Do TV Remotes Wear Out? (Do This To Fix Them)

TV remotes help control the television effortlessly. Moreover, the remotes last several years before it starts developing issues.

Many issues can prevent the remote from working, but most of these issues are easy to troubleshoot. However, it may stop working entirely after a while.

When the remote stops working, you may wonder if TV remotes wear out. Well, it is best to read this article thoroughly to understand this.

TV remotes wear out over time due to frequent use or aging. As a result, the remote’s operating function diminishes as it gets older. In addition, the remote wears out due to dirt accumulation in the keypad contacts. Corrosion can also affect the remote’s battery contact and cause it to wear out, so the remote stops responding.

In this article, I will explain if TV remotes wear out, how long the TV remote lasts, and why it stops working.

By the end, you’ll also understand how to fix your TV remote.

Do TV Remotes Eventually Wear Out?

Do TV Remotes Wear Out

Remotes eventually wear out due to frequent use. Some buttons may stop functioning initially, then the entire remote stop responding eventually.

The remote can wear out due to aging and dirt buildup. The older the remote gets, the more likely it will stop functioning soon.

In addition, worn-out remotes may experience an issue with the button’s conductivity with the control board, which can cause the buttons not to work.

Also, the electrical contacts in the battery chamber can wear out. The contacts will look corroded in this scenario.

The battery won’t be able to power the remote when the contacts wear out. Therefore, you would get no response from the remote.

How Long Does a Tv Remote Control Last? 

A TV remote control should last up to seven years. However, the lifespan may vary depending on the usage frequency and battery type.

The TV remote will last longer if you use it less frequently and maintain it. Therefore, it is best to remove the battery if you will not use the remote for a long time.

Using the wrong type of battery can also reduce the remote’s life span. Therefore, it is essential to use the correct battery with enough capacity.

Although TV remotes are durable, proper maintenance is essential to prolong their life span. However, a solar-powered remote can last up to seven years.

This remote uses a better means of obtaining power, and you can charge it through the USB-C port at its base.

Why Do Tv Remotes Stop Working?

TV remotes stop working due to several reasons. The most common reasons are technical issues, physical damage, and battery issues.

You can troubleshoot the issue or replace the remote control when a TV remote stops working. First, however, it would help to identify why it stopped working.

Below are the reasons why TV remotes stop working.

#1. Dead or Weak Batteries

It is common for TV remotes to stop working when the batteries are weak or dead because such batteries can’t give the remote power to function.

This issue happens especially when you use the remote frequently. The batteries run down gradually until it eventually dies.

#2. Wet TV Remote

Exposing a TV remote control to water can affect its operation. For example, a wet TV remote would have issues with its circuitry and stop working.

But it would start functioning once it dries out. Although, it may take a few hours for the water to dry out, depending on the degree of wetness.

#3. Broken or Damaged Buttons

The TV remote buttons can wear out over time when you use them frequently. Improper use can also damage the remote buttons.

For example, dropping the remote repeatedly on hard surfaces without a protector. Such situations can affect the buttons’ contact points inside the remote.

#4. Corroded Battery Contacts

The contacts in the remote’s battery chamber experience corrosion over time. This corrosion is usually due to aging, leaking batteries, or actions of heat and moisture.

A corroded battery contact won’t allow the battery to connect to the remote. Therefore, the TV remote would stop working.

#5. Outdated TV Remote

Your TV remote control can become outdated with a new firmware update. This happens when you update the television’s software.

The remote buttons refuse to respond when this happens. It would only work once its firmware is up to date.

Although, these issues can make the remote stop working. However, there are ways to prevent these issues.

The table below will help you identify ways to protect your TV remote.

Dead BatteriesIt is best to change them every six months.
Wet TV remotePut a water-resistant protector on it.
Broken buttonsReplace the buttons regularly.
Corroded battery contactsClean the contacts regularly.

How Do I Fix My Tv Remote?    

There are a few simple steps to fix your TV remote. Fixing your TV remote is relatively straightforward once you identify the problem and have the right tools. 

Here are the steps to fix your TV remote.

#1. Cleaning the Battery Terminals

It would help if you cleaned any signs of corrosion for the battery contacts to work. You must wear gloves, long-sleeved clothing, and a safety mask.

Battery acid is hazardous; therefore, you will need all the protection. Also, spread a newspaper on your work table to catch any corrosion.

It is best to work in an area with adequate ventilation; you can turn on the fans or open the doors and windows to increase air circulation.

To clean the battery terminals:

  • Please remove the battery from the remote and inspect it for rust.
  • The corroded spots will have white flakes. Squeeze a drop of lemon juice or vinegar on them.
  • You can mix a little baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice for stubborn corrosion.
  • Next, use a cotton swab or old toothbrush to scrub the corrosion.
  • It would be best to eliminate the corrosion on the batteries and battery chamber.
  • Next, use 150-grit sandpaper to clean the electrical contacts and dispose of the sandpaper once you finish the process.
  • Alternatively, you can use a metal file or wire brush to clean the contacts.
  • Please dispose of the newspaper and other tools you use so it doesn’t spread the corrosion to your surroundings.
  • Put new batteries in the remote and test it.

#2. Opening the Remote

The first step to fixing any TV remote problem is to open it up so you can access its internal components.

To open the TV remote:

  • First, snap a picture of the buttons to remember their position or check your user’s manual.
  • Open the battery cover to remove the batteries.
  • Use a mini Phillips screwdriver to remove all the screws holding the remote together.
  • The screws are either on the back of the remote, battery compartment or under sliding covers.
  • Use a dull tool or butter knife to open the remote through a crack along the side or edge.
  • Pop the remote into two halves to access its internal electronics with your hands.

#3. Cleaning the Buttons

This step should help you remove accumulated dirt from the remote’s buttons. Unfortunately, dirt can cause the keypad to stop functioning. You will need a keypad repair kit for this.

To clean the remote buttons:

  • Mix 15 ml of liquid dish soap with a bowl of warm water.
  • Soak the remote’s rubber buttons and use a soft brush to scrub them.
  • It is essential to note that the buttons may be on a single sheet or separately.
  • Next, rinse the buttons and remote case under running water.
  • Spread out a towel and put the items on it to air dry. 
  • It is best to avoid putting them under direct sunlight.
  • Next, dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and squeeze it to reduce the amount of moisture.
  • Wipe the circuit board clean of any debris with the wet cotton ball.
  • Next, dip the small paper match from the kit in conductive paint.
  • Then, apply a thin coat of paint to the bottom of each button contact.
  • Leave it for 72 hours to dry out with the contacts face up.
  • Finally, recouple the remote and test it.

#4. Repairing the TV Remote Buttons

First, locate the buttons that are not functioning before opening the remote. Then, you can test all buttons so you can fix the faulty ones at once.

To repair the faulty buttons:

  • Clean the contacts with rubbing alcohol.
  • Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut an aluminum foil into small squares similar to the contacts’ size.
  • Next, Use a matchstick to touch the contact adhesive and spread a thin layer across the contacts.
  • Use tweezers to position the foil and glue it to the faulty contacts.
  • Leave the glue for at least 30 minutes to dry out.
  • Recouple the remote and ensure the keypad contacts are in the correct position.
  • Put the batteries back and test the remote.

Your TV remote should work once you use these steps to fix it. However, you may have to replace the remote if it doesn’t work.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, TV remotes wear out due to the following:

  • Worn out or broken buttons.
  • Dirt accumulation in the buttons.
  • Corroded battery contacts and battery.

These problems will help you identify why it wears out.

However, there may be temporary issues that prevent the remote from working. Therefore, it is best to fix the issue according to the situation.

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