Are Washing Machines Tested Before Delivery? (Explained)

Washing machines have become a crucial part of the lives of many homeowners as they reduce the burden of handwashing a huge load of laundry. 

Hence, homeowners waste no time purchasing or ordering new washing machines to make their lives easier. 

Suppose you wake up one morning and discover that your new washing machine is leaking or still contains water. This makes you wonder if washing machines are tested before delivery. 

Washing machines undergo tough tests before they are delivered to various buyers. Every manufacturer of different brands of washing machines usually subjects them to stress tests. This test ensures that the washers are working perfectly without any problems. The manufacturers detect and rectify issues with the washers to prevent financial losses. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about washing machine tests and the extent of their warranties. 

In the end, you’ll gain more insight into washing machine tests and the crucial factors you must consider before having the washing machine delivered to your home. 

Do They Test Washing Machines Before Delivery?

washing machine delivery

Washing machines undergo many tests before the manufacturers release them for delivery. Washing machines usually contain many components which make up the entire appliance. 

Hence, it’s essential to check and confirm their functionality before delivery. Every washing machine brand has its methods of testing its washing machines. 

The main aim of these tests is quality and performance. Once a washing machine fails the tests, it will not give you the desired quality and performance. 

With the tests, manufacturers will know if their products are effective or defective. Furthermore, if the products turn out to be defective, it gives your brand a bad reputation. 

This could adversely affect your brand, and you may incur huge losses, bringing down sales and profit. That’s why the tests are important to prevent all these unfortunate happenings. 

Plus, it’s vital to give adequate attention to the tests. There should be no room for mistakes or oversight, as even the slightest mistake could harm your brand. 

Employ competent staff and get high technological tools to get the job done appropriately. 

Investing in all these will produce one result: high quality beyond expectations. 

In addition, you’ll receive positive reviews from many buyers who will elevate your brand’s reputation in the market. 

With the tests, you can guarantee buyers of a long lifespan of the washing machine. Furthermore, you’ll gain more buyers, and sales and profits will boost automatically. 

Also, you will keep your brand functional in the long run. In other words, your brand can grow and become more successful for 30 years and more. 

This will only be possible if you run tests and maintain high-quality and fast delivery

Can You Confirm the Functionality of a Washing Machine Before It Is Delivered?

Are Newly Purchased Washing Machines Tested Before Delivery

You can confirm the functionality of the washing machine you want to purchase before its delivery. 

To do this, you must go to a store with the brand of the washing machine you want to purchase. 

However, it mustn’t necessarily be something other than a particular brand’s store, as other stores sell products of different brands. 

Notwithstanding, once you get to the store of your choice, you can examine the options at your disposal. 

Also, you can explore different models and designs of washing machines from many brands. 

Once you encounter a washer machine that leaves a strong impression or interest, you can ask the salesperson to test its functionality

You can test it as much as you want, and if you’re satisfied with its performance, you can purchase it immediately. 

Note that only some stores will grant you many chances to confirm the functionality of the washing machine. 

Some might let you test it many times, while others will only grant you the opportunity once or twice. 

Nonetheless, every store allows you to confirm your washing machine’s functionality. So, you can always request it before you make a payment. 

You can usually only physically confirm the washing machine’s functionality. In other words, you must go to the store. 

However, if you place your order online, it’ll be difficult to confirm the functionality of the washing machine before delivery

In this situation, you can contact the online sales representatives to make a video of them confirming the functionality of the washing machine. 

Plus, you can ask them to send you pictures of them testing the washing machine’s functionality. Although the chances of this service are low, it’s still possible. 

It’s possible when you purchase your washing machine from a reliable website. Therefore, if you can’t make it to the store, you can order the washing machine online. 

Ensure the quality and performance of the washing machine are top-notch before making payment. 

Purchasing your washing machine from reliable sites is best because it allows you to report any issues you may encounter. 

Nevertheless, I’ll advise you to visit a store, go through your options and confirm the functionality of the washing machine you choose. 

This way, you can evade fraudulent activities when placing your order online and get the best washing machine that will serve you for a long time. 

Can You Perform a PAT on a Washing Machine Before Purchasing? 

You can perform a PAT on a washing machine before purchasing it. But before I explain further, you must be wondering what PAT means and how it’s related to your washing machine.

Let’s find out! PAT means portable appliance testing. That is, it involves the testing of portable electrical appliances.

Portable appliances such as washing machines, fridges, phone chargers, etc. 

Generally, PAT covers every electrical appliance with a plug/cable and requires a socket or outlet. 

Now that I’ve highlighted this explanation, let’s continue with the main task. Performing a PAT on your washing machine is not necessary. 

Please don’t panic; let me explain why I said so. When you purchase a washing machine from a reliable source, you don’t need to worry about PAT. 

The reason is that the manufacturer conducts a series of tests on the washing machine before releasing it on the market. 

The washing machine undergoes rigorous tests to confirm its durability, performance, strength, and quality. 

For instance, with the exceptional reputation of Samsung, you don’t need to think twice about purchasing their washing machine. 

That’s because you know that whatever leaves their brand is of high quality and doesn’t require further testing. 

But you can’t vouch for other brands that don’t have the same reputation as Samsung or Kenmore. This brings me down to the source of purchasing your washing machine. 

If you purchase your washing machine from a cheap source, you might want to run PAT on it before use. The reason for this is pretty simple! 

These cheap sources usually sell aftermarket washing machines with many or a few faults. 

Hence, you must test the washing machine properly before purchase. Otherwise, the washing machine might break down in a few weeks, or your clothes will be stuck. 

Nonetheless, it’s advisable to purchase new washing machines from reliable sources. 

You can purchase the washing machine directly from the brand or go to a reliable store that sells high-quality products. 

Do Washing Machines Come With a Warranty? 

Every washing machine comes with a warranty. This warranty usually lasts for at least 12 months/one year. 

The table below summarizes the brands of washing machines and the duration of their warranties

Brands Warranty 
GEOne year 
Samsung One year 
Bosch One year 
Whirlpool One year 
Kenmore One year 

With the illustration in the table above, it’s clear that many brands offer a full warranty of one year. 

However, this varies and depends on the washing machine’s brand and model. Some brands offer a motor warranty of 10 years, while others offer seven years. 

With the warranty, you don’t have to worry about certain repairs on your washing machine as the brand covers that part. 

So, you can report any problems you encounter with the washing machine and request repairs. The warranty becomes effective at the point of purchase and ends after one year. 

Once the warranty is over, you have to cover the expenses of the washing machine. Nonetheless, some brands offer extended warranties

But there’s a catch! The extended warranty is not free; you must pay for it before it becomes effective. This warranty goes a long way to cover repairs for as long as you want. 

What Should I Check When Having a Washing Machine Delivered? 

You must watch out for certain factors when expecting your washing machine delivery. Now, what are these factors? 

Below are some of them;

  • Check if the delivery is free or has a fee. 
  • Check if installation is part of the delivery fee, is free, or has a different amount. 
  • Check the date of the delivery. 
  • Check where your delivery will come from. 
  • Lastly, check the state of your delivery. 


Washing machines have made life easier for homeowners due to the production and tests the manufacturers perform before releasing them in the market. 

Although a PAT is not necessary for new washing machines, you can still carry it out to confirm the functionality and state of your washer. 

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