These Washing Machines Expert Always Recommend!

Whenever you buy a washing machine, you are immediately bothered about how long it will last. 

Besides, the durability of the washing machine is an important factor you consider before purchasing.

There are many reviews about any washing machine brand. You can get these reviews from various sources, but only a few can be trusted.

Nevertheless, the best reviews you can get are those made by maintenance specialists.

They are not only reliable but also objective. So, what washing machine do repairmen recommend?

Professional Repairmen recommend Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and GE washers as the most reliable washing machine brands. In their opinion, these washing machines develop the least fault compared to other brands within the same period. If you want to buy a washing machine, you’ll benefit from adhering to these recommendations.

In this article, I will highlight the most durable brands of washing machines based on maintenance specialists’ recommendations. 

I will also reveal which washing machine type these specialists prefer between the front and top load washers. 

Do Repairmen Prefer Top Load or Front Load Washing Machines?

Best Washing Machine Repairmen Always Do Recommend

Maintenance specialists cannot choose between the top-load washing machine or the front-load washing machine.

The choice is entirely yours to make. This choice is because whether the washing machine is a front load or top load, it does not affect the durability.

Notwithstanding, the type of machine has pros and cons that are significant in determining how effective the washing machine would be.

A top-load washing machine is a washing machine whose lid opens upward. You can only gain entry into the washing machine from the top.

On the other hand, a front-load washing machine opens up from the anterior of the machine. You can access the washing machine through an opening in front of the machine.

Whether a washing machine is a front load or top load does not affect the machine’s durability.

This information is true because the machines would work as they ought to without any defects.

Although the effectiveness of a washing machine can greatly be impacted by its design, here are some pros and cons for either design for the washing machine.

Pros of Front Load Washing Machines

front load washing machine

Below are some advantages of the front-load washing machine;

#1. Use Less Water

less water

You would need less water when using a front-load washing machine than a top-load machine. Most front-load washing machines have a powerful tumbling action.

This tumbling action enables a greater spin in the chambers where you place your clothes.

The greater the spinning action of the washing machine, the less water is needed.

#2. More Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

With a powerful spin, the front-load washing machine uses less energy than the top-load washing machine.

The energy needed to spin a cloth clean is less when the spin is great. A greater spinning washing machine would save more time. Hence, you save more energy because it requires less time.

#3. More Space Efficient

Since front-load washing machines open anteriorly, they can save space. When you are starved of space, you could stack more than one washing machine on each other.

Cons of Front Load Washing Machines

Below are some cons of front load;

#1. Requires More Maintenance

washing machine Maintenance

Since the front load washing machine has powerful tumbling power and spin, you need frequent maintenance.

This frequent maintenance is a major drawback of using the front-load design of any washing machine.

#2. Less Flexible In Use

Less Flexible In Use

You cannot add the clothes in a mid-cycle spin. This impossibility is another drawback of the front-load washing machine. 

Once it begins to spin, till that session ends, you cannot open the lid to access the chambers. 

Top Load Washing Machine Pros

top load washing machine

Below are some pros of the top load;

#1. Easier To Use

The top-load washing machine is easier to use. Since the lid opens upwards, you do not have to bend over to operate it.

You can wash many clothes without having to bend. The opening of the top load washing machine is at chest level for many grown-ups.

#2. Easier To Clean

cleaning washing machine

The inner chamber of the top load washing machine is easier to clean and maintain than the front load washing machine.

This ease results from the greater reach you have in the chambers of the washing machine.

#3. Gentle on Clothing

Due to the lesser spin, the top-load washing machine is gentler on your clothing than the front-load washing machine.

This soft spin ensures that your clothes are preserved for longer when you use a top-load washing machine.

Top Load Cons

Below are some cons of front load;

#1. Poor Space Management

You can not save space or room using the top-load washer. The lip opens upwards and so cannot be stacked above each other.

#2. Less Energy Efficient

less energy efficient

The top-load washing machine is less energy efficient. This low energy usage is because the tumble power is low and would require more time to spin for clothes to get clean.

#3. Uses More Water and Cleaning Agent

water and detergent

Due to the low tumble power, more water and detergent are required to clean the same amount of cloth a front-load washer would clean.

Looking at the table below, you can see the pros and cons of the front-load washing machine and the top-load washing machine.

This table will give you a fair idea of why repairmen may recommend a particular design of washing machine to you.

Washing Machine DesignProsCons
Top load washing machineIt’s easier to use, clean, and maintain.It’s less energy efficient and uses more water and cleaning agents.
Front load washing machineUses less water and detergent and has better energy efficiency.It requires more maintenance.

Which Brand of Washing Machine Is Most Durable?

The most durable washing machine brand is the speed queen washing machine. Most professional repairmen would recommend this brand over many others.

In a recent study, about 16 professional repairmen were asked which brand they most likely recommend to their customers. 

12 out of the 16 pros spoke highly of the speed queen washing machine. These repairmen based their assertions on their interactions with their clients.

They suggest that owners of queen speed washing machines are the least reporters of damage within the first ten years of purchasing the brand.

What Washing Machine Requires the Least Repairs?

A washing machine that would require the least repair after a long time of purchase is the speed queen washing machine. Many repairmen would recommend this washer to you.

Other brands of washing machines also come close: LG and whirlpool. If you are looking for brands that will last long, you can also consider these two brands.

When contemplating the washer to purchase, one important quality you must look out for is the durability of the washing machine.

The durability of the washing machine ensures that you can repair the machine for a short period. Even if you do, the repairs may be minor repairs that would not cost much.

How Often Do You Have To Repair Washing Machines?

repairing washing machine

Depending on the durability of the washing machine, you can use it for up to 10 years before you may need to repair it.

The speed queen can last for longer periods without any need for repair. Other brands, such as LG and Whirlpool, can also last up to 10 years without needing repair.

Final Thoughts

The repairman is an ideal person to suggest which washing machine to buy. Most repairmen suggest the speed queen washing machine as the most reliable washer.

Your pro repairman gives this recommendation because it is the least to get spoilt and hence the most durable. You can choose between a front load and a top load washing machine.

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