Can You Take A TV Remote On A Plane? (All You Need To Know)

Electronics are now a necessity for many people. However, some people prefer taking their accessories and gadgets everywhere to ease things up.

Having questions about taking your TV remote on a plane is normal, especially with much information about electronic devices and accessories restrictions.

The answer depends on how you pack your luggage to fit in the remote. This article will further give you answers to this and other related questions.

You can take a TV remote on a plane. There are no restrictions to taking TV remotes on an airplane. However, you need to pack it properly so you can check it in with other luggage; the rules permit you to pack it in checked bags or carry-ons. It will help if you protect it from damage in your carry-on.

In this article, I will explain if you can carry a TV remote on a plane, how you can transport TV remotes and if TV remote batteries are allowed on a plane.

By the end, you’ll also understand the types of batteries allowed in checked luggage.

Can You Carry a TV Remote on a Plane?

You can carry a TV remote on a plane. No restrictions prevent you from carrying TV remotes on a plane.

Although, there is information that it is possible to trigger explosives with remote devices. But it doesn’t include TV remotes.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allowed TV remotes. But there is a way to pack them with your language to check them in.

The TV remote is relatively small and doesn’t weigh much or affect the size of your luggage. So you can carry as many as you want on a plane.

Although, it is safe to carry TV remotes on a plane. But consider some factors before adding them to your luggage.

The table below outlines the factors you must consider before carrying a TV remote on a plane.

Luggage typeIt needs to give the remote enough space.
Travel positionIt needs to be in a safe spot.
Battery healthAvoid pressure that can overheat remote batteries.
Security lineYou need to check it in with other luggage.
PackageWrap it in bubble nylon to protect it.

How Do I Transport TV Remotes?

Transporting TV remotes on a plane requires putting them in a carry-on. Likewise, small-sized items like your TV remote need to stay in your carry-on or checked bags.

So, you would carry it easily as you go through the security line and check it in.

Therefore, it is essential to use this procedure irrespective of the number of remotes you are transporting.

In addition, It is best to remove the batteries from inside the TV remote. It will help to preserve the battery’s health while you aren’t using the remote.

Although, leaving the batteries inside the remote will still allow you to board the plane. 

It is just best for your remote’s health to remove the batteries if you don’t use them for a while. Besides, the batteries may be leaking unknowingly.

Leaking batteries will corrode the electrical contacts in the battery chamber. Apart from this reason, you can transport the TV remote effortlessly.    

Are TV Remote Batteries Allowed on Planes?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows you to take TV remote batteries on a plane. Although, there are rules about taking batteries on a plane.

But, the rules do not affect TV remote batteries because they are dry alkaline. So, you can carry these kinds of batteries in your checked luggage and carry-on luggage.

Dry alkaline batteries are the typical battery you have in every household. This battery includes AA, AAA, D, C, and rechargeable dry batteries.

These batteries are safe to carry on a plane, but you must ensure they are safe.

There are no limits to the amount of TV remote batteries allowed on planes. But, the rules only allow you to carry the batteries for personal use.

Hence, you can only pack moderate quantities in your luggage. Such batteries would appear like you are taking them to another country to sell.

The airport security won’t allow you to carry such an amount in carry-on or checked luggage. So it would be best to reduce the size to the approved amount.

The rules restricting batteries on planes are in place for flight safety. So, please oblige when the airport security asks you to reduce the batteries in your bag.

In addition, it is essential to pack your TV remote batteries safely. It will protect them from damage or short-circuit.

Therefore, you need to ensure they aren’t loose and there is no tear on the wrapper. It is best to wrap them in bubble nylon to protect them.

In addition, you must keep your TV remote batteries from metal objects. It could cause a short circuit resulting in damages.

The main reason you can take TV remote batteries on a plane is due to their type. Unfortunately, there are still restrictions prohibiting other types of batteries.

You can’t take some types of batteries on a plane because they are dangerous. So it would be best to identify the differences between TV remote batteries and such batteries.

It would help you to avoid packing the wrong batteries in your luggage. It would also help you to identify the dangers of carrying the wrong batteries.

These batteries include Lithium batteries in your phone, tablet, and laptop. You need to turn off these devices when boarding a plane.

It is also essential to avoid packing these devices in a tight bag or putting a load on them. It could cause overheating, which leads to an explosion.

Although, TSA made the rules for carrying batteries on a plane. However, this rule applies to airports within the USA.

You may experience different rules in an airport in a different country. In addition, rules sometimes differ according to the administration in charge of transportation.

Therefore, it is best to enquire from the proper authority in whatever country you travel from before taking a plane’s batteries.

Finally, you can carry a TV remote on a plane as long as you:

  • Put it in a safe spot.
  • Protect its battery from short circuits.
  • Put it in a carry-on or checked bag.

These measures will ensure you can safely carry the TV remote on a plane. First, you need to ensure nothing can damage the remote’s case.


What Type of Battery is Not Allowed on Airplanes?

You can’t carry batteries above 300 Watts hours capacity on airplanes.

Can I Carry Alkaline Batteries in My Checked Luggage?

You can carry alkaline batteries in checked luggage. But it would help if you put them in a protective case.

What Type of Battery is Not Allowed in Checked Luggage?

TSA won’t allow a spare lithium-ion battery that isn’t in its device to be in checked luggage. So you will have to remove it if they discover it.

Why Are Batteries Not Allowed in Checked Luggage?

A metal object inside the luggage can connect the battery’s positive and negative ends and cause a short circuit which can result in a fire.

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