Can A TV Remote Sensor Go Bad? (Read This First)

Watching TV is one of the best ways to relax after a stressful day. Even after replacing the remote’s batteries, navigating the channels on your TV with the remote can become a challenge.

Some individuals resort to changing the channels manually from a decoder. Others keep changing positions and hitting the remote for a better response.

This situation is very frustrating, especially when you need entertainment. As a result, many people wonder whether a TV remote sensor can go bad.

A TV remote sensor can indeed go bad. The TV remote sensor works by receiving infrared waves. However, it becomes affected if the rays are obstructed by dirt or other materials. It can also be damaged. Therefore, ensure you properly clean and maintain your TV remote sensor.

How Do You Know If Your Tv Remote Sensor Is Bad?

Can a TV Remote Sensor Go Bad

There are many signs to know if your tv remote sensor is bad. They include the following listed below.

  • The television won’t display the function communicated through the remote control. 
  • It won’t be easy to increase or reduce the sound.
  • It will be challenging to change the channels and view the menu. 

Furthermore, it is crucial to confirm these signs by opening the television for more analysis.

You can use the following methods to ensure your sensor isn’t working.

#1. The Remote Control

First, you should use the TV remote control to check if the tv responds to the functions requested. 

Clean and clear all obstructions on the pathway of the rays. Ensure that you point the remote directly at the television. 

#2. Universal Remote Control

The universal remote control can work on all television sets. You’ll confirm if your remote control has some personal issues when you use them.

You can perform simple functions like turning off and on to confirm if your tv remote sensor is bad.

#3. Camera Method

Infrared waves cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, this camera method can dictate the rays.

Below is a list of steps to carry out this experiment.

  • Activate the phone camera or digital camera.
  • Then, the point at the remote control side releases the infrared rays.
  • The phone screen will show light if the remote transfers infrared rays.
  • Touch and hold any button for some time.

Therefore, if it is transferring rays and the sensor can’t receive them, then the sensor is not functioning.

Importantly, you should be very observant and be slow to conclude. Other factors warrant such behaviors. These factors are highlighted below.

#4. Dead Remote Batteries

Batteries that have served their purpose for a long time will get ineffective.

As a result, the tv remote sensor won’t respond to the remote control. Sometimes, even newly purchased batteries can be dead.

Therefore, replace the battery and recheck the sensor’s response if the battery is low or dead. You can check the battery’s life using a voltmeter.

#5. Corroded Batteries 

Dead batteries often swell and produce harmful acidic liquids.

This substance affects the battery terminals and other remote components, distorting the connection.

However, when a new battery is replaced in the section, it won’t be able to work.

The terminals are already corrupted, and appropriate contact with the components is interrupted.

The following materials are needed to clean the battery after corrosion to make the remote function properly.

  • Vinegar ( Acetic acid)
  • Earbuds made of cotton
  • Dry cloth

Here are the procedures listed below to ensure that you clean the remote thoroughly to start working.

  • Get the old batteries out and keep them in a safe place.
  • Apply vinegar to all the areas affected.
  • Use the earbuds to spread the vinegar properly.
  • Thoroughly rub the corrosion with the earbuds until clean.
  • With the aid of the dry cloth, clean the corroded areas again.
  • Fix the new batteries.

#6. Damaged Remote Parts

Accidents happen, especially when you have children around. Someone can step or sit on the remote control. The remote control can even fall and result in damage to delicate parts.

However, ensure the remote is safe before concluding that the sensor is bad. It will do you no good if you open the TV in vain.

Therefore, if you notice that some components need repair or replacement, you can contact a professional.

Below is a table that summarizes some problems and solutions to sensor-related issues.

Dead remote batteriesTest the newly purchased battery with a voltmeter.
Corroded batteriesThoroughly clean remote affected areas with vinegar.
Damaged remote partsReplace damaged parts or purchase a new remote.
Obstructed infrared wavesClear any materials in the ray pathway.
Dusty tv remote sensorsClean sensors with cotton soaked in alcohol.

Can You Change a TV Remote Sensor?

Tv remote sensors that are no longer working should be replaced. Although it isn’t an easy task, it is possible to change it yourself. 

You’ll have to dismantle the television to be able to reach the tv remote sensor. The sensor is usually positioned below the television.

However, you can check the TV manually to find if the position is similar to others. 

Sometimes, the sensor joints can get disconnected from the television. However, pull it out and rejoin it by soldering it to hold firmly, and it will be okay.

In addition, the tv sensor can wear out and become ineffective. Therefore, you can search and purchase it online on Amazon and other suppliers. 

You can find the exact type suitable for your tv brand. These sensors are affordable and come with other electronics to aid the sensor.

Can You Fix a Faulty TV Remote Sensor?

You can fix a faulty TV remote sensor. However, before embarking on this task, you must ensure you carry out some necessary tasks listed below.

  • Ensure that the remote control is infrared. Some remotes use Bluetooth and WiFi networks to operate.
  • Follow the factors such as damage to remote batteries, damaged remote control, etc. These factors have been highlighted earlier.
  • Clear obstructions and use the remote within the range of four feet.

Observing these tasks just mentioned will save you from the worst situations.

For example, the remote’s battery can be the problem, but you have already tempered the sensor.

This action can cause more harm than gain to the television and incur expenses on your part. 

A tv remote sensor can be faulty when it is affected by dust particles.

However, cleaning it with cloth and alcohol would be best to prolong its use.

Below are ways to access the remote sensor.

  • Make sure the television is switched off.
  • Depending on how your television is coupled, get a screwdriver and loosen the nuts. 
  • Use touch to locate the remote sensor.
  • Use the screwdriver to detach the remote sensor from the television.
  • Remove the remote sensor gently and rub it with cloth or cotton soaked in alcohol.
  • Scrub every single part, including those connecting to the television.
  • Allow the parts to dry.
  • Insert the tv remote sensor.
  • And tighten it back.

Why Is My Samsung Sensor Not Working?

Materials are interfering with the rays of the remote. Move any object obstructing the route of the rays to the remote.

Some devices can also affect the ability of the Samsung sensor to receive infrared waves.

However, turn the devices off and, if possible, move them to another location.

In addition, you can switch off the television and unplug the cable from the socket.

Press and hold for about 30 seconds the on/off button. Then connect it back.

Keep magnetic fields away from the television. You can also apply the same methods for fixing faulty sensors. These methods include cleaning it with cotton and alcohol.


The tv remote sensor can get damaged if it is handled carelessly. Proper cleaning and maintenance of remote and television can prolong the efficiency.

However, before opening the television to clean the tv sensor, ensure that your battery and remote are okay.

You can follow the guidelines discussed in this article to fix faulty TV remote sensors.

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