This is How Long Does A Smart TV Last!

It’s one thing to have a Smart TV and another thing to constantly have to take them for repairs or possible replacement.

Knowing how long Smart TVs last is important to prepare your mind better. However, here is what I think about how long a Smart TV lasts.

There’s no fixed time for how long a Smart TV will last, depending on how well you can maintain it. I can assure you that your Smart TV will last up to seven years unless you keep it on throughout the day. Besides regulating the on/off periods, try to moderate the brightness and other settings of the TV because that helps it last longer.

This guide contains everything concerning the average lifespan of a Smart TV and indications for replacement and repairs.

Therefore, ensure that you skip no part but read through it all to get the most out of it.

What Is the Average Lifespan of a Smart TV?

How Long Does a Smart TV Last

The average lifespan of a Smart TV is between seven to ten years, depending on how much you use the TV.

If you fix your smart TV’s brightness and other settings to the highest possible, you’ll be draining the TV power faster than usual.

That factor will make the TV develop faults and fail due to poor neglect or lack of maintenance

However, the television’s lifespan will be appreciable if you learn to use it with minimum to medium brightness.

Also, you can afford to set other Smart TV settings to the highest and keep the brightness low to get a longer lasting time.

When considering your TV’s lifespan, you must look out for the number of hours you leave running per day.

A longer-running TV with the highest brightness setting will last up to three to four years at the maximum. 

The brightness settings of your TV affect the LED lifespan of your TV, and that’s directly proportional to the lifespan of the whole TV.

Essentially, if you aim to elongate the lifespan of your Smart TV, then you must limit the working hours per day of the TV.

That, of course, should be associated with a minimum brightness level. 

Another important thing that you must watch out for when considering how long your TV will last is the maintenance level.

These factors below can affect the lifespan of your Smart TV.

  • The Smart TV brand 
  • The usage level by the number of hours per day
  • The backlight settings

How Often Does a Smart Tv Need Repairs?

How often your Smart TV will need repair depends on how often it gets bad. 

With regular maintenance, you won’t need frequent repairs because the maintenance helps to optimize the TV.

Also, having an idea of how frequently your Smart TV needs repair is important because that’ll help you save it from total irreparable damage

Early spotting and tackling certain malformations can save you the stress of replacing the Smart TV. 

That’s because when your Smart TV glitches from minor problems, rather than figuring out how to get a replacement, seek the help of an expert.

Hence, I’ll advise that you pay closer attention to your TV set so that you can spot abnormalities when they arise to seek repairs.

How Do You Know When Your Smart TV Needs Replacement?

Your Smart TV will need replacement when it malfunctions and fails to return to default after every effort put into it.

If the TV goes bad due to a minor reversible cause, rather than replacement, you can opt for a repair to save cost

However, when doing that, you must weigh the cost of fixing against the cost of replacement. 

If the cost of fixing exceeds or gets close to that of replacing, then the latter option would be wisdom. 

Moving on, it’s good that you’re seeking ways to tell if your TV needs replacement, but in doing so, also learn about its indications.

That’s because, in most cases, your Smart TV can malfunction from minor issues that tend to create the picture of a bigger problem.

To rule that out and ultimately go for a replacement option, seek help from a professional TV repairer; that’ll give you the absolute indication for a TV replacement.

However, you can go on if there’s an absolute need for a replacement with the resources available.

Doing that will allow you to explore Smart TV with advanced functions and save you the stress of a repair.

This table illustrates the indications for your Smart TV replacement against those salvageable by repair.

TV ReplacementTV Repair
Broken TV Screen.Colour Distortion.
A blank TV screen that’s not amenable to common interventions.Dead Pixels.
Recurrent breakdowns.Bars and lines on your TV screen.
Image Retention.
Fuzzy TV screen.
Fading Screens.

The table above shows that very few reasons should prompt a replacement instead of getting a fix. 

However, here is where personal preference comes into play and what you think is right for your Smart TV.

How Can You Make Your Smart TV Last Longer?

It’s one thing to desire that your TV set last longer, while another to know the things that’ll extend its lifespan. 

Hence, I’ll now take you on a few ways to promote the lifespan of your Smart TV.

Regular Maintenance

Developing the habit of TV maintenance won’t only affect its lifespan but also save you the cost of repair or replacement.

To understand the importance of regularly maintaining your TV, picture it as a pet requiring regular vaccination to fight against diseases.

The pets there represent your TV, the vaccination for maintenance, while the illness describes the state of your TV when it spoils.

Regularly Turn Off Your TV

You can’t stare at the TV all day long; there must be periods of going out to work or school as well as periods of sleep or other in-house activities.

Turning it off when the TV isn’t in use is advisable to save its power life. Keeping the TV on throughout most of the day will only but do cause harm.

Brightness Level

Keeping the brightness of your TV at an optimal level is crucial. Besides lowering the TV lifespan, a high backlight setting will also hurt your eyes.

Therefore, it does no good setting the brightness of the Smart TV to the highest.

Use Voltage Regulator

An unstable power supply can send harmful voltage spikes into your TV, causing irreparable damage in the long run. 

Hence, using a voltage regulator for your Smart TV helps to salvage that possibility.

Appropriate Contrast Settings

Just like the backlight setting, try to limit the contrast setting to a minimum. Too high a contrast setting equals a lower Smart TV Lifespan.


Is It Worth Repairing Your Smart TV?

Repairing your Smart TV is worth it, especially if you want to save replacement costs. However, ensure that the repair cost is below the cost of getting a new TV.

What Are the Signs That Your TV is Wearing Out?

You can get an array of signs showing your TV is about to pack. Some of these signs include a blurry TV, a cracking sound, and blank TV, amongst others.

What TV Brands Last Longer?

Certain TV brands last longer than their counterparts, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Sony. 

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