Do TV Remotes Have Gold in Them? (Things You Should Know)

Electronic appliances and devices are famous for the precious metals they contain. As a result, many recycling companies collect these items for their metals.

But, people need to learn the kind of precious metals in devices like TV remotes. 

Therefore, it is customary to wonder if TV remotes have gold. Well, it is best to read this article thoroughly to answer your question and other related ones.

Yes, TV remotes do have gold in them. Although, some recently manufactured ones may not have it because gold is now expensive. However, older TV remote models will have gold in them. Manufacturers use gold for producing remotes and other electronic devices because of its high resistance to corrosion and superior electrical conductivity.

In this article, I will explain if television remotes have gold in them, how much gold TV Remotes carry, and if it is profitable to extract gold from TV remotes.

By the end, you’ll also know other household items have gold in them.

Do Television Remotes Have Gold in Them?

Do TV Remotes Have Gold in Them

Television remotes have gold in them. Although, the quantity of gold in television remotes is small.

But you can recycle the gold in it to make money. Gold in television remotes is metal manufacturers prefer for industrial applications and electronic devices.

Gold is preferable due to its superior electric conductivity. In addition, it is helpful for plating connectors on electric boards in appliances and electronic devices.

The television remote and other electronic appliances and devices conduct electricity efficiently because of the gold in them.

In addition, gold has high corrosion resistance. So, it helps to prevent the connector and pins from rusting early.

However, some TV remotes may not have gold in them, especially if it is a recent production.

Present-day technology has an alternative that functions like gold-coated components.

But every old TV remote will have gold, which applies to all old electronic devices and appliances.

Many electronic recycling companies accept scrap electronic devices to extract the gold and other precious metals in them.

So, having a lot of old or used electronic devices and appliances is valuable. You can sell them to a precious metal refinery or electronic recycling company.

How Much Gold Do Tv Remotes Carry?

TV remotes usually have small amounts of gold in them. At the same time, since the television remote is small in size, the amount of gold should be equivalent.

Although, older television remotes may have higher quantities because gold is more expensive than before.

So, today’s manufacturers reduced the quantity of gold in remotes and other devices. It helps to cut the cost of production for each device.

Therefore, the amount of gold in some recent TV remotes is tiny compared to the size of the component you intend to recycle.

So, if you intend to extract a large amount of gold from it, you will need as many remotes as possible.    

Is It Profitable to Extract Gold From Tv Remotes?

It is profitable to extract gold from TV remotes. However, it needs to be in large quantities to make enough profit.

Each remote’s quantity is tiny and almost like a speck of gold dust after extraction. Extracting this quantity from many TV remotes increases the amount of gold you get.

In addition, the factors that determine the extraction of gold from TV remotes affect how much profit you make.

You need a lot of resources to begin extracting gold from electronic devices. The first one you need is the space to carry out the process.

Since you would be extracting from many TV remotes, you will need space for storage where you can collect and store the remotes.

You will also need space to carry out the extraction process from the beginning to the end. This space should contain the chemicals and equipment you need.

Additionally, you will need to buy chemicals to extract the gold. The cost of purchasing these chemicals can be pretty high.

Except you are not extracting in large quantities, buying chemicals for gold extraction is a waste of money.

At the same time, you’ll need to invest in enough types of equipment to ease the process. 

In addition, the appropriate types of equipment can reduce the impact of the extraction on the environment.

These types of equipment can also help you extract other precious metals to make more profit. But, unfortunately, buying equipment can be pretty expensive.

Another factor you need to consider is the cost of sourcing TV remotes. You may need to pay people to help you get electronic scrap.

Plus, the cost of transporting the remotes to the extraction site and transporting the gold or recycling it.

Also, you will need to have enough labor for different extraction stages. For example, gold extraction from TV remotes is not easy, and you’ll need a lot of labor.

Setting the right amount for labor is best, so you don’t spend more than the profit you are getting from recycling the gold.

Once you consider these conditions and set your business goals accordingly, you can profit enough from extracting gold from TV remotes.

Furthermore, there are some disadvantages you need to consider before extracting gold from TV remotes.

Although the process is profitable, it is best to consider the pros and cons before investing in gold extraction.

The table below outlines the pros and cons of extracting gold from TV remotes.

It reduces the waste in the environment.It is a complex process.
It creates job opportunities.It requires a lot of resources.
It creates wealth for you.The extraction chemicals are hazardous.
It is a long-term business.It causes many health issues.

Considering all the pros and cons, it is evident that extracting gold from TV remotes is quite stressful and challenging.

Therefore, the cost of operation needs to justify the business’s profit, which only sizable industrial gold extraction can give you.

What Other Household Items Have Gold in Them?

Most electronic appliances and devices have gold in them because it conducts electricity efficiently. 

Apart from your TV remote, you can find gold in almost every household item you own.

Although the amount of gold in these items differs, it could be less or more, depending on the item. 

But you can make enough profit if you patiently collect the items and open them one after the order. It is worth the time and effort you give it.

The other household items that have gold in them include:

  • Old laptops and desktops
  • Camcorders
  • Game consoles
  • VCRs, DVD players, and CD players 
  • Every kind of remote.
  • Laser disk and Sony Betamax players.
  • Film cameras.
  • Appliances like space heaters, Air Conditioners, toasters, microwaves, ovens, and other small appliances.
  • Old shortwave radios.
  • Old stereo parts.

Finally, television remotes have gold in them because:

  • It is resistant to corrosion.
  • In addition, it has high electric conductivity.

These characteristics make manufacturers put gold in TV remotes. 

However, their quantity of gold is tiny because gold is expensive. Hence, it would be best if you had a lot of it to make enough profit.

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