Does TV Brand Matter? (All You Need To Know)

Are you planning on getting a new television? Samsung and LG are the first brands that probably came to your mind. 

This thought is because of the good reviews and prominence of these TV brands in the market. However, other brands are also great options.

While the majority get a TV that looks standard without researching properly, others don’t. Likewise, you are curious to find out if TV brands matter.

Yes, the brand of your TV matters. Each television brand is unique, with many distinct features. While screen sizes may be similar, their durability, processing speed, sound, and display are vital for a good viewer experience. 

This article will enrich you with details concerning the relevance of TV brands. It will also highlight features that make television better than its substitutes.

After reading this article,  you’ll also know the prices of good and reliable TV recommendations, equipping you to make an informed choice.

Does It Matter Which TV Brand You Buy?

Does TV Brand Matter

The TV brand you purchase is of paramount importance. You’re undoubtedly prone to patronize a more recognized company than a lesser competitor.

However, going for a cheaper option is not always a bad decision. Therefore, TV brands have unique features that differentiate them.

These variations range from looks, and capabilities, to even the slightest details.

All of these features, in combination, give its users the appropriate comfort they desire.

Moreover, some TV brands have built good images in some aspects. Some are good for gaming, and others are better for watching movies. So, first, put your needs into consideration.

Below are highlighted features you should consider if you wish to buy a TV.

#1. Screen Size

Some TV brands manufacture televisions of specific sizes. However, you can go for a brand with a larger size if that’s your main goal.

Large television screens are present in large halls such as cinemas. The number of viewers is a determinant that affects the size of the TV.

These TV sizes range from 32 to 70-inch televisions. As a result of their sizes, the price of the television is higher than smaller televisions.

#2. Durability

The longevity of the TV is another factor one has to consider. Regardless of the brand, television can have a short life span.

In addition, the light source is the major feature that affects the durability of the television. Depending on the technology, most lights last for five to seven years.

After that time, the television won’t display anything without light-producing technology. The best light technologies are OLED and QLED technologies. 

Furthermore, your maintenance and usage of the television also contribute to durability.

One easy and effective step is always to wipe the dust off all corners of your television.

#3. Processors

The TV processor is comparable to the human brain. It coordinates all instructions and functions that the television should perform.

Using a better processor entails getting a smoother and faster response from the television.

The processor also enhances improved picture quality. However, when choosing a tv brand, you should go for a good processor. You can identify this when the TV has higher technology features.

Some examples of good Tv processors include;

  • Alpha 9 
  • C9
  • E9
  • P5

#4. Audio Quality

Sounds go hand in hand with videos. Therefore, you need to get a loud and clear television to attain comfort.

The television speakers should be efficient. Sometimes, setting up the sound settings is necessary to assess the TV. The TCL 6 Series is a good recommendation.

#5. Display/Picture Quality

Picture quality is a vital feature a buyer should consider in a TV. To attain the best viewer experience, you need a TV that has bright and clear pictures.

Improved features such as 4k LEDs or OLED have made displays entertaining.

Therefore, 4k or 8k  is the standard you should purchase for better display.

Which TV Brands Produce the Best Display?

Many TV brands produce good display quality. However, their prices are proportional to their valuable technology. 

Resolutions are the foundation for TV display. A TV with more resolution has more picture quality.

The best television resolutions are 4k and 8k. However, televisions with 8k resolution are more expensive and scarce.

Both resolutions are so similar that many feel there’s no need to buy a TV with 8k.

Here is a table that differentiates between 4k and 8k TV resolutions.

4K Resolution8K Resolution
Two times in HD.Four times in HD.
Creates a good-quality display.Its display is more realistic.
It is widely available.It is scarce.
It is affordable.It is expensive.
The television connection speed is normal.Television connection speed must be faster.

Light panel technologies such as LED and LCD are also important to display components. Most televisions come with LED and OLED( a form of LED). 

I recommend OLED and LCD. These components enhance the television’s brightness and show more pixel details.

Here are some TV brands with the best display and technology.

TelevisionsDisplay Technology
SamsungCombination of QLED and OLED.
LGOLED and LED displays.
SonyOLED and LED.
HisenseLCD panels.

Which Is the Most Reliable TV Brand?

Samsung is the most reliable TV brand. It is undoubtedly true because Samsung is the biggest TV brand among its competitors.

Samsung televisions are known for their high quality. It costs more than other TV brands.

With improved display technologies such as  QLED and OLED, it remains victorious.

The brand successfully embraced the 8k resolution television production and has additional features such as a voice assistant and voice recognition.

In addition, it can easily connect to any device. Wireless or not, Samsung is always compatible. You can purchase it on Amazon and in electronics stores.

Depending on the features of the Samsung, the price will differ. However, it generally ranges from 300 to 3000 dollars.

LG televisions are the closest competitors to Samsungs. Most of them are cheaper than most Samsung televisions. Moreover, they use OLED effectively for quality display.

Other close competitors to Samsungs include;

  • Sony
  • TLC
  • Vizio
  • Panasonic

3 Cheapest TV Brands You Can Afford In 2022

The three cheapest TV brands in 2022 are TCL, Hisense, and Amazon Fire TV Omni. A disadvantage of buying cheap TVs is that some features are inadequate.

These TV brands’ advantages over other TVs include the following;

  • Size
  • Display quality
  • Voice assistant and user interface

Below are highlights of the three cheapest TV brands 

#1. TCL 5 Series(S535 2020 QLED)

This television is very good for gamers because of its good display quality. However, a cheaper TV will have more limits, unlike an expensive one.

It costs about 400 to 500 dollars. The TV uses a 4k resolution and a technology that aids good display colors. 

In addition, you can connect it to the internet through WiFi networks.

Netflix and YouTube will work properly on this television. There’s also room to perform TV functions through a mobile device.

Steady and reliable connections with games and other devices are possible.

#2. Hisense U6G

Good picture quality is one thing Hisense U6G serves. It offers good features at a lower price.

4k resolution is the standard picture quality found in these TVs. At 400 dollars, get the best movie experiences with this television.

And additional benefits such as Google Assistant and voice remote control.

#3. Amazon Fire TV Omni

If you consider size, this television has a large size with 4k resolution. It is cheaper than most of its similar-sized competitors.

Ranging from 65 to 75 inches, it has a user interface and voice assistant. Although the display is not the best, it is still okay. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, TV brands matter. However, be open-minded toward less popular brands.

It would be best if you considered the following;

  • Screen size
  • Durability
  • Processors
  • Audio Quality
  • Picture Quality

Always go for brands with 4k and 8k resolution to get good display quality. A reliable brand like Samsung is also advisable to patronize.

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