Kenmore Washer 417 Reset: All You Need To Know

Resetting is an amazing feature that Kenmore incorporates into its front load washer 417.

According to the manufacturers, the reset feature helps to restart your washer and clear error codes or rectify common issues. 

If you own a Kenmore 417 washer, knowing how to reset it is essential as it will save you the stress of seeking professional help.

So, here are the steps to reset your washer and get it back in shape.

To reset your Kenmore 417 washer, press the stop button twice, then press the power button. Next, select any wash cycle and a suitable wash option. Afterward, press the start button, and your Kenmore 417 washer will reset. 

In this article, I’ll vividly explain the above resetting procedure and discuss other modes of resetting your washer. 

Furthermore, I’ll state Kenmore washer errors and guide you through running a diagnostics test to decipher issues and problem-solving methods.

How do you Reset a Kenmore Washer 417?

Kenmore Washer 417 Reset

Learning how to reset a Kenmore 417 washer is a crucial operational skill that always comes in handy. 

As a washer owner, you need exposure to a certain level of technicality to save time and money by fixing simple faults by yourself. 

However, this washer doesn’t have a reset button on its panel. So, here are the steps for resetting a Kenmore 417 front load washer.

  • Firstly, locate the start/ stop button on your washer’s control panel and press it twice consecutively.
  • Next, Select the normal wash cycle or any other wash cycle to control its rotational speed.
  • Afterward, pick your preferred wash option, hot or cold.
  • Finally, press the start button.

With these easy steps, you can reset and restart your Kenmore 417 washer so it runs smoothly.

Since the Kenmore washer has no reset button, the manufacturers formulated multiple ways to send the reset signal to the washer. 

So, here’s another way to reset your Kenmore 417 washer.

  • Begin by pressing the power button to turn off the washer.
  • Next, unplug your washer from the receptacle or power source. 
  • Alternatively, you can turn your circuit breaker off.
  • Wait 2-3 minutes, then plug the washer back into the power outlet.
  • Press and hold the power button for five seconds to turn it on, and your washer will reset. 

Below are the steps for a third alternative (the master reset).

  • Unplug your Kenmore 417 washer from its power source.
  • Wait for a few minutes, plug it back and turn it on.
  • Then, reset it by opening and closing the lid six times within twelve seconds.
  • You can run the rinse/ spin cycle to check if your washer is now functional.

Furthermore, if you want to perform a factory reset to activate your washer’s default settings, here’s what to do.

  • Turn off the washer and unplug it.
  • Plug it back in. The control panel should light up when you do.
  • If you see a lock icon on the control panel, simultaneously press and hold the “option” and “select” buttons for 20 seconds to unlock.
  • Select new options and wait for lights to flash from the control panel to reset your washer’s options.

Simple and easy, right? Now you can confidently reset your washer to correct minor flaws.

How do I Put a Kenmore Washer 417 in Diagnostic Mode?

You can discover how to put your Kenmore washer 417 in diagnostic test mode by checking the technical sheet. 

You can find the technical sheet below the lower toe panel or in the interior cabinet of your washer.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to run diagnostics on your Kenmore 417 washer.

  • First, empty and hut the washer.
  • Ensure all indicator lights are off.
  • Hold the control dial knob and turn it completely to the left.
  • Turn the control dial thrice to the right in successive motions.
  • Rotate it once more to the left.
  • Turn the knob to the right again.

Ps: Ensure to complete all turns in 6 seconds.

When Should you Reset a Kenmore Washer 417?

Resetting your Kenmore 417 washer can resolve many but not all malfunctions. Therefore, it’s important to know what faults call for a reset. 

So, here are some issues that dictate the appropriate times to reset your Kenmore washer.

  • Your washer refuses to turn on or start the wash cycle.
  • Your washer isn’t spinning properly.
  • Water leakage from your Kenmore 427 washer.
  • You’re experiencing a faulty washer drain.
  • Your washer is shaking or vibrating uncontrollably.
  • Excess prolongation or delay in wash cycle completion.
  • Unusually loud noises when your Kenmore washer is on.
  • Washer lid lock issues.
  • Incomplete filling of water. 

If you notice, all the above are practical issues. Therefore, you should try resetting your washer whenever you experience a practical challenge.

More often than not, resetting resolves all issues, including those you may not yet know. So, try making it a common practice.

Kenmore Washer 417 Problems 

Problems and error codes are peculiar to the various series of Kenmore washers.

Identifying these problems helps to know what troubleshooting steps to take. 

Some minor problems require the owner to reset the washer, while advanced issues require the skills of a professional. 

You must know how to interpret error codes to identify issues and faulty parts. 

So, below is a table containing Kenmore washer 417 error codes, their meaning, faulty parts, and checks to implement.

Error CodeMeaningFaulty PartChecks
E11Long fill time.Water inlet valve.Water supply faucet, water lines, fill hose & inlet valve assembly.
E13Water or air leak.Outer washer tub, sensor air hose, and water level sensor.Check for tub cracks.
E14Open dispenser drawerDispenser drawer mangler, reed switch.Reposition the drawer magnet.
E21Slow drain Drain pumpCheck the drain hose for clogs.
E23Failed drain pump relay.Electronic controlBoardRepair/ replace control Board.
E31Water level pressure sensor communication errorWater level pressure sensor.Check the connection between the pressure sensor and the control board.
E35The water sensor detects overfill.Water level pressure sensor/ valve assembly.Replace faulty parts.
E43Door lock circuit problem.Door lock assembly, wire harness, ECB.Reconnect or replace loose harness wires.
E44Control board failureElectronic control boardUnplug and replug the washer or replace the control board.
E47Open door lock in spin mode.Door lock, switch assembly, or wiring harness.Check all possibly faulty parts.
E48Door lock circuit issues.Door lock/ switch assembly.Unplug the washer and examine its parts.
E52A bad signal from the drive motor tachometer.Drive motor, motor control board, wire harness.Check wire harness connections and tachometer resistance with a multimeter.
E55Overheating motor.Drive motor, wash tub, spin basket, speed control board.Identify and replace faulty components.
E56High motor current.Drive motor, motor control board, spin basket.Repair or replace the motor board.
E58High current on motor phase.Outer tub, drive motor, speed control board, spin basket.Examine the motor pulley and check the motor winding resistance.
E59Absence of tachometer signal.Drive motor, Outer tub, Spin, basket, Speed control board.Check the resistance via the tachometer motor.
E5AThe motor control board is overheating.Motor control board.Replace the motor control board.
E5DA communication failure between the motor and electronic control board.The motor control board, and electronic control board.Check the wire harness connection linking the two components.
E67An incorrect voltage supply to the microprocessor.Electronic control board.Replace the electronic control board.
E75Water temperature sensor circuit failure.Water inlet valve assembly, electronic control board.Check the temperature sensor circuit resistance.
E95Communication error from the electronic control board.Electronic control board.Unplug and replug the washer, then replace the board.
EB1Incoming power frequency above the limit.Electronic control board.Check the power supply frequency.
EB2Incoming line voltage exceeds 130 ACElectronic control board.Check the outlet voltage.
EB3Incoming line voltage is below 90 volts ACElectronic control board.Check and adjust the voltage or replace the board.
EF1Drain pump clog.Drain pump.Clear or replace the drain pump.
EF2Excess soap suds.High-efficiency detergent.Reduce the amount of detergent.


During usage, your Kenmore 417 washer is susceptible to developing faults that error codes will relay.

Knowing how to reset your washer to clear error codes is useful.

You can run diagnostics to detect and resolve errors by resetting your washer using any of the above methods. So, do it yourself and save money!

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