Why is my Now TV Remote Flashing Green?

You may wonder and get worried seeing your Now TV remote flashing those green lights if this is your first time using them. When that happens, we all try to find answers as to why that’s happening.

And if there’s something we can do to curb it then we do that ASAP. And I’m pretty sure you’re here for some reason to find out why your Now TV remote keeps flashing green light.

By the end of this article, you will get to know why that’s happening and if there’s something you will have to do about it.

When you see a green light flashing in the battery compartment on your Now TV remote, it means your Now TV remote has connected successfully to your television.

You can now control your television from your Now TV remote without any interference.

And in most cases, when you see a flashing light on your remote, it means there’s an error in its operation, hence it’s alerting you.

But that’s not the case with the green flashing light of the Now TV remote. It’s rather the other way round, good news then.

For those unfamiliar with Now TV, it’s an entertainment package in the UK which includes Sky Sports and many other channels, as well as certain films you can stream on-demand.

It also includes Now TV boxes, which can be bought separately to connect to your TV, but also come with Now TV remotes included in the box.

However, these remotes don’t always work perfectly – as you’ll see from the next sub-topic on why the Now TV remote flashes green but still doesn’t work.

Why Is My Now TV remote flashing green but not working?

There are also instances where the green light indicates the Now TV remote has successfully connected but the remote wouldn’t be functioning.

In that case, we can say there’s something wrong with the Now TV remote or Now Box that needs to be fixed. And there’s not a single response as to what could be causing that.

We will need to conduct a series of tests to conclude what could be causing such failure.

When that happens, the first place you would’ve to look at is the battery. Replace the batteries in the remote with new ones.

No matter how recently they’ve been changed, you will have to change them to be sure the issue is not coming from the end of the batteries.

Once the batteries have been changed and the issue persists, we become more certain that it’s not an issue of the batteries.

So we need to check where the issue could be from. We need to find out what’s causing the remote not to work even after the green light is flashing very fine.

Now TV remote not working after changing the batteries

In most cases, the Now TV remote works as soon as the batteries are replaced with new ones.

When it doesn’t happen that way, all it means is the failure of the Now TV remote is not caused by the batteries in it.

You will then have to push further to know what actually could be causing such failure and get it fixed.

All you can do when this happens is to troubleshoot the problem and find its source on your own.

The Now TV remote doesn’t come with any troubleshooting instructions, which makes it all the more important that you know what to do in such situations.

Let’s now look at some common reasons why your Now TV remote won’t work after battery replacement.

The next option we will have is to try a full factory reset on your stick and start over again.

This will allow you to clear out any bugs or issues preventing your Now TV remote work smoothly.

Also, note that a full factory reset will wipe out all the information on your Now TV stick, but don’t worry, as it will be set up exactly as it was before you reset it with the details you’ve previously entered when you first set up the device.

To fully factory reset your Now TV stick, you should make sure both your television and the Now stick are powered on.

As usual, there is a small reset button on the stick with reset buttons. Press on it for like 20 seconds.

You should be able to see a “Let’s Get Started” message on your TV screen; that’s when you can let go of the reset button.

Your Now TV remote should work fine after setting up your Now TV stick, just as you did when you first purchased it.

Resetting the Now TV stick has solved the issue for many, but not all.

Others have gone through the reset process but won’t get their Now TV remote to work for them.

And in that case, we suggest you try a different HDMI port on your TV, which should do the magic for you.

How do I fix the green flashing light on my Now TV remote?

The flashing green light on your Now TV remote isn’t an issue to be fixed. It becomes an issue, only when the remote doesn’t work even with the green lights flashing.

But if the green light flashes and the remote works fine, then you’re good to go.

And if it’s the green flashing light that’s distracting you in a way and you want to get rid of it, then you will have to open up the Now TV remote to get rid of it. Other than that, the light will forever keep flashing once the remote gets connected.


The green flashing light you find on your Now TV remote doesn’t call for any alarm. It’s just a signal indicating the remote has connected to the television you’re pairing with.

So it tends to take away the doubts as to whether the remote is connected or not. Hence, once you see the green flashing lights, you know you’re connected and need not worry.

You can only get worried when the remote isn’t working, even when the green light is flashing. And even with that, the article guides you on how to get it fixed.

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