How Long Does it Take to Charge an Apple TV Remote?

If you’re an Apple TV owner, you might also have purchased one of the new Apple TV remotes.

For any new electronic device, you’re likely to have questions, and so is everyone else who uses the product.

Many Apple TV remote users are interested in knowing how long it takes to charge their remote once it dies, so let’s answer that question in this article.

The Apple TV remote or Siri remote has a rechargeable battery inside of it, which takes about 1 to 3 hours to charge after running out of power.

It can take just an hour to charge when plugged into a wall outlet. The battery lasts about three months, hence won’t need to be charged as often.

However, if the battery has not completely run out of power, then the charging time will depend on how much energy is left in the battery.

There are instances where some people have managed to get some years of use out of a single charge.

There have also been reports where people needed to charge their monthly remotes.

The lifespan of the Apple TV remote varies and depends on several factors. A few major factors include usage rate, the age of the remote, and its condition.

It is impossible to compare the lifespan of a new battery and a year-old battery. A year-old battery is guaranteed to have a reduction in its lifespan.

With the usage rate, since they’re used more often, a remote used for about 50 hours a week will die out earlier than one used for about 10 hours a week.

The same can be said about the remote’s condition. A remote in good condition will last longer than one in bad condition.

How do I know when my Apple TV remote is charged?

Unlike mobile phones, where you will be able to find the battery life on the screen, the Apple TV remote doesn’t.

So to be able to check the battery level and whether the remote is fully charged, you will have to do so on your Apple TV. It’s easy to do that, so you’ve got no worries.

Follow the two simple steps below to check the battery level of your Apple TV remote;

  • Open Settings on your Apple TV
  • Go to Remotes and Devices, then select Remote

On the Remote page, you will see the Battery Level option, with a percentage beside it.

The battery level is indicated with the percentage you see there. 100% means it’s fully charged, whiles 0% means the battery is empty and needs to be charged.

There are two other ways to figure out if your Apple TV remote is charged or not.

One is to ask Siri, and you do that by holding down the Siri button and saying “battery level.”

And with that, you may be directed to Settings >> Remotes and Devices >> Remote.

As soon as your Apple TV notices that the remote is running low on battery power, it alerts you and urges you to charge it immediately with a pop-up message.

Does the Apple TV remote light up when charging?

Apple’s remote for the Apple TV does not have a light to show that it’s charging, so what’s the deal?

But you get a notification on your TV that it’s connected to power. You’ll also hear a chime sound only if your Apple TV has sound enabled.

To check the status and battery level, open the Settings on your Apple TV’s home screen and select Remote and Devices from the list of options on the screen.

The Remote screen provides information about whether your remote is charging or not.

On the Remote screen, the battery icon displays a lightning bolt icon when the Siri Remote is charging.

Which way does the battery go in the Apple TV remote?

The Apple TV remote uses the CR 2032 battery. This battery is installed with the positive side facing upwards.

They are mostly not rechargeable, but some of them are, depending on the chemical materials used to create their cathode cell.

The rechargeable ones are used in Apple TV remotes. It is a lithium-ion battery with a small coin-shaped construction.

This powerful element is being incorporated into several gadgets and mechanisms.

Such as calculators, watches, computer motherboards, car key fobs, etc. The shelf life of not less than a whopping ten years.

Why is my Apple TV remote not charging?

There’s no light or any other indicator on the remote to show whether or not it is not working. In that case, we will check that on the Apple TV. And to do so;

  • Open Settings on your Apple TV
  • Go to Remotes and Devices, then select Remote

Now, connect the remote to the charger and leave it for like an hour to charge. Remove the charger from the power source and see if it was able to charge or not.

You’ll have to change the USB cable if you find the battery empty after the one-hour charge.

This time, use the supplied Lightning-to-USB cable or any other certified MFi Lightning-to-USB cable.

If the problem persists after changing the USB cable, the next thing we will have to look into before concluding on anything is restarting the Apple TV.

  • Unplug your Apple TV from its power source.
  • Wait for some seconds, and plug it back.

Test to see if it’s working now; if not, you will need a replacement for your remote.

Can I turn on Apple TV without a remote?

Yes, you can turn on your Apple TV without your remote. Misplacing or damaging your Apple TV remote doesn’t mean that’s the end of your Apple TV.

There are two approaches I will be taking you through. The first approach wouldn’t require any device to help turn on your Apple TV.

But the second approach will require any iOS device, either iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. With any of these devices in hand, you can turn on your Apple TV.

Now let’s get to business.

First Approach:

As already stated, you wouldn’t need any device with this approach. All you will have to do is;

  • Unplug your Apple TV from its power source.
  • Wait for some seconds, and plug it back.

Your Apple TV should turn after plugging it back into the power source.

Second Approach:

  • Open the Control Center on any iOS device you intend to use.
  • Open the Apple TV remote by tapping on the Apple TV icon from the Control Center.
  • On the Apple TV remote app, tap on the virtual control area. And there you are.

NOTE: The Apple TV remote app is available in the Control Center for iOS 12 going up (later). So if your iOS happens to be of a lower version, just take your time and follow the steps beneath to add it to your Control Center.

And before starting the whole thing, ensure your Apple TV and iOS device are on the same Wi-Fi. Now let’s go.

  • Go to Settings on your iOS device.
  • Select Control Center.
  • Select Customize Controls.
  • Scroll down to the More Controls section and look for Apple TV Remote.
  • Click on the + icon beside the Apple TV Remote.

You have now successfully added Apple TV Remote to your Control Center. Hence you can proceed to your Control Center to turn on your Apple TV.


There is no specific time it takes for an Apple TV remote to charge because so many factors come into play.

Is the battery empty, or is there some power left inside?

When determining how long the remote will take to charge, it’s important to consider the battery’s age and current condition, how often it’s used, and at what rate.

So depending on these factors, some Apple TV remotes charge fully in less than an hour, while others take three or more hours to charge.

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