How Long Does It Take To Charge An Apple TV Remote? (Explained)

The Apple TV Remote’s battery is rechargeable, even though conventional remote controls use disposable batteries.

Because the battery in your Apple TV Remote is rechargeable, you won’t need to change it, which is reasonably practical.

However, for it to function, you must maintain it. So when will it charge completely? Good thing we’re here to guide you through it.

The Apple TV remote needs about three hours to charge completely, and you can check the battery level in the Apple TV settings to determine when it needs to recharge. Then, connect the Apple TV remote to one end of a USB-C cable and the other to a power outlet, TV, or computer USB port to start charging it.

This article explains the Apple TV remote charging duration, the differences between the two generation remotes, and how to fix an unresponsive Apple TV remote.

How Long Does the Apple TV Remote Take to Charge?

How Long Does it Take to Charge an Apple TV Remote

The remote will finish charging in around three hours. You’ll start seeing notifications on your TV immediately when the Apple TV remote battery runs out. 

According to Apple’s support, the Apple TV remote takes up to two and a half hours to fully charge.

Sometimes, plugging the iPhone or iPad’s Apple USB Power adapter into a power outlet will charge it in an hour. You can purchase this adapter from Amazon if you don’t have one. 

The Apple TV remote’s charging is as straightforward as it gets, which depends on the model of your Apple TV remote (Apple TV first gen, Apple TV 4k, etc.). 

However, each of these remotes charges similarly, regardless of the model you own. 

If you need help telling the differences between the second-generation and first-generation Apple TV remotes, the table below will help.

1st Gen Apple TV Remotes2nd Gen Apple TV Remotes
It comes in a 2.38 GHz Hexa-core A10X fusion chip.It comes in a 2.49 GHz Hexa-core A12 bionic chip.
Wi-Fi 1Wi-Fi 2
60fps4k HDR 60fps
HDMI 2.0aHDMI 2.1

How Do I Know If My Apple TV Remote Is Charging?

Although the Apple TV Remote lacks a physical indicator to signal that it is charging, your TV will still let you know when you can plug it in. 

Check the Apple TV’s settings to see the current status and battery level.

  • On the home screen of your Apple TV, launch the System app.
  • Choose “Devices and the Remote.”
  • Choose “Remote.
  • The screen’s Battery Level item displays the precise charge level of your Apple TV remote.

If your Apple TV remote charges, a lightning bolt will appear in the remote symbol on the right. 

If not, the battery symbol’s inner bar will display the battery’s relative charge level.

How to Check Apple TV Remote Battery on iPhone?

Your Apple TV will notify you when your Apple TV Remote needs to charge if it is a 4th generation or later model. 

On an iOS or iPadOS device, you can access the Control Center with Apple TV Remote controllers. 

These controls are automatically activated when a device connects to Apple TV.  

Using the touch screen and buttons, you may manage Apple TV. Tap the Apple TV Remote icon after swiping to reveal the Control Center on your iPadOS or iOS device.

Why is my Apple TV Remote not Charging?

Your remote control can appear unresponsive when the device’s battery is dead. 

Your remote control can cease operating if it runs out of power. Charge your remote by plugging it into a wall adapter, a USB port on your computer, or another USB port. 

Ensure to take the following actions if your battery is not charging:

  • Both your cord and charger are functional.
  • Ensure the connection is in place.
  • Check to see if your power outlet is functioning.

However, there can be additional problems contributing to the issue.

If this occurs, you should fix the Apple TV remote that isn’t working. To fix your Apple TV remote, follow these simple instructions.

Charging the Battery

An Apple TV remote with a low battery with no charge after extensively using it can be the cause.

You can use a lightning cord to charge the “Siri Remote” with more recent Apple TV models. It will work with the one you have for your iPhone. 

You can even use the Lightning to USB cable to connect it to your Mac or PC. 

To do this, connect the USB end of the remote to a power supply or computer and the remote’s Lightning connector to the same device.

To gather enough power to get it operating again, let the modest charge run for 30 minutes. 

It would help if you charged it overnight because a complete charge can take up to three hours. 

For Apple TV remotes from earlier generations, you’ll need to change the coin cell battery behind the remote.

Restarting the Apple TV remote

Resetting the remote control is an additional option. To reset your Apple TV, do the following:

  • Press and hold the Volume Down and TV buttons simultaneously for five seconds while holding the Apple TV box in your sight.
  • The status light on the box’s front will alternately turn on and off.
  • While the remote is resetting, your TV will display a “Connection Lost” notice.
  • After waiting around ten seconds, release both buttons.
  • You can resume using the remote after resetting and receive a connection notification on your TV.

Additionally, you may restart an older Apple TV by taking out the coin cell battery and replacing it.

Reset Your Apple TV

If you’re still having issues with your remote, you can reset your Apple TV device. First, however, you’ll need to restart the gadget because the remote won’t function. 

Locate your power cord and disconnect your device to reset your Apple TV. Then, reconnect the power cord to the wall outlet after waiting 15 to 20 seconds. 

The Apple TV OS must reload without losing settings when the power cord is unplugged. Check to see whether the remote now functions after turning it back on.

Re-Pair the Remote

Right out of the box, the remote has a configuration that links with the Apple TV. However, you manually repaired it because it was unplugged. 

Ensure that you plug the Apple TV into the HDMI and power ports. 

Place your Siri remote’s first generation four inches away from your Apple TV and press and hold the Menu and Volume Up buttons for five seconds

Place the circular directional Siri 2nd generation remote control 3 to 4 inches away from the box and press and hold the Back and Volume Up buttons for five seconds.

The procedure is slightly different for Apple TV remotes from earlier generations. It will help if you unpaired the remote before paring it back. 

To unpair, hold down the Left Arrow and Menu buttons simultaneously. Next, hold the Right Arrow and Menu buttons for the following six seconds.

Try the Apple TV Remote App

If the box is functioning, but you can’t connect the remote, the remote likely has a problem. 

Use the Apple TV Remote app before giving up. It is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.

It offers all of the functions of the remote in addition to having an inbuilt keyboard for more straightforward searches. 

If you have attempted all the fixes and the issues are still persistent, contact Apple Support or visit any nearby Apple store, as you may have a defective remote.

Always remember that it takes about two hours to fully charge an Apple TV remote.

With the inclusion of a new-gen remote, the previous Apple TV remote may differ in functionality and fixing when an issue occurs. 

However, consider contacting Apple Customer Service or buying a new Siri remote online, as it is compatible with Apple TV HD and 4K models.


Can I Charge My Apple TV Remote With MY iPhone Cable?

Yes, you can charge the Apple TV remote with the same Lightning cable you use with your iPhone or iPad.

Where Can I buy the Apple TV remote?

You can instantly purchase the Apple TV remote from any nearby Apple store or third-party retailers like Amazon.

Can I View My Apple TV Remote battery in the Battery widget on my iPhone?

You cannot view your Apple TV remote battery percentage in the iOS battery widget.

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