F35 Error Code Kenmore Washer! (Reasons, Solutions & More)

A Kenmore washer in your home saves you a lot of stress when doing your laundry.

For that reason, you wouldn’t want the washer going bad because that’d cost you a lot.

Hence, when you see an F35 error code on the Kenmore washer, you’ll wonder what’s going wrong.

When you see an F35 error code on your Kenmore washer, there’s an error with the water sensor. That sensor helps to keep the water you add to the washer in check, so it stays within the recommended level. However, identifying the reasons behind a faulty water sensor will help you resolve the F35 error code problem.

In this article, you’ll find out the possible reasons why you’re seeing an F35 error code on your Kenmore washer. 

You’ll also learn how to fix that error code whenever it shows up on your Kenmore washer. Now let’s get right to it!

What is the F35 Error Code on a  Kenmore Washer?

F35 Error Code Kenmore Washer

The F35 error code is an analog system in the Kenmore washer that senses water level. 

When the water level in the Kenmore washer goes beyond the recommended level, that signal will pop up.

The F35 error code also signals you when the water level isn’t enough. So, in clearer terms, the F35 error code functions as a water pressure sensor.

When the F35 error code pops up, it’s almost certain that the signal is coming from the main control board.

Hence, rather than temporarily tackling the F35 error code, fix the problem on the main control board.

Failure to do that will result in the recurrence of the F35 error code problem.

A water level switch inside your Kenmore washer senses whether the water level is too much or too little.

When the water sensor senses an imbalance in water level, the Kenmore machine will signal that via the F35 error code.

The basis behind how the water sensor sends the F35 error code message is via its containing air hose.

The air hose sends a signal when the water pressure in the washer rises enough to push up the air in the hose.

You’ll see that signal as the F35 error code on the Kenmore washer.

However, it’s also possible to have a faulty switch; when that happens, you’ll be getting the F35 error code that isn’t a result of a malfunctioning air hose.

To see the reasons for the F35 error code you’re receiving, remove the washer’s top panel and inspect the hose.

Ensure that you turn off the Kenmore washer before removing the top panel to avoid unnecessary abnormalities.

To lift the top panel, unscrew the screws holding the panel down from behind the Kenmore washing machine.

Once the panel is off, you’ll find the switch and the hose connection inside the machine. 

In most Kenmore washers, you’ll see the switch as a black box with a connecting cord at its base.

After inspecting the hose, you’ll be able to tell if it’s blocked, in which case, a simple blow-off relieves the obstruction.

On the other hand, the culprit to why you’re getting an F35 error code can be due to a faulty switch as a whole. In such an instance, you’ll have to replace the switch.

Two Reasons Why Your Kenmore Washer Keeps Displaying the F35 Error Code?

The problem is likely from the water sensor when you get the F35 error code on your Kenmore washer.

The water sensor in the washer makes sure that something guards the quantity of water in the washer.

Without the water sensor, the water level in the washer can rise so much as to flood your home.

Also, apart from guarding your washer against too much water, the sensor warns against too little water.

If the water sensor senses too little water, it will display the F35 error code on the washer.

Hence, there are two major causes of the F35 error code.

#1. Circuit Control Unit (CCU)

The circuit control unit connects to the analog pressure sensor via a PSA connector.

So if something goes wrong within it, an appropriate signal won’t be transmitted to the washer.

That’d result in the machine displaying an F35 error code. However, you’ll need to locate the control board in your Kenmore washer to assess its functionality.

You’ll often find the CCU in the Kenmore washer as a moderately sized box with a little protrusion at the top.

It usually comes in grey, but it’s possible to have it in different shades. 

However, if you find difficulty locating the control board, I advise you to get a professional to do the job for you.

If the control board is responsible for the error code you’re getting, you might have to get it replaced.

#2. Analog Pressure Sensor (APS)

The analog pressure sensor is another factor you’ll have to consider if you keep getting an F35 error code.

The APS is a little black box pinned to your washer’s right side wall; it has a black hose at its base that runs through other important structures in the washer.

The APS is so intricate that even when it gets blocked by dirt, it’ll signal an F35 error code, requiring immediate care.

So it’s possible to get an error code from just dust accumulation in the presence of a normally acting APS.

However, you might wonder what differentiates an analog pressure sensor from a control circuit.

I’ll use this table to show the differences between the pressure circuit (CCU) and the pressure sensor (APS).

Pressure CircuitPressure Sensor
It uses an electromechanical mechanism to control the pressure within the Kenmore washer.The pressure sensor acts by measuring the pressure in the Kenmore washer.
It senses the abnormality in the washer and deactivates it for immediate attention.It doesn’t deactivate but sends a signal to show that something wrong is going on.
The pressure circuit is beneath the top panel of your washer, close to the rear frame support.You’ll find the analog pressure sensor on the right side wall of the washer.

How to Fix the F35 Error Code on a Kenmore Washer?

When you get the F35 error code on your Kenmore washer, it’s right to figure out ways of solving it so that the washer functions again.

With these steps, you can figure out the cause of the error and fix it.

  • Disconnect the washer from its power source and turn it off.
  • Take off the washer’s top panel by removing the three screws behind it.
  • Locate the analog pressure sensor at the right side wall and inspect it for dust clogs.
  • Blow off any dust or debris from the APS, reconnect it to its initial position and try putting the washer on.
  • If the F35 error code persists, you’ll have to replace the analog pressure circuit.
  • If you replace the APS and still get the error code, the most probable step is to change the control circuit.


#1. How Do I Fix the SUD Error on My Kenmore Washer?

When you see a SUD error in your Kenmore washer, it’s most likely that there’s either too much detergent or a bad pump; see to it that you use water to run a spin without adding detergent.

#2. How Do I Clear the Error Code on My Kenmore Washer?

You’ll need to turn the washer off for a couple of minutes since it doesn’t have a reset button. However, ensure to disconnect the washer from its power source before turning it off.


When your Kenmore washer signals an F35 error code, it most likely tells you to check the pressure sensor for abnormality. 

Different factors, such as too much or too little water in the washer, can cause an F35 error code.

However, it’s important not to ignore that error and have it checked by a professional to keep the washer at its optimal capacity.

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