Sony 80CJ Vs. 80J Vs. 80CK (In-Depth Comparison)

Sony is a reputable brand widely known for manufacturing high-quality products and home appliances, especially televisions. 

Over the years, Sony has advanced in the production of televisions, making each model better than the other. 

With new Sony models 80CJ, 80J, and 80CK in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best. So, which model can serve you best? 

Sony 80CJ is an exceptional model that provides high-quality picture viewing. On the other hand, Sony 80J delivers different unique angles of viewing. Meanwhile, Sony 80CK is ideal for dark and light rooms. Although these models share some features, they have other features that make them stand out from other models. 

This article makes a detailed comparison of these models to help you make an informed choice.

I will cover their features and prices and help you choose the best for yourself.

Sony 80CJ Vs. 80J Vs. 80CK; Which Is Better? 

Sony 80CJ Vs. 80J Vs. 80CK 

Regarding Sony television models 80CJ, 80J, and 80CK, it’s difficult to pick the best. 

The reason for this is pretty simple. These models are unique and offer exceptional features that are similar.

Therefore, many users often think these models are identical due to their similarity. 

However, that’s far from the truth, as these models are not the same.

That said, I’ll critically analyze each of these models. This way, you can pick the best among the Sony television models. 

#1. Sony 80CJ 

The 80CJ is one of the latest models of Sony televisions and has been available in the market since 2021

This model comes with other components that make installation and navigation easier. 

These components include a voice remote control, tabletop stand, AC power cord, batteries, setup guide, and operating instructions.

80CJ has availability for two USB ports, one digital audio output, four HDMI inputs, one ethernet input, and one headphone input. 

This model is particularly ideal for light rooms. It offers you a 4K HDR X1 picture processor. 

Furthermore, the screen size is massive. You’ll get approximately 164 cm or 65 inches when you measure the screen size diagonally. 

Plus, Sony 80CJ offers nine text input languages you can switch to whenever you want. 

These languages include English, German, French, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Japanese. 

It also provides a one-year warranty and a 90 days return policy. You can return the television within 90 days if you encounter any problems. 

#2. Sony 80J 

The Sony 80J comes in various screen sizes, such as 45 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 77 inches.

The only downside is that it doesn’t offer the same high picture quality as 80CJ. 

Plus, it might not be suitable for many hardcore gamers as it doesn’t have VRR(variable refresh rate)

Nonetheless, it’s ideal for light rooms and delivers a viewing angle of 178°. It also delivers a 4K HDR X1 picture processor. 

Although this model has been in the market since 2021, it still possesses unique features.

These features include Google Assistant, Google Chromecast, and Apple AirPlay 2. 

Furthermore, it has three USB ports, one ethernet, optical, and four HDMI ports. 

#3. Sony 80CK 

The 80CK is one of the latest models of Sony televisions and has been available since 2022.

This model contains many upgrades that make it stand out among other models. 

It’s ideal for both dark and light rooms. It comes in different screen sizes, such as 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, and 85 inches.

It gives you a 4K HDR Processor X1 with high picture quality. It gives you a theater experience right in the comfort of your home.

80CK is also compatible with Apple AirPlay, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.  

Sony 80CJ Vs. 80J Vs. 80CK; Price Comparison 

The prices of Sony 80CJ, 80J, and 80CK differ as they all harbor different capacities. 

Furthermore, the prices depend on the size of the television and where you want to purchase them. 

Notwithstanding, let’s look at an overview of the prices of these exceptional Sony television models. 

#1. Sony 80CJ Price

You can get a Sony 80CJ for $1,535.99, but this depends on the size of the television. Sony 80CJ comes in different sizes and prices. 

For instance, you can get the 55-inch Sony 80CJ for $749.99. This television has a medium-sized screen, and it’s ideal for your home. 

You can also use it in the office.  The 65-inch Sony 80CJ costs $899.99. Meanwhile, you can purchase the 75-inch Sony 80CJ for $1,699.99. 

You can purchase these sizes at nearby Sony stores. Alternatively, you can place your order on Sony’s official website for swift delivery. 

The best part of this model is that it’s cheap and affordable. You can get it as low as $800, especially if you’re a regular customer. Plus, you can also receive discounts on large purchases. 

#2. Sony 80J Price

The price of this model varies and solely depends on the size you want to purchase. You can get the 55-inch size for $1,699.99. 

Meanwhile, the 65-inch size costs $2,199.99. Lastly, the 77-inch size costs $3,499.99. Admittedly, the sizes of this model are quite expensive. 

The reason is that these sizes contain additional features that differentiate them from other models. Plus, the screen size also plays a huge role in the price of the television. 

In other words, the bigger the screen, the higher the price. Nevertheless, you can get discounts on this Sony model. 

Note that discounts are not viable when you place your order online unless the Brand decides to lessen the price for its customers. However, discounts are viable in Sony stores. 

#3. Sony 80CK Price

You can purchase a Sony 80CK for $1,452.99. When purchasing a Sony 80CK, you must consider the size you want. 

For example, you can get the 55-inch size for $628.00. Furthermore, the 65-inch size costs $798.00, and the 75-inch costs $1,099.99. 

Lastly, the 85-inch cost $1,599.99. This model of Sony is fairly expensive, and you can afford any size you want. 

Which Is More Durable; Sony 80CJ or 80J or 80CK? 

A long lifespan and vitality are two things most users often look out for when purchasing any Sony television model. 

With Sony 80CJ, 80J, and 80CK constantly drawing users’ attention, you might ignore the basic factor. 

This factor in question is durability! Despite these models’ features, how durable are they? 

Let’s find out below.

#1. The durability of Sony 80CJ 

The Sony 80CJ is highly durable and can last for a long time. This model can last for more than six years

However, this depends on how you use your television. If you use your television 24/7 without rest, its lifespan might be reduced. 

Hence, it might last for only four years. Plus, you might experience certain problems with 80CJ if you use it continuously. 

For instance, the TV might freeze abruptly, the LED might continue blinking, and the screen color might change. 

Therefore, taking your Sony 80CJ for repairs when necessary is advisable. 

#2. The durability of the Sony 80J

With proper care and maintenance, Sony 80J can last for over eight years. The average lifespan of this model is approximately five to six years. 

It’s important to note that this depends on how you maintain your television. Sony 80J is lightweight but can survive in extreme conditions. 

Nonetheless, your 80J’s lifespan might be reduced if you don’t maintain it and take it for repairs. 

The remote might become unresponsive, and the TV might turn off abruptly and turn on whenever it wants.

It’s best to inform a professional if you begin to experience these problems. 

#3. The durability of Sony 80CK 

With adequate care and maintenance, Sony 80CK can last for nine to ten years.

Nonetheless, you might experience some problems with this model. For instance, channels might go missing, and the screen might turn white.

Notwithstanding, you can use some troubleshooting hacks to fix the problems. 

Which Should I Buy? 

Regarding new models of Sony televisions in the market, I’d highly recommend Sony 80CK.

This model is affordable, and you can get it for as low as $700. Although it doesn’t support VRR, it allows gamers to play their favorite games.

Furthermore, it delivers high picture quality that gives you a clear and real viewing. 

It’s ideal for watching sports and movies, especially in a light room. Notwithstanding, Sony 80CJ, 80J, and 80CK share some features. 

The table below contains some shared features of the three recent models of Sony televisions compared above.   

Feature Specification
Display Technology LED 
Resolution 4K 
Smart TV Google TV 
Remote Standard Voice Remote Control 
HDMI Ports Four 
Warranty One year 
Screen Sizes 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches  

Final Thoughts 

Sony 80CJ, 80J, and 80CK models are outstanding in every aspect and can serve you in the long run.

However, you must exercise care and maintenance to prolong their lifespan. 

Furthermore, you can settle for any model of your choice after careful consideration and preparation.

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