This is How Long Roku Tv Remote Lasts!

The TV remote is one of the most crucial components of the Roku package. As the remote enables users to navigate and select channels for viewing. 

Hence, many users of Roku are often concerned about the lifespan of the TV remote. On that note, how long do Roku TV remotes last? 

Roku TV remotes last for three to five years. However, this depends on how often you use the remote, as this duration could be more or less. If the remote fails to function immediately after purchase, return it to Roku to change it to another one. 

Can Roku TV Remote Go Bad? 

How Long Do Roku Tv Remote Last

Your Roku TV remote can go bad or become defective over time. This problem is quite common among all TV remotes. 

It becomes difficult to navigate the menu and select channels when this happens.

Roku TV remotes usually last up to three to five years before they become defective. 

Unfortunately, if the remotes last for a couple of months, you must take them back to Roku. Fortunately, Roku TV remotes have a warranty of one year. 

Hence, Roku will cover the expenses regarding the remote within one year. The warranty begins the moment you purchase the TV remote. 

After one year, you have to cover your TV remote expenses without Roku’s assistance. 

Nonetheless, I’ll highlight some problems with the Roku TV remote that you can easily detect. 

#1. Defective Batteries

This problem is quite common with Roku TV remotes. The batteries play a critical role in the functionality of your Roku TV remote. 

Hence, it becomes difficult to use the remote once the batteries become defective. This happens when the batteries wear out over time. 

Therefore, the remote begins to malfunction. Eventually, the remote stops working when the batteries deteriorate completely. 

#2. Wrong Batteries

Many Roku users often use the wrong batteries for their TV remotes. This adversely affects the remote and reduces its lifespan. 

That’s why many TV remotes don’t last as they should. Instead of three years, they last for one year or less. 

Roku TV remotes have specific batteries that ensure a long lifespan. Hence, it’s best to consult a Roku agent for the right batteries for your TV remote. 

#3. Some Buttons Fail To Function

It becomes a huge dilemma when some buttons on your Roku TV remote fail to function.

It’s a sign that the remote is defective and you must change it as soon as possible. 

#4. Slow Response

This usually happens when your TV remote is old and needs immediate replacement.  

Why Would a Roku TV Remote Stop Working? 

It’s common for your Roku TV remote to stop working abruptly, especially when replacing old batteries with new ones. 

Nonetheless, I’ll summarize some reasons and solutions in the table below. 

Reasons Solutions 
Dirty remote battery terminals. Clean the battery terminals with an alcohol solution. 
Stuck/jammed remote buttons. Take the remote to a technician for appropriate repairs. 
Weak/dead batteries.Replace the batteries with new ones. 
Unpaired Roku remote from Roku box. Reconnect/pair the Roku TV remote to the Roku box. 
Disconnected Wifi/weak Wifi connection. Ensure the Wifi connection is strong and it’s still connected to your Roku TV remote. 

Without further ado, I’ll accentuate some reasons why your Roku TV remote stops working. 

#1. Dirty Remote Battery Terminals 

The remote battery terminals are the metallic coils inside the remote that support the batteries. 

They also ensure a stable connection between the batteries and the remote. However, these terminals are prone to rust and dirt particles. 

When this happens, there’s an unstable connection between the batteries and the remote.

Nevertheless, you can easily evade this problem by following the procedure below. 

  • First, remove the batteries from the remote. 
  • Pour an alcohol solution into a clean bowl or beaker. 
  • Dip a clean cloth or cotton wool(preferably) into the solution. 
  • Use the dipped cotton wool/cloth to clean the battery terminals thoroughly. 
  • Clean the space inside the remote that holds the batteries. 
  • Leave it to dry for three to five minutes. 
  • Fix the batteries into the battery terminals and close the remote. 

#2. Weak Wifi Connection

When your Roku TV remote stops working, you might want to check your Wifi connection as it may be the source of your problem. 

Your Roku TV doesn’t need an internet connection but requires a strong LAN.

Now, if your Wifi connection is too weak, your Roku TV remote will stop working. 

Hence, ensuring the connection is strong whenever you want to use the remote is best

#3. Unpaired Roku TV Remote From Roku Box 

Your Roku TV remote might stop working when unpaired from the Roku box.

In this scenario, it’s best to disconnect the Roku box from the power supply.  Reconnect the Roku box and pair it with your Roku TV remote. 

Can a Roku TV Sensor Go Bad? 

Your Roku TV sensor can go bad over time. However, it can also go bad when constantly subjecting it to direct sunlight. 

The light sensor on your Roku TV often estimates the amount of light available in its current environment. 

Furthermore, it uses this light to supply picture brightness for clear viewing on your TV screen.

Hence, keeping your Roku TV in a warm or dark environment is best. You can also keep it in an environment that has a little amount of sunlight.

It’s not advisable to subject your Roku TV to direct sunlight. It might affect the TV sensor and the screen. 

When the TV sensor fails to function, you’ll be unable to detect certain problems. For instance, the sensor alerts you when there’s a problem with your Roku TV. 

This allows you to detect and fix the problem before it escalates easily.

Unfortunately, if this functionality is unavailable, the problem will worsen and cost you a fortune for repairs. 

Therefore, it’s best to take your Roku TV for repairs if you notice that the sensor is not working. 

Why Does Roku TV Remote Keep Dying Fast After Charging? 

It’s annoying when your Roku TV remote dies fast immediately after charging.

But what could be the reason for this unfortunate occurrence? Let’s explore some reasons for this occurrence below. 

#1. Mixing Old and New Batteries 

Many Roku TV remote users often mix new and old batteries in the same remote.

This mixture is wrong and adversely affects your remote’s battery terminals. 

Hence, your remote will die fast even if you charge it 100%. If some old batteries become defective, replace them with new ones. 

It’s best to settle for high-quality AAA batteries that will prolong the lifespan of your remote. 

#2. Charging Your Roku TV Remote Wirelessly 

One mistake many Roku TV remote users make is charging their remotes wirelessly.

Although wireless charging is less stressful and fast, it can affect the lifespan of your remote. 

It drains your remote and will only give you roughly 1½ hours of usage or less.

Therefore, it’s best to use the power supply to charge your Roku TV remote. This way, your remote will last long, and you can use it for longer hours. 

#3. Pressing and Holding the Buttons 

This act can be disastrous for your Roku TV remote. It’s not advisable to press and hold the buttons on your Roku TV remote. 

This drains the remote very fast. It’s best to press and release the buttons immediately. 

#4. Covering the Remote With Heavy Books 

Many users are often guilty of this activity, especially when they have kids at home.

You are covering your Roku TV remote with books, papers, and other items that drain the remote. 

When this happens constantly, the remote dies fast and begins to malfunction. This also makes the buttons stuck or strong. 

Thus, it’s best to keep your Roku TV remote beside your Roku player when it’s not in use. 

Can You Fix a Faulty Roku TV Remote? 

You can fix your Roku TV remote when it’s faulty without consulting a technician.

You can do this by adhering to the methods below. 

#1. Check the Batteries 

Batteries often serve as the backbone of your Roku TV remote as it’s crucial for its functionality.

Hence, it’s best to check your batteries to ensure it’s in good shape. 

If the batteries become defective, change them immediately and replace them with new ones. Always opt for AAA batteries for your Roku TV remote. 

If you don’t find AAA batteries, consult a Roku agent to know the best alternative for your remote. 

#2. Check Your Wifi Connection 

Always check your Wifi connection to ensure it’s strong and still connected to your Roku TV remote. 

Your remote will not function properly without a good local area network.

If the connection is weak, take your device to an area where the connection is strong. 

#3. Pair Your Roku TV Remote Properly 

Many users often mistake using their remote without pairing it to the Roku box.

It’s advisable to pair your Roku TV remote to your Roku box before using your remote. 

You can follow all the steps for this procedure in your Roku owner’s manual. 

Can You Replace a Roku TV Remote For the Same TV? 

You can replace a Roku TV remote for the same TV. However, there’s a catch! You can’t use just any Roku TV remote for your TV as it might not work. 

Roku TV remotes are usually programmed to work on their specific TV. Hence, you can’t use one TV remote for the other. 

If you want to replace a Roku TV remote for the same TV, purchase a remote that matches the TV. 

You can purchase the Roku Voice remote, which works on old and new models of Roku TVs. You can purchase it on Amazon

Alternatively, you can download and install the Roku app, which works faster than the Roku TV remote. 

Final Words 

Although Roku TV remotes have an average lifespan of three to five years, how you handle them can lessen or prolong their duration. 

Furthermore, following a few procedures, you can easily fix your Roku TV remote. In addition, you can replace the remote with a new one when it fails to function. 

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