Does TV Need To Be On To Record Xfinity? (Explained)

As a movie freak with a busy schedule, you may wish to record a live show on Xfinity to enjoy later.

Therefore, to avoid distractions, you ask whether or not you need to turn on your TV before you can record on Xfinity. 

You don’t need to turn on your TV to record on Xfinity. Xfinity can record programs even when turned off. The recording makes no difference whether the TV is on or off. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the recording process on Xfinity TV. 

In the end, you’ll be able to record your favorite shows and movies on Xfinity and watch them whenever you desire.

Can You Record on Xfinity TV While Turned Off?

Does TV Need To Be on To Record Xfinity? 

Of course, you can record your favorite TV show or series on Xfinity while your tv is off.

However, you can always leave your TV on to avoid the stress of turning it on and off and to avoid potential damages that frequent TV shutting may cause. 

In addition, you can download recordings to mobile devices for offline viewing. 

Afterward, you can access the Xfinity Stream TV app, which allows you to stream from smartphones and tablets (iOS and Androids). 

The Xfinity stream TV app allows you to access your recordings anywhere; you can watch instant TV on Xfinity’s smartphone and tablet apps.

How Do You Record on Xfinity? 

There are two ways you can go about recording a session on Xfinity; 

  • Recording a single episode and 
  • Recording multiple episodes at a time. 

Kindly follow the following steps to record an episode;

  • Tap the guide button (blue icon) on your remote control and highlight the episode you want to record.
  • Tap on the record button under the episode’s “info panel.”
  • Tap on the button that reads “this episode only,” and the recording will automatically start.

Similarly, you can use the above methods to record more than an episode at a time.

However, you’ll need to tap on the “record series” icon instead of recording “this episode only.”

Can You Watch a Program While Recording on Xfinity?

Yes, you can watch a program on Xfinity while recording it. However, the viewing will be available only after a few seconds of starting the recording. 

This allows the recorded part to be available for watching. Furthermore, you can watch an already recorded program through the following steps:

  • Connect your mobile to a network and sign up on the Xfinity Stream app. 
  • Do you notice the three dots standing horizontally in the top right corner? Tap on it. 
  • Tap on the recording option; you’ll see all your recordings there.
  • Select the episode you wish to watch and enjoy your movie.

Similarly, there’s a “For You” option, where all your recently recorded episodes are stored. You can tap on preferred episodes to watch them individually.

How Many Shows Can You Record Simultaneously on Xfinity? 

With Xfinity TV, you can simultaneously record a maximum of six shows. The table below has other features you can enjoy with Xfinity TV.

Multiple recordings at a time.Xfinity allows you to record up to six series at a time. 
Schedule a recording.With Xfinity, you can schedule a program, movie series, or episode you want to record.
Flexible accessibility to all your recordings.You can access all your recordings with Xfinity at your convenience. 
Availability of the recordings.After recording with Xfinity, you can access them on your TV and phone. 
Enough storage.Xfinity has more than enough storage space to enable your multiple-store series. 
Easy access to your favorite moment in a show.You can fast-forward and rewind while watching an already saved program or episode.

Will Xfinity Record If TV Is Off?

If you set a recording, Xfinity will do it even if your TV is off. However, you can only access the recordings and watch them after you turn on the TV. 

Also, you can transfer the successfully recorded files into your phone and watch them at your convenience. 

What is Xfinity Stream Portal? 

Xfinity stream portal is a site you can use on your mobile phone or tablet to access all your Xfinity recordings, Xfinity on demand, and live stream programs. 

However, you’ll need to sign up for Xfinity X1 cloud Digital Video Recorder to access the Xfinity stream portal. 

In addition, you can enjoy many features with your Xfinity stream portal, including;

  • A CH button at the top right corner, which, when clicked, will display all the channels with their current programs. 
  • Beside the CH button is a clock icon known as the history button. The history button will display all the programs you previously watched. 
  • Customizable setting. In the settings, you can change the size, style, color, and type of text. 
  • Full-screen display. You can watch a program by displaying it on the full screen and minimizing it to view it half-screen. 
  • Program info. You can view information about the current program, such as the episode number, title, channel name, and number, running time, and airing date.


#1. What Purpose Does Xfinity TV Serve? 

Xfinity TV enables you to access a wide range of channels to watch in your leisure time. 

It also lets you record shows so you can watch them later. Plus, it gives you access to on-demand movies and TV shows.

#2. What’s the Essence of the Xfinity TV Remote? 

The Xfinity TV Remote app can turn your device into a remote control to easily manage your Xfinity TV experience. 

The Xfinity remote app puts a world of entertainment at your fingertips, letting you search for shows, set DVR recordings, and more.

#3. How Do I Know the Storage Capacity of My Xfinity TV? 

The DVR recording screen displays the amount of storage used on your Xfinity TV.

#4. How Much Does Xfinity TV Cost?

The cost of Xfinity TV depends on the plan you choose. The basic package costs $49.99 per month and includes over 200 channels.

You can also add premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz to your package for an additional fee.

#5. How Do I Get Rid of Xfinity TV Freezing?

Unplug the HDMI cable and replug it after 30-50 seconds. 


Xfinity TV has been one of the more unique options to enjoy a mostly thrilling streaming service.

Among Xfinity’s biggest favorable factors are the following; 

  • The availability of the recording option. 
  • Multiple recordings at a time
  • Recording and watching a show simultaneously.

With that, I hope you relax in the comfort of your home and enjoy a TV show with Xfinity.

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