Is Extended Warranty Worth It For A Washing Machine?

Whenever you purchase a new appliance, you always watch what can happen.

Warranties are meant to cover many unforeseen events concerning your washing machine.

Do you know that warranties have time limits? You can extend these limits to cover unforeseen events.

In this article, I will write about the worth of an extended warranty and whether you should have it or leave it.

It is not worth having an extended warranty for your washing machine. The washing machine you buy is durable and can last longer without needing repair. There is a high chance that your washing machine will not get spoilt within this period. Extended warranties come at a cost that may be too expensive compared to standard warranties.

Should You Buy Extended Warranty for A Washing Machine?

Is Extended Warranty Worth It for a Washing Machine

It would be best if you did not buy an extended warranty for your washing machine. An extended warranty for a washing machine is not worth it.

Whatever the offer that is made, an extended warranty does not add value to your washing machine.

Warranties on home appliances, especially washing machines, guarantee the manufacturer makes the machine. 

This guarantee promises that your product will work perfectly based on certain conditions.

The warranty further provides an assurance stating that if, in any case, challenges arise with the use of the product, the company covers for damages.

These warranties are unique because they are only operational within a stipulated period.

Most companies offer a warranty for their household items for one year.

These warranties cover only problems that arise from defects in the parts of the washing machine or an error in the artistry during the manufacturing process.

In the case of extended warranties, many vendors make some other offers available.

These offers are given aside from the limited offers provided by the manufacturers.

These offers are insurance policies for your home appliances that require you to pay upfront.

This upfront payment stretches the warranty period beyond the stipulated one year.

In the case of an extended warranty, the terms and conditions are more watery and lenient than the manufacturers.

Getting an extended warranty means you are paying some extra cash upfront.

You can view this extra cash as a payment for a protection plan in case your washing machine gets spoiled. 

This money is used to fix the problem when it arises. In most cases, the appliance you buy is durable and does not break down within the period spelled out.

When you buy an extended warranty, you pay more upfront for a service you will likely not use.

How Much Does a Washing Machine Extended Warranty Cost?

An extended warranty for washing machines would cost a minimum of 120 dollars a year. This amount can rise to about 300 dollars per year. 

Although many factors determine the amount you will pay for your extended warranty, this amount covers a wide range of products and retailers.

The washing machine you purchase determines the amount you will pay for the extended warranty.

The extended warranty varies from retailer to retailer. A particular retailer may offer more or less compared to another retailer.

These retailer variations are due to the differences in coverage packages. Some retailers do not cover some damages that others cover. 

All these factors alter the amount you can pay for an extended warranty.

Is LG Washing Machine Extended Warranty Worth It?

The LG washing machine warranty is not worth it. You will be required to pay more for repairs than you would when the washing breaks down.

You are entitled to a one-year warranty when you purchase your LG washing machine.

Within this time, LG is responsible for every repair on your LG washer.

The sellers of your washing machine provide the other deals. These deals are based on predicting that your washing may develop a defect shortly.

When this defect develops, the extended warranty will cover the defect. A most extended warranty takes effect from when the LG company warranty ends.

Most damages occur within the first year of usage. In this instance, the company’s warranty can cover these damages.

When the company’s warranty handles these damages, there may be no need for any other repairs.

Recently, customer ratings on the LG washing machine have shown that the product is durable and not likely to break down.

Even if your washing machine breaks down, the problem will most likely not repeat itself after a very long time. 

This factor makes the amount paid as an extended warranty not worth it.

There is a possibility that your washing machine may not break down within the warranty period.

Should I Get an Extended Warranty for My Whirlpool Washing Machine?

You don’t need an extended warranty for your whirlpool washing machine.

The company warranty can cover all repairs and even replacements where necessary.

You pay some insurance when you get an extended warranty for your whirlpool washing machine. The retailer sells the extended warranty at the point of sale. 

Unlike the warranty given by the company, you pay for the extended warranty from your pocket.

Many researchers have shown that the extended warranty is not compulsory since the company’s warranty can cover any fault you may encounter.

Another research shows that washing machines have only about a 20% chance of developing a fault after about five years of use. 

With a low probability, the need for an extended warranty is not compulsory.

You should know that the retailers are the major benefit of the extended warranty.

You are usually charged for an extended warranty that you may never get to use. Many customers have shared their experiences with the extended warranty.

The company performs every repair on your whirlpool washing machine within the first year. After this repair, the likelihood of having another repair is slim.

This probability is scarce due to the durability of the whirlpool washing machine. All extended warranty requires that you pay upfront. 

When it becomes imperative that you repair the whirlpool machine, the extended warranty period may have elapsed. 

An extended warranty comes with so much promise from the retailers. They can become handy only if your whirlpool washing machine breaks down.

Some damages may occur within the period of the extended warranty. These damages may fall within the range of normal repairs.

Can You Buy Washing Machine Extended Warranty Later?

You can buy the extended warranty for washing machines after your purchase.

This extended warranty for your washing machine can last up to nine months after purchase.

An extended warranty takes effect from the day your company warranty ends. If you have not decided yet, there is still time to do so.

Within this period, you can have your washing machine serviced and repaired under the warranty coverage of your company.

An extended warranty covers home repairs. It would be best if you did not confuse this warranty with the home warranty.

A home warranty is a service your retailer offers you at the point of purchase.

It ensures that you get home repairs and delivery of spare parts in the comfort of your house.

You pay for this service annually. This arrangement can be terminated at any point and does not last longer than a year. 

In the case of an extended warranty, your seller agrees with you regarding the washing machine he sells. 

In this agreement, the seller will continue to repair and may also replace damaged parts of your washing machine within a stipulated period. 

Once you purchase an extended warranty, it takes effect for the stipulated period.

Some extended warranties last for up to ten years. Many others last for only five years.

All extended warranties take effect from the day the company warranty ends.

You can purchase an extended warranty within the time interval of your company warranty.

All extended warranties on washing machines stretch as far as nine months into the company’s warranty period.

How Long Do Extended Warranties Cover for A Washing Machine?

The duration of extended warranties varies. You can have an extended warranty period of one year, and some would extend it for ten years.

The variation depends on the product you wish to buy, your location, and the offer your seller provides. 

You can have an extended warranty of up to 10 years for LG washing machines. Most retailers provide an extended warranty at the point of sale in their store outlet.

Whirlpool washing machines have extended warranty periods that typically last for five years.

Most stores and sales outlets sell a short course extended warranty for whirlpool washing machines.

The terms and conditions of the extended warranty vary. The warranties with the longest periods have less coverage than those with a short span.

When you buy an extended warranty, you must pay attention to some of the details in your warranty.

Some of these details spell out what can be repaired and how You can do the repairs.

It is not a hard and fast rule; these exceptions are like a fine-tune on the agreement you enter.

You should look out for fine details if the warranty covers accidental damages and if the warranty is meant to provide the labor.

Some extended warranties are time extensions of the manufacturers’ warranty.

They can only attend to damages considered legitimate by the company’s warranty.

Short-lived extended warranties offer some semblance to the company’s warranty.

The same principles bind these warranties as those that bound the company’s warranty.

Whereas extended warranties with a longer span have several modifications that differentiate them from short-lived extended warranties and company-issued warranties.

Can You Transfer an Extended Warranty on A Washing Machine?

You can transfer your extended warranty on a washing machine to another user.

However, this transfer depends on the product and the retailer offering the extended warranty.

Generally, an extended warranty can be transferred from one person to another.

Before you make the transfer, make sure you contact the retailer that issued the warranty.

In the case of company warranties, you cannot transfer your warranty from one person to another. 

The company issues you a warranty certificate when you buy a washing machine. This certificate validates the agreement between you and the company.

If you transfer the washing machine to another party, the company is no longer bound to that party’s agreement.

In the case of extended warranties, the agreement still stands even if you transfer the product to another person.

Retailers and so provide extended warranties that They can easily alter.

When you transfer your washing machine to another person, all you need to do is to contact your warranty provider.

The warranty provider acknowledges the product transfer from one owner to another.

The owner would then acknowledge the product transfer and register the new owner.

The amount of money paid by the previous owner is transferred to the new owner, and the deal stands.

In the table below, you will find some basic differences between the common types of warranty

FeatureCompany warrantyExtended warrantyHome warranty
IssuerManufacturing CompanyretailerIndependent agents
CostNot expensive, charged with the groupExpensive, between 120 dollars and 300 dollarsVery expensive charges up to 600 dollars
CurationNot more than a year after purchaseFrom year one up to ten yearsFrom day one and beyond ten years.
FlexibilityNot FlexibleflexibleVery flexible
TransferabilityNot transferabletransferabletransferable
VariationsFixed. Same package in all locations.Highly variable depends on several factorsHighly variable depends on service providers.

Final Thoughts

An extended warranty for your washing machine is not worth it—an extended warranty for washing machines costs between 100 and 300 dollars.

You can delay your extended warranty for up to 9 months after purchase.

The extended warranty for LG is not worth it. The chances that your LG washing machine will get damaged is slim, and your extended warranty may not be used.

Extended warranties can last for ten years and may be transferred from one person to another.

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