Do TV Remotes Have Gold in Them?

TV remotes have been around for decades, and they’ve come a long way in technology. But have you ever wondered what’s inside your TV remote?  Do they contain gold?

Due to the contention as to whether or not there’s gold in TV remotes, some people have curiously cut open the TV remotes to settle the issue and clear all doubts.

Yes, almost all TV remotes have an amount of gold in them. Gold is a highly conductive metal, making it ideal for electronic devices.

It’s also quite durable, meaning it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. As a result, gold is often used in the circuitry of TV remotes.

While it’s true that there are trace amounts of gold in TV remotes, the amount is so small that it’s not worth reclaiming.

The amount of gold in TV remotes is negligible and would likely be mixed with other metals, making it difficult to purify. Hence, it’s not worth the cost to reclaim it.

Gold is a versatile and invaluable metal, which is why it is often used in electronics. While most people think of gold as jewelry or coins, it is also an excellent conductor of electricity and does not corrode.

This makes it ideal for use in various electronics, from remotes to cell phones to computer CPUs.

What Role Does Gold Play in TV Remotes?

What Role Does Gold Play in TV Remotes
What Role Does Gold Play in TV Remotes

TV remotes are one of the most commonly used devices in the home, yet most people don’t consider how they work.

Most TV remotes use gold in their construction. Gold is a valuable metal used for centuries in everything from jewelry to coins.

Today, gold is also a key component in many electronic devices, including TV remotes.

Gold is used in TV remotes because it is an excellent conductor of electricity.

This means that it can carry electrical signals very efficiently without losing any of the signal strength.

Gold is also very resistant, which means it can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

It’s also non-reactive, meaning it won’t corrode or break down over time. For these reasons, gold is essential in TV remotes and other electronic devices.

Not only does gold play a role in TV remotes, but it happens to be an essential element in many electronic devices. It is used in electrical connectors and electronic circuitry.

Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity and does not tarnish. It is also very ductile, so it can be easily drawn into wire.

All of these properties make gold ideal for use in electronic devices. Despite its many advantages, gold is a relatively rare element.

This makes it expensive to use in electronic devices. As a result, gold is often used in only the most critical components of electronic devices.

In some cases, other less expensive materials may be used in place of gold.

Is it Worth Scrapping TV Remotes for Gold?

Is it Worth Scrapping TV Remotes for Gold
Is it Worth Scrapping TV Remotes for Gold

With the price of gold rising, it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to cash in.

One popular method is to scrap old electronics for their gold content. While this may seem like a quick and easy way to make money, there are a few things to look at before digging through your junk drawer.

For starters, most remotes contain very little gold. You would need to collect and process hundreds of them even to make a significant dent in the price of an ounce of gold.

And, even if you could find many, the amount of gold you would recover would likely be too low to be worth your time and effort.

The cost of extracting the gold from the TV remote should also be considered since the gold is most often mixed with other metals.

These will include copper, nickel, silver, and zinc, which all require additional processing steps, increasing the overall cost.

Also, remember that gold is not the only metal found in TV remotes or other electronics.

Other considerations include selling off all the other metals that come out of the remote after extracting the gold.

And that can add up to any amount cashed out from the gold. Most of the weight of a TV remote is typically made up of other metals, like copper and aluminum.

This means that if you could extract all of the gold with these other metals from a remote, you can sell them all to make an extra profit.

So, while it is possible to make money by scrapping TV remotes for gold, it is not as simple as it sounds.

You would need to spend a lot of time collecting and processing remotes, but even then, the payoff might not be worth your efforts.

Do TVs Have Gold in Them?

Do TVs Have Gold in Them
Do TVs Have Gold in Them

Yes, TVs and most other electronics have some negligible and unreclaimable amount of gold.

They contain this amount of gold because of some properties that are good for the functioning of the TV.

Gold is a conductor of electricity, making it an ideal material for electronic devices like TVs.

It is also an excellent conductor of electricity, making it perfect for electronic devices.

Gold is a ductile, malleable metal that is highly resistant to corrosion, meaning it can maintain a good electrical connection even when exposed to the air and moisture.

On the downside, gold is also quite expensive. That’s why it’s often used in small quantities, like in the circuitry of a TV set.

Gold is a very non-reactive metal, meaning it won’t interact with other elements in the device and cause complications.

And because of its malleability, gold is also commonly used as a plating on other materials to enhance their appearance and make them more durable.

You will often find gold-plated electronics, such as gold-plated connectors. The bottom line is that there is gold in your TV but not enough to cover the price of the set by any stretch.

The amount contained in a TV is so minuscule that they don’t need to be recycled since it would not produce enough gold after being melted down to justify recycling efforts.

Which Other Household Electronic Has Gold in Them?

While most people think of gold as a precious metal used for jewelry and other high-end items, the truth is that gold can be found in various everyday items, including some household electronics.

In addition to televisions, other common electronics that contain gold include;

  • Computers
  • Cell phones
  • Cameras
  • Game consoles
  • Coffee makers
  • Microwaves
  • Toaster ovens
  • Calculators

Gold is used in these devices because it is an excellent conductor of electricity and is also resistant to corrosion. As a result, it is an essential component of many electronic devices.

While the amount of gold in each device is relatively small, it can add up when considering the millions of devices that contain gold.


It turns out that there is a little gold inside your TV remote. It is not enough to make the remote worth anything, but at least it’s something, right?

Its conductivity, durability, and resistivity nature make it a perfect metal to be used in the circuitry of TV remotes.

Even though it’s only a small amount, it still plays an important role in ensuring the remote works properly.

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