Are Washing Machines Double Insulated? (Explained)

There can always be a little protection when working with electrical appliances. But, unfortunately, accidents associated with gadgets are common most times because of carelessness.

Luckily, most manufacturers concern themselves with the safety of their customers.

Also, washing machines are available to ease the burden of your laundry. However, customers may still prefer extra caution when using them.

Consequently, they would wonder if machines have double insulation. This way, they can stay safe despite a power surge.

Some washing machines are double insulated while others are not. The ones that have double insulation do not require an earth cable to protect them. On the other hand, washing machines that do not have double insulation do not need an earth cable. The first category is a Class I appliance, while the other is a Class II appliance.

Are Washers Double Insulated?

Are Washing Machines Double Insulated

Yes, most washers are double insulated, and this feature is unique to the brand and model.

Double-insulated washers have an extra layer of insulation than the regular layer. This layer helps to prevent electrocution despite power fluctuations.

But, of course, double-insulated washers may cost more than the class I washers, although it depends on the brand.

After all, some class I washers cost more than the class II washers. This uncertainty is a result of the extra features and improved models.

It would be best if you knew that class I and II washers offer a form of insulation.

The significant difference is that class I offers double and the other single insulation.

In addition, the class I washers have an earth conductor. This wire links to the earth to cancel out any fluctuating current.

This protection is crucial because of the need for protection from electrocution.

According to statistics in the United States, there are around 1000 deaths from electric accidents annually.

This result is alarming and requires you to avoid compromising circumstances as much as possible.

Although, there are still some unavoidable incidents that happen beyond our control.

Nonetheless, you can decide to do your best to ensure that you are using safe and protected appliances.

Also, the insulating panel in the washer ensures that you do not come in contact with live wires.

For instance, is it dangerous to try to load your washer and mistakenly touch a wire?

However, with the double insulation, you are sure that such situations are impossible to happen. Therefore, this feature provides some relief and reduces the mortality rate.

How Do Double Insulated Appliances Work?

Double-insulated appliances offer a layer of protection between a live wire and the device’s body.

It is usually possible via a plastic panel that acts as a barrier between the naked wire and the appliance surface.

Most electrical appliances have metal in their frame. Subsequently, they are susceptible to electrical shock if a live wire supplying current touches the body.

However, double insulation does not give room for this to happen.

Instead, manufacturers make it so that no matter what happens, the live wires do not touch the metal.

The extra layer of insulation is the protection that prevents fatal accidents. On the other hand, the class I appliances work with earthing mechanisms.

Earthing also plays a significant role in class I appliances. The aim is to allow conduction no matter the voltage.

Unfortunately, some dangerously high voltage can melt the insulation, leaving the wire open. But, the double insulation still ensures you do not get electrocuted.

In some severe cases, the appliance might catch fire and burn your house down. This accident will lead to property loss and a dent in your pocket.

According to some PAT tests, most washing machines are class I appliances. The reason is that they have live, neutral, and earth wires.

Consequently, they are safe and still cover for not having any insulation. 

Which Types of Washing Machines Are Double Insulated?

Various washing machines are double insulated. These washing machines vary by brand and model.

However, there are many that manufacturers create daily and are in stores. Here is the list of some of them.

  • 8kg double wall washing machine
  • Toshiba 7kg twin tub washing machine
  • Toshiba 13kg twin tub washing machine

These washing machines are efficient and properly insulated. Consequently, you stand a lower chance of electrocution or fire accident.

However, if you experience electric shock or someone around you does, you can do a few things.

At least you can help to ease their pain or outrightly save their life. In addition, it would be best if you learned basic CPR to help you in an emergency.

Here are the first aid treatments that you can administer in such a case.

  • First, turn off the electricity source before you proceed. Although if you cannot locate it, you can switch off the circuit supplying light to the house.
  • Afterward, move the person away from the site as carefully as possible.
  • To be safe, use a non-conductor like wood or plastic to move the person away. In addition, ensure to wear footwear to avoid electrocution. 
  • You might have a problem if the person is not responding to stimuli by groaning or coughing. So, you must begin CPR as soon as possible.
  • If the person begins to respond, you must wrap them with a blanket to keep them from getting cold.
  • While you check for wounds, dial the emergency line and call for help.
  • However, if they cannot reach you on time, take them to the hospital. This action may be a lifesaver, especially if they are not responding anymore.

Now, when you are the one in that position, things might be different. It would even be more dangerous if you were alone and unconscious.

If the shock does not render you unconscious, scream for help as loud as you can. Also, take deep breaths and try to reach a phone to call emergency service.

Explain to them the state you are in and how badly it hurts. It would help if you kept talking with them to stay conscious. 

What Appliances Are Double Insulated?

Many appliances have double insulation. All of them offer fortified protection by having a double layer.

If you plan on purchasing some electrical appliances, it is best to know the right one to buy. Although some people may not bother themselves with the details

Since we know double insulation, it is best to know the appliances with this feature. It will help you make your choice when you want to purchase one.

Here is a table that lists double insulated and single insulated appliances.

ApplianceDouble Insulation  (Class II)Single Insulation (Class I)
Electric drillyesno
Hedge trimmeryesno
Electric ironnoyes
Washing machinesyesyes
Tumble dryersnoyes
Television setsyesno
Radio cassette playeryesno
Water heaternoyes
DVD playeryesno

In the table above, it is just the washing machine that also has double insulation.

Nonetheless, there are still a few electrical appliances that are also class II appliances.


In conclusion, washing machine insulation is tricky. Most times, it falls in class I as one with single insulation.

On the other hand, many washing machines available online have double insulation. Consequently, it is a class I appliance with double insulation.

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