Will TV Ears Work With Netflix? (Do This To Make It Work)

TV Ears is one of the most efficient companies manufacturing sound enhancement gadgets and volume control for most TVs. 

However, it may not be compatible with your TV, or your browser does not support an external volume feature application. 

If you are a Netflix subscriber, you may begin to wonder if your TV Ears will work with Netflix. So, without further ado, let’s delve in. 

TV Ears will work well with Netflix once the volume and sound settings are correctly adjusted. Unfortunately, occasionally, TV Ears will only work with Netflix when they fit appropriately into the television and if the stereo and audio settings need to be corrected. It could also be due to the browser or device you are streaming Netflix on. 

Do Television Ears Work With Netflix?

Will TV Ears Work With Netflix

Of course, Television ears work well with Netflix. However, your TV or device must have a Bluetooth option where you can connect them to the TV Ears through on-screen prompts. 

Nevertheless, if there is still no Bluetooth option on your device, you can use external Bluetooth transmitters that are compatible with wireless headphones. 

Additionally, TV Ears will also not work well with Netflix if the audio and stereo settings of the TV are adjusted wrongly

Lastly, TV Ears will not work with Netflix due to the device and browser you use to watch.

Luckily if all these settings are carefully applied, it is safe to say TV Ears will always work with Netflix. 

Why Won’t My TV Ears Work With Netflix?

There are many reasons why your TV Ears won’t work with Netflix. However, most of these reasons arise due to external issues from using TV Ears.

Generally, every wrong application and installation of TV Ears will automatically make it not work. 

These factors may be minor or major issues, but the intensity does not matter much, provided it is capable of causing your TV Ears to stop working with Netflix. 

Your TV Ears will not work with Netflix when;

  • The TV Ears battery is low 
  • The Netflix tab gets muted
  • The TV Ears and television have improper connections

#1. Low TV Ears Battery 

TV Ears should last up to 6 hours when they charge fully. The reason is that they have small replacement batteries inside the TV Ears. 

They are also rechargeable; since they are replaceable, you should remove them immediately if you notice a drastic drop in power. 

Low TV Ears battery is one of the primary reasons your TV Ears won’t connect or work with your Netflix. 

#2. Muted Netflix Tab

Check the volume tab when TV Ears connects to Netflix on your phone, television, or computer. 

If you can not hear Netflix, you should look for the mute button on the Netflix tab and tap on unmute. 

You should tap the tab twice to unmute Netflix, after which you should also turn up the volume on your phone, browser, computer, or television. 

#3. Improperly Plugged TV Ears

Your TV Ears may only work with streaming services such as Netflix if they get plugged into the television properly. 

For instance, the cable box and satellite box can not support TV Ears, so you should plug them into the TV Ears. 

Can You Watch Netflix With Wireless Headphones?

The answer is definitely yes. You can watch Netflix using wireless headphones if you want to do that. 

Your wireless headphones could either have a Bluetooth menu or not, requiring you to use a Bluetooth transmitter to connect your headphones to Netflix. 

#1. How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Netflix

If you prefer Bluetooth wireless headphones, ensure that your TV or device has a Bluetooth menu. 

Secondly, ensure that your device’s Bluetooth is compatible with the headphone and set on “discoverable” mode. 

Lastly, keep your device close enough to your headphones to keep them connected after you have confirmed their compatibility. 

When you need to connect the device with your Netflix account to your headphones, select “Setting” on your device menu and tap on the “Bluetooth menu.” 

Once the name of your headphone pop-ups, tap on connect to add it to your paired devices.

Always ensure that the Bluetooth availability option is visible so that once a paired device is available, you can pair them manually. 

#2. How to Connect Headphones without Bluetooth to Netflix 

If your headphones are not incompatible with a Bluetooth connection, you can resort to using a Bluetooth transmitter. 

The Bluetooth transmitter should be connected to your TV using the RCA or a 3.5mm jack. 

You can then connect your headphones to the Bluetooth transmitter, which enables you to connect to your TV. 

Highlight: How to connect headphones to Netflix with or without Bluetooth

BluetoothBluetooth Transmitter
Ensure your device is Bluetooth-compatibleEnsure to use an RCA or 3.5mm jack to connect your headphones 
Navigate to the Bluetooth menu and tap on add paired devicesConnect your headphone to the Bluetooth transmitter available
Connect to your headphones once the name pops upOnce your headphones are connected, pair them to the TV.

Why Can’t I Hear Netflix On My Tv?

As widely as millions of subscribers use Netflix, they can still experience some challenges when streaming their favorite shows, sports, movies, and music. 

One such issue is being unable to hear Netflix when you connect it to your TV. Interestingly, there are quick fixes to the issue. 

Nevertheless, this article section outlines why you can’t hear Netflix on TV. 

Most times, connectivity and content issues are the significant causes of Netflix’s low or poor sound. 

The content issues are primarily a fault of Netflix, and you may only have a little to do about it once the sound becomes restored. 

However, you should always check the connection between the device you are streaming Netflix on and the connection cables for connectivity issues. 

Nevertheless, the entire device you stream on Netflix could also have faults. These devices could either be a computer, television, or phone. 

#1. Content Issues

The content displayed by Netflix could have a sound failure, resulting in your inability to hear anything on Netflix. 

Unfortunately, only Netflix can fix content issues. However, to be sure that the sound problem results from content issues, ensure to stream the same content on different devices. 

If the content displayed on all the other devices also has sound issues with the content, then the problem is definitely from Netflix. 

On the other hand, if the content displayed on the other devices has no issue, consider checking for faulty connections. 

Interestingly, it is easy to file a complaint to Netflix over the bad content sound. All you need to do is to reach out to Netflix customer support for a report. 

You can do this when you go to the view activity option on Netflix, fill in all the details about the sound issues, and answer all questions asked through the prompts. 

Netflix is known for fixing and responding to complaints or customer issues within 48 hours after the complaint is filed. 

#2. Faulty Connections

When streaming Netflix through your TV or computer, correctly setting up all the cables and connections is paramount. 

As for mobile phones, the connections can be checked by simply playing content on Netflix to check if the visual and audio content is good enough. 

Another way to check for faulty connections is to check the internal links and connectivity ports. 

Faulty connections and content issues are the significant reasons for sound issues on Netflix.

However, they are a bunch of other reasons, which include;

  • Processing errors
  • Poor Netflix audio settings
  • Device’s audio settings
  • Dust and dirt accumulation on the external speakers
  • Temporarily suspended audio streams
  • Incompatible audio settings on the device and Netflix 
  • Poor network to load content
  • Outdated sound drivers and software 


TV Ears is highly reliable for sound enhancement gadgets and hearing aids. In addition, you may use phones, TVs, and computers to stream content on Netflix. 

However, TV Ears won’t work with Netflix if the battery is low; the Netflix tab is muted and has faulty TV connections. 

The primary reasons for poor sound on Netflix are often content issues and faulty connections between the device and Netflix.

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