Why are American Washing Machines Top Loading?

The Americans, Europeans, and the British have vast differences regarding their washing machines and where they want them to be.

For instance, Americans have washing machines in their laundry rooms, washroom, or basements. Whiles the British and Europeans mostly have their washing machines in the kitchen.

You can have a read on why washing machines are placed in the kitchen. It has also been observed that American washing machines are mostly top-loading, while Europeans are front loading.

The article will examine why American washing machines are top loading.

So why are American washing machines top-loading? Due to some US economic and housing structure factors, using top-loading washing machines favors them.

Aside from the mentioned factors, the top-loading washing machines are more efficient and wash faster than front-loading washing machines.

The front-loading washing machines were once able to penetrate the US market and were well patronized.

But due to several complaints from users about the rate at which they keep breaking down, they went back and got stacked to the usual top-loading washers.

Due to the above-mentioned few factors and others, we will be looking at soon, the American’s love for top-loading washing machines can’t be separated.

Why do Americans Prefer Top Loading Washing Machines to Front Loading Washing Machines?

When you pick 10 Americans and ask them why they using top-loading washers and not front-loading washers, they will give you either of the factors listed below;

  • Cheaper
  • Fast washing speed
  • Less servicing problem
  • Efficient and powerful
  • It can be opened whiles in use


The top-loading washing machines are more affordable than the front-loading washing machines.

With as little as $400 – $500, you should be able to get a new and great top-loading washing machine to purchase. It will be hard to get a front-loading washing machine at $500.

The least price you can purchase a front-loading washing machine is $600. So most Americans prefer to use the top-loading washing machine because of the cost factor.

And that makes much sense, as you get to own an efficient washer at a much lower price than the one been compared with that can’t match it per performance.

Fast washing speed

Besides being well known for their affordable pricing, top loading washing machines are also well known for their fast washing speed.

What will take the top-loading washing machine 30 minutes to complete washing will take the front-loading washing machine 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete.

Many Americans are stacked to the top-loading washing machines because of their fast washing rate, as they can wash as many items in the shortest possible. And can attend to their normal daily activities.

Less servicing problems

This is why the front-loading washing machines could not make it in the US market.

The front-loading washing machines are known to be breaking down more often. And when that happens, it needs to be repaired, which incurs extra cost.

There are moments you would need it most, and you will end up disappointed by it.

Unlike the top-loading washing machine, that’s more durable and doesn’t easily break down.

Efficient and powerful

Top loading washing machines are very efficient, as they can deliver to the user’s expectations.

Spending so much money to purchase a washing machine and not get it to deliver to expectations will be disappointing.

Though there are a few stains that the washing machine generally finds difficult to remove.

Those are much understandable, but for it not to be able to remove minor dirt, then it’s not been efficient.

Classifying top-loading washing machines as more efficient doesn’t mean the front-loading washing machine cannot perform, no!

It can be opened whiles in use.

Top-loading washing machines use a hinged door that opens from the top, which can be opened at any time to add and remove clothes during washing. This makes top-loading washing machines efficient and convenient to use.

On the contrary, front-loading washing machines require you to stop the washing from being able to open the doors to add or remove clothes from it.

This makes them slower than top-loading ones and less convenient to use while running.

In that respect, using front-loading washing machine tend to waste more time. This is because in the operation of it, if you’re adding or removing clothes, it has to be turned off and wait for some minutes for the device to unlock for you to be able to open the door.

Whiles with the top-loading washing machines, you don’t need to waste all those time.

The comfort in that makes many prefer top-loading to front-loading washing machines.

Why Americans Don’t Prefer Using Front-Loading Washing Machines

It’s due to factors that have always affected the buying behavior of front-loading washing machines.

That is why most prefer top-loading washing machines rather than front-loading ones.

However, it does not mean that front-loading washing machines don’t work well or aren’t efficient in any way.

The real problem lies in consumers’ mindsets about using these machines. Some of these factors include;

  • Water usage rate
  • Energy usage rate
  • Space usage

Uses more water

According to the Department of Energy, front-loading washing machines use about 30% more water than top-loading machines.

This is because a front-loading machine must agitate the clothes more to clean them.

Top-loaders use less water because they spin the clothes around in a drum rather than agitating them.

Also, traditional top-loading washing machines fill them with just enough water to get your clothes wet.

And you’re good to go, as it saves much water, unlike front-loading washing machines.

Uses more energy

A top-loading washing machine requires less energy to run than a front-loading washing machine. Thus, you will be charged less for using a top-loading washing machine.

The difference in electricity usage is due to how each type of washing machine takes advantage of gravity.

Also, the top-loading washing machines use a spinning drum to agitate the clothes, which means less work is required from the motor.

Takes more space

A front-loading washing machine might not be ideal if you live in a condo or apartment with limited space.

A top-loading washing machine can take up less floor space and fit in areas where other machines won’t work.

Once the top-loading washing machines can fit in, you’re good to go without any other space needs.

Not with the front-loading washing machines; with them, after the device has found a place to fit, you will also have to provide another space for it to contain the door when opened.

This means that with front-loading washing machines, space for the device to occupy isn’t enough compared to that of top-loading washing machines.


American consumers are trending toward top-loading washing machines; however, this has been primarily due to economic and housing structure factors rather than design factors.

Besides the economic and housing structure factors, American washing machines are quite different from the ones in other countries, which leads Americans to use top-loading washing machines instead of front-loading ones.

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