6 Reasons Your TV Remote Not Change Channels Or Volume!

The remote control is an integral component of the Television device for controlling and sending signals to your TV.

The remote is suitable for changing channels and Volume or performing specific functions on your TV.

Consequently, if you’re wondering why your TV remote does not change channels or Volume?

Your TV remote does not change channels because it’s malfunctioning and needs a change of batteries. Also, your remote does not change channels or Volume when it’s dirty or clogged. Having issues with your TV picking up remote signals could also cause it.

Why Does My TV Remote Not Change Channels? 

Why Does My TV Remote Not Change Channels or Volume

There are more than a few reasons your TV remote cannot change channels. Here are some of them below.

1. Dead or Worn out Batteries

Your TV remote will not change channels when its battery is worn out, dead, or needs replacement. 

Remote batteries tend to get worn out and die when you use them for a long time without replacing them.

Also, newer channels or functions might not work or change when using an old battery of almost 4 years.

Hence, dead batteries will not allow your remote to change channels.

2. Absence of Channel in Your Region

Your channel can only change to channels that are available in your region. So, it won’t change to channels your region doesn’t have access to.

Therefore, it’s crucial to know channels that are accessible and not available in your region.

Knowing them will allow you to change to accessible channels comfortably without any hindrance.

3. Remote Control Malfunctioning

Remote control malfunctioning will not allow your remote to respond when you want to change channels.

However, it can respond to channels but only sometimes. Therefore, you tend to experience inconsistency when using a malfunctioning remote. 

4. Lots of Distance Between Remote And Television

The Television won’t respond to the remote signals if the distance is too much.

Also, the TV won’t pick up signals to work well if the remote isn’t facing directly towards it.

Therefore, changing channels from afar will not allow your TV to pick up signals and change channels. 

5. Dirty And Clogged Remote

Dirt and clog will not also allow a remote to function properly, making you unable to change channels.

6. How to Make Remote Change Channels?

Below are the things to do when your remote does not change channels due to dead or worn-out batteries:

  1. Confirm that the battery is dead or worn out by pressing the remote and looking out for a 1 button lighting. 
  2. Then, replace the battery with a new one if the remote doesn’t produce the lighting.
  3. Operate the remote from a short distance while facing the remote directly at the Television.
  4. Off your set up box with the “CBL” button on your remote and then on it again.

After that, if the buttons do not respond, you should perform a power cycle on your set-up box.

Remove your cord from the box and plug it into it to carry out the power cycle.

  1. After changing the remote batteries and you’re still unable to change channels, press the” Function” button on the remote. 
  2. Use a similar button alternative to the Function button if you don’t have it on your remote.

Why Does My Television Remote Not Change the Volume? 

Your Television remote doesn’t change the Volume due to small battery failure or physical damage. Also, it can occur from the positioning of the TV or fault from the TV.

Below are more reasons why your TV remote doesn’t change the Volume:

  • Having a low, dead, or spoilt remote control battery.
  • Dirty and blocked Television IR sensor. 
  • Using the wrong remote control also contributes to being unable to change the channel or Volume. You must know that only some remotes are universal and to select the right remote for your TV.
  • Using a completely dead remote control.

Here is why your TV remote does not change volume and how the solutions to the problem:


Need for battery replacement
Replace remote batteries to porosity directions (-/+)

Dirty and blocked TV IR sensor
Regularly clean IR TV sensor with a soft dry fabric
Using the wrong remote typeSelect and use the best remote suitable for your TV
Dead remotePurchase and replace with a new emote

Why Does My TV Remote Not Change Channels but Volume Works? 

Remote changing Volume but not channels is mainly a result of a low or dead battery.

Also, dust and TV issues allow the Volume to work while being unable to change channels.

Therefore, you should check the battery to know whether it needs a replacement, reset, or configuration.

Additionally, clean the remote with a soft dry towel to remove dirt and be careful to prevent it from physical damage. 

Cleaning the remote control prevents it from internal clogs and problems, which can lead to further issues.

Here’s a basic way to solve the issue of remote changing Volume but not channels apart from the above:

  • Remove your remote battery and keep it in a safe place away from children.
  • Press and hold the “Power” button for about 30 seconds 
  • After that, rapidly press all the buttons on the remote with normal force. 
  • Then, gently hit the remote control with your palm for a short while
  • Put the batteries back into the remote.
  • Check if the remote is working well at changing the Volume and channel of your TV.

How Do I Fix an Unresponsive Remote?

You can fix an unresponsive remote at home by changing the batteries and cleaning the remote.

Also, resetting your TV remote can bring it out of its unresponsive state. Below are the methods that you can follow to fix an unresponsive remote:

#1. Replace and Clean Battery Space

Remove the batteries and clean the control terminals and battery space with little quantity of rubbing alcohol. 

Afterward, place new, quality batteries into the remote. Ensure the battery to place the battery well according to the directions of the positive and negative poles 

#2. Give Your Remote Control a Thorough Cleaning

  • You’ll need a screwdriver, rubbing alcohol, cotton wool/soft cloth, see foil, super glue, scissors, and mild soap.
  • Then, remove the batteries and use a flat head screwdriver or any type suitable for your remote) to disassemble the remote.
  • Apply some rubbing alcohol on the cotton wool and use it to clean the remote control mainboard thoroughly. Avoid touching the main board with plain water or other liquid besides rubbing alcohol.
  • Also, wash all other plastic components and buttons with mild soap and a brush. Rinse well with clean water, dry a bit with a towel and leave it to air dry altogether. 
  • After cleaning the main board and other remote parts, it’s also suitable for use and assembly.
  • However, if the remote is still unresponsive after the thorough cleaning. Then you’ll need to use a foil to finish it up.
  • Thus, use scissors to cut a tiny size of foil that could fit into each button. Afterward, use quality glue to stick the foil to the unresponsive key.

Arrange all the parts of the remote back together. Insert the battery according to their required directions.

Test the remote control to see if it’s now responsive, and a blue-like color blinking signifies it’s working well.

Remove anything hindering the TV’s IR receiver from receiving signals.

Replace remote batteries regularly and avoid causing physical damage to the remote.

You can prevent physical damage to the remote when you should handle it with utmost care.

Update your TV software regularly and often reset it back to factory reset.

How Do I Reset my TV Remote?

You can reset your TV remote by removing the batteries for a while or by removing the remote and pressing some code.

Also, you can perform hard or model-specific soft resets by pressing all the buttons on the remote.

The ways to reset your TV remote are as follows:

1. Discard the Batteries

Discard the old batteries in the remote and press and hold the number “1” button on the remote. The holding should go on for about a minute or two.

Then, put back the batteries into the remote control and turn On the Television from the TV buttons.

Replace batteries, and on the remote control, press and hold the “TV” button and then the “Code” button.

Do this till the LED light flickers till it regulates and stays on without blinking again. Then, sync the TV with its remote by inputting the Television program code.

Television program codes are usually found in the TV or rumor control user manual. 

Proceed to turn off the Television through the “Power” button on the remote control. 

2. Hard Reset

Remove batteries from the remote and leave them without replacing them for 5-10 minutes.

Insert the batteries back into the remote after 5-10 minutes. Waiting for a while before putting back the batteries will reset the remote to factory settings.

However, if you’re using a universal remote, you’ll have to input your TV device code again after doing the above. 

3. Model-specific Soft Reset

This type of reset is usually specific to the remote you’re using. Model-specific soft reset contains a combination of instructions and steps to follow to do it.

The procedures to perform a remote model-specific soft reset are usually found in the remote control operator manual.

By pressing all the buttons on the remote:

  • Take out the batteries from the remote. 
  • Press and hold each button for at least 3 seconds each 
  • Insert the battery back into the remote control, ensuring they face the polarity directions.
  • The LED light should flicker twice, then press numbers “2 and 8” simultaneously in 6 seconds. The LED will blink twice again after you press both numbers simultaneously.
  • Then press code 9 8 1, which will make the LED blink 4 times. 
  • The remote will reset to factory settings after that.


Dirt and battery problems are the main reasons the remote does not change channels or Volume.

Therefore, you can tackle these issues by regularly cleaning and changing your remote batteries.

However, even with the cleaning and constant battery change, purchase a new remote every 4 years.

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