Are Television Remotes Interchangeable? (Read This First)

Remotes are wireless devices that issue television commands to modify such settings as the volume, channels, and other features.

These devices use electromagnetic waves to send signals interpreted and acted upon by the televisions.

There are different television brands, and each has particular encoded languages specific to its brand. Therefore are television remotes interchangeable?

Remote controls are device specific and not interchangeable. Each television brand has remotes that are typical of their appliances. However, technological advancement has brought about Universal remote control, which works on almost every television regardless of the brand.

Can You Use Any Remote on Any Television?

Are Television Remotes Interchangeable

It is impossible to use any remote on any television, except for the same television model. 

The only Set of remote controls that work on almost every television brand is the universal remote controls.

Remote controls act as transmitters that send out signals received and interpreted by the television.

Each television brand has remote controls programmed to work specifically for the television brand.

Television remote controls use binary language encoded in a particular pattern for each brand.

As such, these remotes work specifically for the manufacturer’s brand.

For example, a Hisense remote control will only work for Hisense models of television. And the same applies to all other brands of televisions.

However, these days we have remote controls that are compatible with almost all televisions, regardless of the brand.

Since these remote control sets are not brand specific, you can be sure they will function perfectly on your television.

These remote control sets can reproduce the encoded languages of every television brand.

Also, universal remote controls are programmed with different codes enabling the devices to recognize the commands of any gadget you’re trying to operate. 

And can be used even on other appliances available in our homes, depending on the programming.

Can I Purchase a New Remote for My Television?

Yes, it is possible to purchase a new remote for your television. You can contact the manufacturers of your television for a new remote or buy from the stores.

Every television model has a model number which is located behind the television.

You can as well check the user manual for your television model number. With the model number, you can get an original remote control similar to the old remote.

You can obtain most of the information online. All you have to do is search for the model and see through the options for a replacement.

Getting an original version of the remote control from manufacturers is quite expensive.

However, there are other options, like obtaining third-party remotes, which are cheaper but will serve the intended purpose.

You can give up on a few elements of your television model and get remote control of the same television brand

Once the remote control is compatible with your model, you will be able to access the most common features of your television.

Aside from getting an original remote control version, you can also buy a new universal model for your television. Getting a universal remote will be easier.

However, it would be best if you remembered that universal remote controls need proper programming to work on your television.

Different brands are assigned numbers; you should input the numbers to allow the universal remote to run your television.

Generally, universal remotes are more easily accessible than the original remote controls as most electronics marts sell them.

How Do You Know If a Remote Is Universal?

Universal remotes make operating our home entertainment appliances easier.

Depending on the brand of television, some televisions come with programmable remotes.

There are several ways to check and confirm if your remote control is a universal remote.

Most universal remotes come with special buttons indicating their multiple functions.

So, for example, you could see controls like the program, Aux, Sat, cable, and other options.

If you are not convinced, you can visit spectrum.net/remotes to check and match small images to your remote control.

Also, you can open the battery cover, check for the model number, and try to match the same on spectrum.net/remotes.

Universal remotes are either Multi brand or Learning. And both models work perfectly.

The Multi brand model of universal remotes carry already programmed special codes for various gadgets.

You can find these codes in the user manual. You can also check codes for all products online.

Conversely, the Learning model of universal remotes tends to sync with your devices as you send commands regularly.

It will help to know that universal remotes are programmed differently. And you can always check your model for precise instructions on how to use the device.

Universal remotes are a big deal with many benefits, although they come with disadvantages too.

The table below shows some advantages and disadvantages of universal remote custody.

Advantages Disadvantages 
Universal remotes are easy to set up and utilize.When damaged, you must go through the stress of programming your devices.
Universal remotes work perfectly on multiple devices.Universal remotes sometimes require several presses to achieve a function.
Universal remotes bring convenience and less clutter.Learning how to use a universal remote control gets overwhelming.
The device has a single learning curve which saves time.Universal remotes are used for prank purposes.

How Do I Program a Remote to Another Television?

There are a few ways to program a remote to another television.

And one of the first things to consider when trying to program a remote to another telling is to fetch the necessary codes.

Since the remotes are programmed with codes for each device, you should check and confirm the codes before starting the process.

Some of the ways include the following:

#1. To Set up a Remote using Direct Code Entry

  • Check and confirm the unique codes for your television brand.
  • The red light will turn on when you press and hold the Setup key of your universal remote control.
  • Select the device you design to control.
  • Check the code list to enter the required number. You will observe the red light go off after the last digit.
  • You can now test the remote control on the device to confirm if it works.
  • Try the process again if it only works once you get the correct code.

#2. To Set up a Remote Using Auto Code Search

  •  Turn on the gadget and prompt the remote control by pressing the Set up key.
  • Check the remote control and press the key that conforms to the gadget you are trying to set up.
  • Hold and release the power key of your remote.
  • Your device will transmit codes while the red light blinks.
  • Turn on your television and repeat the steps if the television goes off.
  • Point to the television and press the volume up button to resend the codes.
  • Your television will go off if you have found the codes that work.
  • Power on your television and check other buttons to confirm they are working.

#3. To Set Up a Remote Using Brand Code

  • Turn on the television and check the list for the brand codes provided with your remote.
  • Hold the television button, watch the LED light turn on, and allow the light to stay that way.
  • Now press the Power button and hold till it lights up.
  • Now remove your hand from both the Power button and the device button.
  • The device button is supposed to remain on even after you must have released your hand.
  • Input the brand code using your remote control.
  • The process will be successful if your television turns off.
  • Now press the stop key on your remote to save the found code.

There is also a Manuel code search which works just like the rest, but in this case, the remote does not automatically search for the codes.

Regardless of the method, programming a remote to television is relatively straightforward once the codes are available.

Do Universal Remotes Work on Non-smart Televisions?

Yes, universal remotes work on non-smart televisions. There are universal remote controls that are compatible with non-smart televisions, and they work just fine.

Also, it will interest you to know that universal remote applications are available for download on Android and iOS devices.

These universal remote applications allow you to connect and operate your non-smart televisions through your phone.

However, for these applications to work on your phone, the device must have an infrared blaster or an infrared dongle.

You don’t have to worry when your device doesn’t have an in-built blaster, as infrared dongles are available and are supported by most smartphones.

Since non-smart televisions are not wireless, infrared blasters enable the appliances to connect smoothly with the phones.

When selecting a universal remote for a non-smart television, ensure you select a remote control with a guide to set up and one with programming software.

You can follow the instructions and quickly set up the device.

Final Thoughts 

Television remotes are brand specific. Every brand produces remote controls that work only for their products.

However, the production of universal remote controls has broken the barrier.

Therefore, universal remotes can function on any television regardless of the brand.

And universal remotes work on both smart and non-smart televisions.

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