connect to.

Tap on Scan again to see all networks if your preferred network isn’t found in the available list.

STEP 6: You will be asked to input your password if the selected network is password protected.

STEP7: Select Connect to get connected.


Roku TV will work fine without the internet, but you wouldn’t be able to access its full functionality.

Roku TV is mainly known for media streaming, which fully requires the internet. With internet access, you can access media on your Roku TV via USB sticks or SD card.

Many also use it as a monitor for their computers and gaming. It is also possible to screen mirror or cast display from your mobile device or any other smart device.

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