Should I Buy A Refurbished Microwave? (Read This First)

Appliances are essential for easing activities. You will find an appliance in any building. For example, a microwave is best for cooking food without stress or mess. 

However, buying a new microwave can be pretty expensive. Therefore, most people prefer to buy refurbished microwaves as an alternative.

But buying a refurbished microwave can be tricky, and you wonder if you should buy it. Well, reading this article will help answer your question.

You should buy a refurbished microwave because it is a product reconditioned by the manufacturer or seller. The microwave is usually in perfect working condition and lasts a long. The repairer has fixed every error in the microwave, repackaged it, and tested it before sending it into the market. So, a refurbished microwave would look neat like a new one.

In this article, I will explain if it is advisable to purchase a refurbished microwave, if the manufacturer refurbished is as good as new, and if it is better than a used one.

By the end, you’ll also understand the pros and cons of buying a refurbished microwave.

Is It Advisable to Purchase a Refurbished Microwave?

Should I Buy a Refurbished Microwave

Yes, as the seller claims, it is advisable to purchase a refurbished microwave as long as you are sure it is a refurbished item.

Refurbished appliances are either from the seller or directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, buying such items is almost as good as buying a new one.

Although, refurbished microwaves have incurred slight damages and wear at some point. But, the factory gets to repair and test them before sending them into the market.

The seller may also fix the product if the damage is minor and repairable. But they will ensure the microwave still works effectively.

However, you might notice some slight cosmetic damage to the microwave. Therefore, buying a refurbished appliance is an excellent decision since it is more affordable.

In addition, you get your money’s worth because it would work perfectly and last long.

Is the Manufacturer Refurbished as Good as New?

Manufacturer-refurbished items are as good as new. Refurbished items are fully functional, but the manufacturer can’t sell them as new products for various reasons.

These products are only labeled refurbished because they had slight damage at some point. But, the manufacturer repairs and certifies them before sending them out.

Due to this situation, they are cheaper than new products. Although, the warranty period on refurbished appliances can be shorter than on new ones.

Most manufacturer-refurbished appliances will have at least a 90 days warranty period.

Any appliance with a lesser warranty period could indicate that it won’t last long. So, checking the warranty thoroughly before buying the item is best.

Apart from this issue, a manufacturer-refurbished product would serve you as best as a new one.

It is better to buy a manufacturer-refurbished item than a seller-refurbished one because the manufacturer would want the best for the brand’s image.

So, they will make sure to fix the product until perfection.

Is a Refurbished Microwave Better Than a Used One?

A refurbished microwave is better than a used one considering the situation that led to their present conditions.

Refurbished microwaves are mostly remanufactured items that another person bought and returned because of some issues.

Most of these issues are either minor or severe. For example, some microwaves have damaged packaging or minor scratches that affect their appearance.

The retailer sends such microwaves to the manufacturer for checking, adjustments, or repair. Then, they return to the market with fresh packaging or components.

Sometimes, the buyers may return the product because they don’t need it anymore or change their minds after purchasing it.

In this situation, buying the microwave would get you an unused item at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, used microwaves are products another person purchased, used, and sold. The microwave still has any issues or damage from its previous owner.

Therefore, It is essential to inspect and test used microwaves before purchasing them. Inspect the interior and exterior, including the electric cord and plug.

It would help to plug it in and press all its buttons to check its efficiency. Then, you can buy the microwave once you confirm it is still functioning correctly.

In addition, refurbished microwaves have several other advantages over used ones. These advantages make them a better option.

The table below outlines the advantages of refurbished microwaves and used ones.

Refurbished MicrowavesUsed Microwaves
The factory or seller repaired them.You repair them by yourself.
The conditions are like new.The product may have issues.
The products may have warranties.They don’t have warranties.
Current models have manufacturer support.You don’t benefit from the support.
The appliance lasts longer.They are less durable.
The products are more energy efficient.The products are less energy efficient.
The product comes in proper packages.The quality isn’t certain.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Refurbished Microwave?

Buying a refurbished microwave is a good idea. Although, most buyers tend to consider the pros of buying a refurbished appliance.

But buying a refurbished microwave also has its disadvantages which you need to consider. Considering both will help you make the perfect purchase.

The first advantage of buying a refurbished microwave is that it saves costs. As a result, the product is always cheaper and more affordable.

You can buy two for the price of one new one while getting the same quality. The microwave still functions effectively and lasts long.

In addition, buying a refurbished microwave reassures you that it still operates effectively. 

Since its adjustments and repair comes from the factory, they will only send it into the market if they are sure of its working conditions.

The factory ensures the product gets adequately repaired and tests it to confirm its operation. 

Although the product may have some slight cosmetic adjustments, it would still be durable and long-lasting.

Another advantage of buying a refurbished microwave is that the product has a warranty to help you get a repair or replacement from the manufacturer.

The warranty period could range from three months to one year. So you get to enjoy this benefit alongside the assurance of its durability.

On the other hand, buying a refurbished microwave can be challenging, especially if the seller repackages a used or defective product to look refurbished.

You will have issues if you buy such products. For example, this microwave won’t last long and may not have a warranty.

If this kind of microwave has a warranty, it would be a fake printed by the seller. So, you must make sure you are buying from the right source.

Many stores legitimately sell refurbished appliances. It would help to take your time to find such places and buy the microwave from there.

Furthermore, the warranty period on a refurbished microwave is always shorter than the standard period on the new one.

Most refurbished microwaves have the most extended warranty period of a year. In comparison, new products would have more than that.

In addition, the warranty may only cover specific components. Therefore, you would have to fix any component that isn’t in warranty terms and conditions.

So, it is essential to check the warranty properly and ensure it is sufficient. It should cover most parts even if it doesn’t cover all.

Another disadvantage of buying a refurbished microwave is that it could be an old model. An older model may not have some features like new ones.

So, you won’t enjoy using such products, especially if you need them for advanced features. 

Plus, the manufacturer may have already discontinued the production of such models. The store only has it in this scenario because no one bought it.

You may need help getting spare parts for this kind of microwave. Unfortunately, replacement parts for discontinued appliances are sometimes challenging to find.

Hence, it is best to research the brand and model before buying a refurbished microwave. In addition, it would help to get you a product with better features.

Finally, you should buy a refurbished microwave because of the following:

  • It is good as new.
  • The factory reconditioned it.
  • Its operation is efficient.
  • It comes with a warranty.

These factors should reassure you that the appliance is durable. Although, its warranty conditions may be less favorable than a new one.

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