Why Do TV Remotes Have Braille? (Things You Should Know)

Your TV remote is an essential part of your TV set, which you use to control your TV. You buy a TV with dots on some parts of the remote, known as Braille, and then wonder why it is there. 

You don’t use it, neither are you blind, so is it needed for your TV remote? However, since the manufacturers include it, it must be helpful. 

You wonder whether it has another use that you are yet to discover.

TV remotes have Braille so that the visually impaired or blind can also use it to control the TV while listening to it. That way, they can operate it without having you rely on someone who can see what’s on the remote. So not only do the visually impaired use it, but you can also use it.

In this article, I will explain why your TV remote has Braille on it, where the braille embossment is, and how it works. I’ll then further explain if there’s a TV remote for the blind.

By the end, you will understand why your TV remote has Braille and which keys have braille embossment and can use it.

Why Is There Braille on TV Remotes?

Why is there Braille on a TV remote?

The Braille on your TV remote serves several purposes. The primary reason Braille is on your TV remote is so the visually impaired and the blind can use the remote well.

That way, the blind can feel the remote for the braille embossment on it, know what it means, and use it to perform whatever function. 

They can listen to the shows shown on the TV by changing the station and controlling the volume with the help of Braille.

The visually impaired, aged people need not strain their eyes to read what is on the remote. Instead, it is much easier for them to feel the Braille and use it to control the TV.

The bumps on the remote indicate the different braille embossment for different functions.

For example, the Braille for increasing the volume differs from the one for changing the channel.

That way, when they touch the Braille, and it’s in a particular order, they know which button it is and its use. 

It makes watching their favorite shows on TV easier since they can navigate the TV with the remote.

The great thing about having a TV remote with Braille is that it isn’t only people with vision impairment or loss that can use it. 

Someone with excellent vision can also use the Braille on the TV remote. Although they do not need it like those with eyesight problems, it can sometimes be helpful.

For instance, Braille helps to know which buttons you’re touching in a room with no light. 

You can identify the buttons to change your tv or perform other functions just by touching the Braille.

Do All TV Remotes Have Braille Embossments?

Not all TV remotes have braille embossments. However, TV remotes with Braille or tactile embossment are very common these days.

Getting a TV remote with braille embossment isn’t difficult as it benefits not only the blind but also those with good sight.

There are some standard remotes in the market that blind or visually impaired people cannot use because of the lack of braille embossment.

Also, there are TV remotes with Braille, but no TV remotes have braille embossment for all the buttons fully.

However, if you want to customize your remote with braille embossments, you can get braille stickers to stick on the sides. However, if you’re to go for this, you’ll need a bigger remote.

What Keys on TV Remotes Have Braille on Them?

The keys on TV remotes with Braille differ based on their manufacturers. For example, depending on the design, some place it on the power button, volume, change the channel, etc.

In the table below are standard buttons on a TV remote and the availability of Braille on them.

ButtonsBraille Availability
Power button.Yes.
Volume up.Yes.
Volume down.Yes.
Channel up.Yes.
Channel down.Yes.

The table below only shows a few buttons on a TV remote. However, the most common buttons in Braille are the power, volume, channel, and sometimes the “five” button.

Any other button with Braille is optional, depending on how the TV manufacturers manufactured it.

Sometimes, you see TV remotes of the same brand with different braille placements on the button. That may be due to the TV’s model or the manufacturer’s remote design.

Is There a TV Remote for Blind People?

There is no TV remote explicitly made for blind people. However, with upgrades in technology, many remotes are available for a blind person to use.

There are no TV remotes fully available in Braille for blind people. But with the help of technology, they can use their phones as remotes or TV remotes with a few buttons.

Here are a few options for a blind person to use as a TV remote;

  • Remote with few buttons.
  • Smartphones.
  • TV remote as a microphone.
  • TV remote with Braille.

#1. Remote with a Few Buttons

If a blind person is to use a TV remote with few buttons, they can memorize where the buttons are and the function they perform.

That way, they can perform essential functions and listen to their favorite show on TV. 

You do not need to search for your TV brand with few buttons, as universal big-button TV remotes are available. You can use the universal remote for most TV.

#2. Smartphone

A blind person can use their smartphone with their smart TV instead of a remote with an embedded application that connects to the TV.

However, since the person can’t see, they must activate their screen reader for this method to work. That way, the phone will read out whatever they do on it to them, and they can watch TV.

#3. TV Remote as a Microphone

Technology has gone a step ahead, and you can use your TV remote as a microphone. With some smart TV, a blind person can navigate the TV by speaking into the remote.

The blind person only needs to know where the microphone is on the remote to use it. That way, they can know which button to press before giving their commands.

These remotes, such as the Apple TV remote, use Siri technology so you can talk into it, and it will obey your command.

#4. TV Remote with Braille

There are TV remotes with Braille on it. Although, there is a limit to what a blind person can do with these remotes because there are only a few buttons with Braille.

The person can perform essential functions with the remote and, depending on the remote they buy, perform more basic functions.

Remote with brailles is common. Although great for blind people and those with impaired eyesight, there are other options better than them now that are available.


There are brailles on your TV remote to ease your eyesight and for blind people to use the remote. 

If you or a blind person familiarize yourself with the Braille on it, you don’t need to look at the buttons before using the remote.

With the aid of technology, there are other remotes a blind person can use conveniently.

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