This is How Long Apple TV Remotes Last!

Typically, nothing is manufactured with a battery as its derived power source is expected to last forever.

On that note, the Apple TV remote also has a battery life cycle that needs recharging. 

Hence the common question among its users “what is the battery life charge cycle for the Apple TV remote”? 

Within this article is everything you need to know about the battery life of the Apple TV remote and how to care for and maintain it. 

Ideally, the Apple TV remotes can last for weeks or even months with recharging. Let’s say three weeks to as many as several months. However, just like every other gadget, the battery life of the Apple TV remote depends on its usage. Constant usage will mean the Apple TV remote will not last long and vice versa. 

Why Did My Apple TV Remote Stop Working?

How Long Do Apple TV Remotes Last?

One of the most common reasons for the Apple TV remote not working is connection interruption. 

Ideally, the Apple remote is expected to connect whenever you power on your Apple TV within 3-5 seconds.

When there is no connection or a case of connection loss, your Apple TV remote will not work.

Be sure that the Apple remote and TV are within the connection range, as the connection range varies per the TV remote. 

The Apple TV Remotes connection works more like a LAN or Bluetooth connection, so it is possible to lose the connection between both devices. 

Both devices cannot communicate whenever such happens, so the remote isn’t working.

Also, verify that the Apple TV and remote have compatible software connections.

Always remember that the previous settings and connection change whenever you update the Apple TV software. 

Therefore, it is most likely that the updated software will not respond to the inputs from the remote. 

It is needless to say that the Apple TV remote will stop working when the source battery is low on charge.

As you already know, a dead battery will not power the Apple TV remote.

The fact that the Apple TV remote has a long battery life is enough reason to forget to charge the remote.

It is possible to ignore the charging alert till the remote battery goes low completely. 

In addition, an Apple TV will not respond or detect any key press from a damaged Apple TV remote.

The Apple TV remote is as fragile as it looks; any little force can damage it.

Can Apple TV Remote Sensors Go Bad?

Certainly, the Apple TV remote sensor can go bad; hence the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connections upgrade. 

There are a lot of reasons that can hamper and cause the Apple TV remote sensor to go bad.

For starters, it is possible to have a calibration drift in the Apple TV remote IR sensor.

The IR sensor in Apple TV remote are pressure sensors; excessive condensation on the sensor will make the remote sensor go bad.

In such a case, you will observe that the TV response time to the remote command always lags.

Sometimes, you may see the LED flash on the TV box, but the command doesn’t take effect.

Secondly, electronic interruption of the remote sensor’s line of sight can cause the remote sensor to go bad over time. 

For instance, a power surge protector close to the Apple TV box greatly interrupts the signals from the IR sensor. 

That kind of power interference will cause the remote sensor to go bad, especially when the remote is usually close to the interference. 

Whenever you observe some malfunctioning from the older Siri remote, it’s most likely an issue with the remote sensor.

However, you will observe that the IR Apple TV remote sensor is only seen in the older Apple TV remote models. 

Recently, every Apple TV remote comes with two socket antennas, one for Bluetooth and the other for Wi-Fi connection.

It is worth noting that the upgrade from the remote sensor to Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connections comes with many benefits. 

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections can generally carry more data stream, unlike older models’ IR Apple Tv remote sensor. 

Plus, the issue of the directionality of the IR sensor in the Apple TV remote is tackled with the use of Connections. 

Can You Fix a Faulty Apple TV Remote?

You may be able to handle some faults yourself, but it is not always the case, as others require professional attention. 

There are a plethora of reasons, as already mentioned, that can cause the Apple TV remote to stop working. It all depends on what the issue to be handled entails.

Therefore, to fix the faulty Apple TV remote, you must first know the actual reason behind the faulty remote. 

As the saying goes, “knowing your problem is half way to solving it.” Knowing the issue gives you the edge in fixing the faulty Apple TV remote. 

The relief is that, in most cases, the problems you encounter with the faulty Apple TV remote are simple and solvable.

However, when the fault is hardware related, it may be a case that is simply above your pay grade.

In such a case, you will have to contact Apple TV support or a professional for repairs. Sometimes, the fault may be the cause of simple pair connections.

You can either troubleshoot the problem or reset the Apple TV remote in the bid to pair both devices. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to reset/troubleshoot the Apple TV remote to solve the connection fault.

  • Switch on the Apple TV box.
  • With the remote pointed to the TV box, press the “Back” and “Volume” buttons together for about five seconds.
  • A notification alert message will pop on the screen. Move closer to the TV set-box to accept and complete the pairing process.

How Often Does Apple TV Remote Need Charging?

The Apple TV remote, regardless of the type, does not require frequent charging.

You do not need to charge the Apple TV remote as often as you charge other gadgets.

As mentioned earlier, the Apple TV remote has an extended battery life that can last for months without charging. 

The silver Apple TV remote has a battery life of up to three months without charge, and the Siri remote has several months. 

Since the battery life charge cycle is superb, the Apple TV remote does not require a recurring charge. I’ll recommend that you charge the remote twice in a yearly quarter.

It is worth noting that the case of charging any Apple TV remote shouldn’t be a border to the user. 

Like every other gadget, you’ll receive an alert notification for a low Apple remote battery.

The notification alert will automatically pop on the TV screen when the battery life of the battery is about 20 percent. 

You can also check for the battery life under the battery level in the TV set.

The Apple TV remote is usable even while charging. There is no big deal with charging the Apple TV remote.

However, the battery is weak when charging the Apple TV remote more frequently than usual.

A bad Apple TV remote battery will not hold a charge, so it will often require frequent charging. 

Such is a state of gross decrease in the efficiency of the battery. Your only resort is replacing the battery. 

Why Isn’t My Apple TV Remote Charging?

One common reason for the interruption in the charging process of the Apple TV remote is the case of a faulty charger. 

Just like for every other gadget, a faulty or bad charger will cause some interruptions in the charging process of the gadget.

The same applies to the Apple TV remote charging process. Therefore, whenever you discover that your Apple TV remote isn’t charging, do a routine check on the charger. 

Your best bet to the possible reason behind the Apple TV remote not charging is the charger. Most charging issues are a result of a faulty charger.

Be it a broken charger, unsuitable charger, or incompatible charger. Somehow the fault has to be coming from the charger.

In like manner, a faulty source of electric supply from your home can cause constant charging interruption. The required connection for charging the remote may be faulty.

Whether the supplied voltage is high or low, it can affect the charging process of the Apple TV remote. 

In addition, a faulty wall socket, burnt fuse, or the Apple TV remote charging port can also be the reason for the remote not charging. 

Below is a table that shows other reasons that cause the Apple remote not to charge and how to fix them.

Some Common faultsQuick Solutions
Hardware Resistance.Call Apple support for repairs or possible replacement. 
A bad charging port.Call an engineer to repair the bad port.
Incompatible chargerUse the recommended lightning-to-USB cable. 
A bad Apple TV remote batteryChange the battery for the removable remove battery. Call Apple support if the battery is in-built. 

Can You Use An Apple TV Without a Remote?

It is possible to use an Apple TV without a remote. Usually, every Apple TV box comes standard with a particular remote for its use; however, it is possible to bypass the remote.

Whatever the case, if you cannot access the remote, you can control your Apple TV using your iPhone.

You can also use your iPad or iPod touch instead of the original TV remote. All you need to do is set up the Apple TV remote app on your iPhone or iPad.

You can use the iPod touch too. Since there are all Apple products, they are compatible.

You have a Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi on your phone to use your iPhone instead of the TV remote.

Amazingly, if you lost your original remote, you can use a different remote, which may work.

For instance, the Siri remote, 1st and 2nd gen, is compatible with most Apple TV boxes.


The Apple TV remote has an amazingly long battery life cycle that lasts months without charging. 

While that is an amazing feature, it can encounter several issues with the Apple TV remote.

However, the relief is that almost all these malfunctions can be corrected or resolved personally.

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