What Are The Buttons On The Firestick Remote? (Explained)

The Firestick is a media streaming device connected to a TV to let users access several features. It is usually paired with a remote control to help the user navigate better.

Although there are a few buttons on a Firestick remote, the buttons are sufficient to access the features on the TV. So, you may wonder what buttons are on the remote.

The buttons on the Firestick remote perform essential functions like navigation, selection, volume control, and media control. Every Firestick remote generation has similar buttons to access these functions. However, the third-generation remote has designated keys for accessing streaming services. Some of its buttons are also in different positions.

In this article, I will explain the buttons on a Firestick remote, the various ways to use the remote, and the remote shortcuts you will find helpful.

By the end, you’ll also understand why the buttons on a Firestick remote aren’t working.

What Buttons Are on a Firestick Remote?

The buttons on a Firestick remote vary for each generation. However, every generation has similar buttons that perform identical functions.

The differences between the remotes only begin with the third generation.

Unlike the previous generations, the third-generation Firestick remote has shortcut buttons to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime.

In addition, some of the button locations on the third-generation remote are different from that of the previous generations.

Apart from these few changes, the Firestick remotes all functions effectively. Once you can identify the differences, you can operate any of them perfectly.

Since the remotes still have some identical buttons, it would help to identify them and understand their positions.

Here are the buttons on a Firestick remote.

#1. Voice Button

 It has a microphone or white circle icon on it. On the third-generation remote, a dedicated Alexa button is in place of the voice button.

#2. Navigation Buttons

The navigation buttons are the large ring around the circle button on the remote. 

#3. Select Button

The middle circle button serves as the select button on the remote.

#4. Back Button

It is the sideways U-turn icon on the remote. It is the first button on the row below the big circular button.

#5. Home Button

It has a house icon on it; it is on the right beside the back button.

#6. Menu Button

It is the three horizontal lines beside the home button.

#7. Rewind Button

It has two arrow icons pointing toward the left direction. It is directly below the back button.

#8. Fast Forward Button

It has two arrow icons pointing in the right direction. The fast-forward button is directly below the menu button.

#9. Play/pause Button

The play/pause button is between the fast-forward and rewind buttons. 

#10. Mute Button

This button looks like a speaker with an “x” icon. The mute button is below the volume buttons on the first and second-generation remotes.

On the other hand, the mute button is on the left side of the volume buttons in the third-generation remote.

#11. Volume up or Down

The volume buttons have a plus and minus icon to indicate it. 

#12. Guide Button

The guide button is an additional key on the third-generation remote. It is on the right side of the volume buttons and looks like a TV icon with antennas on it. 

How Do You Use the Fire Tv Stick Remote?    

The first step to using a Fire TV stick remote is to pair it with your device. Although, the pairing must have happened during the setup process. 

After a successful pairing process, you can use the remote for several functions.

Using the Fire TV Stick remote is the same for every generation. Although some buttons are different, similar buttons perform the same function.

Below are the ways to use the Fire TV Stick Remote.

#1. Voice Command

This voice button or microphone button helps control your TV with voice commands. The remote has a microphone to receive such commands.

Press the button before saying a voice command. Your Fire TV Stick will respond to whatever command you give it.

#2. Navigating the TV

The navigation circle helps navigate through menus and options. You only need to press the part around the outer circle in the direction you want the TV cursor to move. 

Press the top to move the cursor up, the bottom to navigate downward, and press left and right to move the cursor to the left or right.

#3. Selecting an Option

You can use the selection button to select options on the TV screen. Press the button to select any item you highlight on your TV.

#4. Returning to the Previous Display

Press the back button to return to the previous screen display. It will help you to navigate back whenever you want continually.

#5. Returning to the Home Page

Press the home button to change the TV screen display to the Home page. This button also prompts you to the main app menu on the Firestick TV.

So, you can press this button directly to exit a menu entirely and go to the regular TV display screen.

#6. Using the Menu Button

Press the menu button to access more options, but it depends on your selected function.

This button also displays the show description when the TV display is on the home screen.

When setting a password, the menu button helps navigate low and high numbers. 

#7. Controlling the Media

  • Press the rewind or fast forward button to rewind or speed up the play progress of the media at a rapid rate until you stop it.
  • Press the play/pause button to play or pause the media on the TV. 
  • You can use the volume button to control the level of TV sound.
  • Press the mute button to stop the sound coming from the TV. 

#8. Waking the Fire TV Stick

The play button would wake the Fire TV Stick from sleep mode. Press the button whenever it goes to sleep.

#9. Accessing Streaming Services

Press any of the shortcut buttons indicating streaming services to access them. Each button has a description to indicate the service it represents.

For example, the Netflix button prompts you to the streaming service, and the Amazon prime button prompts you to its services.

What Firestick Remote Shortcuts Will I Find Useful?    

The Firestick remote buttons are self-explanatory to help you access simple functions. However, there are some hidden shortcuts to access features faster.

The table below will help you understand the shortcut features and their button combination.

ShortcutButton Combination
Adjust display resolutionPress “UP” navigation + rewind for ten seconds, then select.
Reset the remoteLong press back + menu + left navigation for 15 seconds.
Reset the FirestickLong press back + right navigation for ten seconds.
Connect the remote to FirestickLong press the select button for ten seconds.
Restart the FirestickLong press select + play for ten seconds.
Open system menuLong press the home button.
Enable voice viewLong press back + menu for five seconds.
Enable Screen MagnifierLong press back + fast forward for five seconds.

Why Are the Buttons on the Firestick Remote Not Working?

There are several reasons why the buttons on a Firestick remote aren’t working. Each reason is easily adjustable once you can identify the cause.

Here are why the buttons on a Firestick remote aren’t working.

#1. Battery Issues

The remote won’t work if the batteries are dead or weak. Such batteries can’t give the remote enough power to function effectively.

In addition, inserting the batteries incorrectly won’t allow the remote to work. It would help to check the batteries and fix them accordingly.

#2. Wide Range

The standard range for a Firestick remote to work is about 30 feet or lower. The remote won’t work if you exceed this range unless it uses WiFi or CEC.

It would help to move closer to the Firestick and remove every obstruction. You can also use a Firestick extension dongle to correct the device’s position.

#3. Incompatible Remote

The remote will only work if it is compatible with your Fire TV stick, especially if it is a new remote.

Replace it with a more compatible one, or temporarily use your smartphone as a remote until you get a new one.

#4. Damaged Remote

The Firestick remote won’t work if it has external or internal damage. The damages may affect essential components of the remote.

Also, the remote won’t work if it gets wet; it can make the remote useless. So it would be best to get a replacement in such cases.

#5. Pairing Error

Your Firestick remote won’t work if there is an issue with the pairing. This issue usually happens after updating or resetting your Firestick.

It is best to pair the remote again in this scenario. The remote should work efficiently after pairing it again.


How Do You Repair the Firestick Remote?

Long press the back and home buttons for ten seconds to unpair it. Then, press the home button for about 12 seconds to repair it.

How Do You Test if a Remote is Working?

Press any button and look at the viewfinder screen to check if the remote’s signal light turns on.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the buttons on the Firestick remote are self-explanatory, with icons to indicate their function. Although, the buttons on every generation perform similar functions.

However, the third-generation Firestick remote has dedicated buttons for streaming services.

Some of its buttons are also in different positions, unlike the previous generations.

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