Can You Transport A Plasma Tv Flat? (Must Know Before You Do)

Transporting your flat-screen Tv can be challenging most of the time.

You might have thought deeply about how to transport your plasma Tv without damaging the screen. 

If you’ve gotten a flat-screen Tv in the past, you must have realized how careful you should handle it.

The journey from the point of purchase to your abode requires extreme caution. So, here’s how to transport your plasma tv flat safely.

You can’t transport a plasma Tv flat. The reason is that, when transporting the plasma Tv flat, the screen has an increased surface area making contact with the structures underneath. It would be best to transport your flat-screen Tv in an erect position.

In this article, I will show you how to successfully transport your flat-screen Tv, the possible ways you can transport it, and the ways you shouldn’t.

Is it Safe to Transport Your Plasma Tv Laying Flat?

Can You Transport a Plasma Tv Flat?

It is not safe to transport your plasma Tv Laying flat. Because if you do so, you might damage the screen, and you will spend a fortune to fix it.

The flat-screen TV is safer when you transport it in an erect position. And also when you transport it in-between soft padded materials. 

However, transporting a plasma Tv flat can damage its LCD screen. 

The plasma Tv has some weight distributed around its edges that won’t have a massive effect on the screen when you erect it.

However, when you lay your plasma Tv Flat, those weights are then distributed and directed toward the center, thereby facilitating the destruction of the screen. 

These cracks could immediately affect your Tv, or they will worsen as time progresses. 

To prevent these unnecessary cracks in a moving truck, you must wedge your screen between soft furniture items or mattresses.

How Do You Lay Your Plasma Tv When Transporting in a Car?

You lay your plasma Tv erect when transporting it in the car. You do this to avoid damage or cracks to the screen. 

An erect position is the safest way to get your plasma Tv in good shape and condition when you arrive at your destination.

Dedication to knowledge and principle is key to successfully transporting your plasma Tv.

Some individuals delight in seeing that their Tv is in good shape. It is worth noting that a plasma TV is among the many fragile home appliances you can come across. 

Hence, you must be very careful when transporting it from one location to another. 

How to Effectively Transport Your Plasma Tv?

There are many steps involved in adequately transporting your plasma Tv. Of course, you wouldn’t want to lose your money that easily.

The first thing to do is arrange the items you need for effective transportation. These items are:

  • Blanket
  • A packing paper
  • Screwdriver 
  • A microfibre cloth
  • Get your cutting tools. 
  • Marking pen for labeling 
  • Enough table bubble wraps. 
  • Ropes

After all these materials are in place, you can now venture into the steps involved in transporting your plasma Tv:

  • From the power source, you disconnect the Tv by removing all devices attached to it initially, such as; the cable box, external drivers, etc. 
  • After you have disconnected every cable, the next thing is to roll the cables up properly into a nice bag.
  • You have to get help from a family member or anyone around since it’s big, flat, and well-fastened to the wall. 
  • Using the screwdriver, you unscrew the bolts and nuts and nicely pack them in a bag. 
  • Call a friend to help you lift your television and place it on a flat surface if your television is on a stand.
  • When your television is on the ground,  you can now use a soft, smooth microfiber cloth to wipe off dirt particles. 
  • To protect the television, you cushion and cover your television with packing tapes, ensuring that the sticky side faces outward.
  • It’s easier to transport if you still possess the box with which your television came; if you don’t have the box again, you can fill the space with packing papers instead. 
  • You can also get a Tv moving box to transport your television effectively. 
  • After you’ve done all these, make sure your television is always in an erect position while in transit.

How Do You Move a Plasma Tv Without a Box?

You move a plasma Tv without a box by simply paddling it in front and behind to keep it stable and upright. The size of your plasma Tv plays a significant role in how you move.

The larger the size of your television,  the more materials you need to transport it safely to your new location. 

These are the materials you need if you can’t afford an original Tv box for transporting your television.

These materials are: 

  • Moving Blankets
  • Box cutter
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wardrobe box

You protect your Tv by wrapping it around with your moving blanket; you might need more than one, depending on the size of your television.

After you’ve wrapped the blanket around your Tv, you secure it using packing tape. 

You can also use bubble wrap, a transparent plastic soft material mainly used to transport fragile equipment such as your plasma Tv.

You can get bubble wrap from Amazon in various sizes, colors, and prices. The bigger the size, the higher the price.

After packaging the plasma Tv, you and your assistant will gently carry it into the truck.

In the truck, you should position it to stand erect and not dangle. When you erect your plasma Tv while in transit, it is safer and more protective. 

To successfully carry the plasma Tv into your truck, you first need an assistant and adhere to the dos and don’ts. 

The table below shows how to carry your plasma Tv and how not to carry it when transporting your flat-screen television.

It would be best if you were two when carrying your Tv.Don’t lay the Tv Flat during transportation.
Your Tv should be secured when transporting it.You shouldn’t set the Tv on anything that will increase its risk of undergoing cracks.
Please review the box for directions on how you should carry it from the manufacturer.You don’t pinch the edge of the screen while trying to unbox your plasma Tv.
Keep the Tv upright when transporting it.Don’t set anything heavy on top of the screen.

Final Thoughts

Transporting a plasma Tv over the years has been challenging and often leads to the cracking of the screen.

The best way to transport your plasma Tv is in an erect position. 

However, it must be well packed with a moving blanket, bubble wrap, and packing tape to secure before inserting it into its box for transportation.

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