This is What Happens If A Microwave Runs With The Door Open!

It is an abnormal experience to run your microwave with its door open, but you might have a reason for that. 

Although there may be a reason behind this, it is not safe for you to run your microwave when its door is open. 

With that being said, what happens if you decide to run your microwave with its door open? 

Running your microwave with the appliance’s door open might cause warping. The doors eventually stop running when too much moisture enters the food. However, leaving the door open while running the microwave would not be enough to start a fire. 

If your microwave runs with the door open, you do not have to worry much. Because, at the end of this article, you should not be unable to fix the act’s consequences.

What Happens If You Run a Microwave with Its Door Open?

What Happens if a Microwave Runs With the Door Open

Running your microwave with its door open is not advisable because it can cause a lot of damage to the oven and even to you as a person. 

A lot of radiation is emitted from the oven when turned on. So leaving the door open during operation exposes your skin to many ailments. 

Many people are stuck with the mentality that running your microwave oven with the door open will ensure even heat distribution to every part of your food; that is wrong. 

What Does a Microwave Door Do? 

The microwave door serves many purposes aside from keeping the food safe. 

Three significant roles that the microwave door plays include:

  • Preventing radiation from getting out of the microwave and affecting the environment. 
  • The door sends signals to the motherboard for the oven to start working. 
  • The door reflects the heat to the food and ensures the food heats up evenly. 

How To Fix a Microwave That Runs When the Door Is Open

Typically, the fan attached to your microwave shouldn’t even turn on when its door opens. So, if it does, then there’s a problem. 

The primary reason your microwave turns on when its door is open is usually due to a faulty interlock switch. 

Some other common reasons why this happens include; 

A Faulty Door 

A faulty door is usually related to a defective interlock switch, but you can classify it as a problem. 

Most microwave doors have about two to three interlock switches that ensure they run effectively. These switches control the light inside the microwaves also. 

This interlock ensures that the microwave runs only when its door is closed since it is connected to the door latches. 

Metal prongs are also attached to the interlock switches, which also play a preeminent role in ensuring that the microwave operates only when its door is closed. 

So when your door is faulty, check on the metal prongs and the interlock switches, so the door receives the proper signal and runs when you close it. 

Leaving The Interlock Switches on Pressed Down 

Another common reason your microwave oven would still operate when its door is open is when you leave the pressed interlock switch down. 

Before our microwave switches on, you must press the interlock switch. 

And if, for a reason, the interlock switch remains pressed down when its door is open, then the microwave will keep running. 

So if this is your issue, the microwave will keep running as soon as you turn the power button on, even with the door open. 

You do not have to worry about these problems too much because there are several ways to fix them.

Steps you should follow to repair a faulty door include; 

Repairing The Smartboard 

Locate the microwave cabinet, and remove the keypad. You will find the smartboard behind the keypad. As soon as you remove it, you will see the smartboard. 

Locate Your Interlock Switch

Different microwaves have a different number of interlock switches and various positions. All you have to do is locate them by consulting the manual. 

Locate The Front Electrical Panel and Take Out the Switch Assembly 

You can locate the electrical panel by carefully opening the fasteners and removing the three or four switches from the board. 

Locate The Faulty Switch 

When you press the microwave switch, it is supposed to go in and bounce back out. However, faulty microwave switches do not come back out. 

All you have to do is constantly press each switch, and whichever one does not come back is faulty. 

Repair The Faulty Switches 

Once you find which is faulty, all you need to do is find their model, get them out and replace them. If you can’t be able to do this all by yourself, get someone to help you out with it. 

Reassemble The Parts 

Now reassemble all the loose parts of the microwave together. After that, switch the microwave back on and check if it works correctly. 

If you succeed in repairing the door, it should work only when it’s closed now. 

Is It Okay to Leave a Microwave Door Open After Use? 

No matter the reason, leaving your microwave door open after using it is not advisable. 

I understand that many people would want to do this to let the moisture out after using the microwave, but it is optional. 

Inside the microwave is a metal cage initially designed to reflect a 12.5 cm radiation wavelength. 

It is not particularly harmful to you to leave your oven open for a few minutes after using it, but doing this can also shorten the life span of the oven light. 

Leaving the appliance’s door unclosed can also ensure the steam left after cooking dissipates, but you shouldn’t leave it too long. 

Also, remember to wipe out all the spills and water left behind during microwaving. If you do, the interior of the microwave will start to rust in the long run. 

Below are the pros and cons of leaving your microwave door open after use; 

It helps to dissipate steam Reduces the lifespan of the oven light 
It helps to get rid of the smell from what was cooking The microwaves emitted can cause damage to your body 
Reduces cases of rust from water spillsReduces the lifespan of the microwave 

What Happens If I Run a Microwave Without a Door? 

The primary issue you would face with running your microwave without a door is that it would take your food longer to get ready. 

Several other disadvantages come with microwaving your food with the door out. 

Apart from the food cooking, anyone within that area would also feel hot due to the microwave emitting heat. 

When the microwave emits microwave radiation, and if it gets to you for long, you would start experiencing sickness symptoms like malaria, diarrhea, malaise, and even lassitude. 

You shouldn’t worry particularly about a fire outbreak because this is not enough reason to start a fire, but for your health, you shouldn’t. 

In typical situations, your microwave oven is not even supposed to start without a door because several safety installations ensure that they do not. 

Using the microwave without a door affects various areas, from your cooking to your health. 

Although running your microwave with a glass door is not compulsory, you can also run your microwave with a metallic door. 

All you have to take note of is that it is dangerous to use your microwave without a door. 

Your microwave running without a door shouldn’t even be your problem if your microwave oven comes with a door switch. In that case, your microwave wouldn’t even start at all. 

So if you lose your microwave oven door, you have to call on a technician to fix the issue immediately; this can save you from radiation and keep your entire oven. 


Why Won’t My Microwave Door Stay Shut? 

If this happens, then one of your torsion springs must have broken. 

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Microwave Door Switch? 

Depending on your location and the model of your microwave, it should cost between $50-$100. 

Is It Worth Fixing a Microwave? 

Yes, that is, if you have an expensive model. If your model is not all that expensive, consider replacing the microwave instead. It’s a significant investment. 

Is It Cheaper to Repair or Buy a New Microwave? 

It all depends on the model and age of the microwave. For newer models, you should opt for a repair; for older ones, you can change it to save you more frequent maintenance in the long run. 

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