Why Do Microwave Plates Break?

Microwave plates, which can also be referred to as turntables, are normally made of glass, plastic, ceramic, or Styrofoam.

But it can break irrespective of the material used for your microwave plate. None of these is resistant to breaking.

Various factors can cause your microwave plate to break, aside from hitting it on the ground or a solid surface, which is the common means that turntables breaks.

When the plate has a fracture on it already, and with that, it is easy to break when the fracture gets filled with some moisture and heat energy, causing the plate to expand and contract.

In the instance where the microwave is made to run quite many times with nothing in it.

In the running or operation of a microwave, the heat produced from the power transformer is to be absorbed by or act on the food or substance in it.

And if there’s little or nothing in it, the plate absorbs heat. This makes the plate overheat and end up breaking.

Microwaves with ceramic plates are much easier to break when heavy substances are placed on them.

When the force of the substance exerted on it is heavier than it, it will end up breaking.

Using sharp objects in placing substances in or removing substances from the microwave can accidentally cause a pierce in the plate, which can develop into a crack.

And with a crack on it, the chances of it breaking are very high.

Old microwave plates also have a higher chance of breaking since it becomes brittle as they age. So the least confrontation leaves a crack on it.

And one other thing is microwave plates made of ceramic and plastic absorb too much heat energy, hence get stressed early and become weak.

Unlike that glass, which lasts longer and gets broken easily only through hitting it on a hard surface.

Can A Microwave Plate Break on Its Own, Without Anyone Touch it?

There are instances you wouldn’t notice any of what has been discussed earlier, but you will see the plate break. You might be asking, ‘just like that?’ Yes, just like that. As we humans get sick and even die off when we over-stress ourselves, so do the microwave plates sometimes act.

A stressed-up microwave plate can break without anyone touching it.

I am saying this per an experience. It didn’t happen to my plate since I don’t stress my microwave much. It was rather that of my mum.

She complained of a broken plate, so I asked what caused it to break. And my surprise, she didn’t have any idea how it broke.

According to her, she removed it and placed it somewhere, only to find it divided into two pieces as she returned to pick it up.

I initially didn’t believe that, as I thought she mistakenly caused that without noticing. But later got to find out how possible it was.

And that’s when you over-use it. The stress I’m talking off could also be caused by heat.

What Do You Do When You Break Your Microwave Plate?

The only thing you can do when you break your microwave plate is getting a replacement.

Microwave plates are sold separately, and you can get one that fits your microwave from any appliance store.

And before you go to purchase a new plate, make sure you know the size of your broken plate or microwave.

But when it breaks in the middle of something, there’s an alternative you can adopt for the meantime before the replacement.

You just have to insert the plate upside down in the oven. With that, the place will be stable and wouldn’t turn around.

Turning the plate upside down makes the plate not touch the mechanism that causes the turning around.

Let’s also note that not all plates are safe to be used as microwave plates. If that’s not properly checked, you will always be having your plates break, which will be because of your carelessness.

Can I Use The Microwave Without Its Plate?

It is possible to use the microwave without using the turntable. And it will function properly, just that the food won’t be able to cook properly and evenly.

The function of the turntable is to turn the food or the substance in the microwave around so the heat produced gets to each part of the food.

So without the turntable, the food placed will just be stagnant at where it was placed.

And even with commercial microwaves, most don’t come with a microwave plate.

It doesn’t use microwave plates in its operation and works great that way.

The main function of the microwave plate is to hold and rotate the food or substance being microwaved, yet without it, these commercial microwaves work very fine.

Is it Safe to Use Microwave Plates?

Any product has its pros and cons. But what’s most important is always to be optimistic, focusing only on the positive aspect.

And in doing so, don’t turn a deaf ear to the negative side too.

Microwave plates can sometimes be unsafe, especially when they develop cracks.

These cracks sometimes harbor bacteria, which makes food placed on them unhealthy.

And that’s why users of these appliances are advised to diagnose them from time to time.

And if they notice any negative signals, they try and attend to them as soon as possible, even before using them again.

Microwave plates should be removed and cleaned with detergent and dried up well before using again. And in doing so, using them will always be safe.

Is it Safe to Use Metal Microwave Plates?

It is not advisable to use a metallic microwave plate. Metal, a solid-state matter, has many closely packed electrons.

This makes them heat up so fast. Hence they are used as microwave plates, and there’s a chance of burning or exploding.

So the best materials for microwave plates are glass, plastic, ceramic, or Styrofoam.

It’s because of this very reason that you’re not allowed to put metallic substances in the microwave.


The microwave plate breaks for so many reasons, including when the plate develops cracks.

And some activities that cause the crack include using sharp objects on the plate. Also, when the plate gets older and brittle, it easily breaks.

The ceramic type of plate is a bit fragile and breaks easily when a higher force is exerted on it.

And for plastic and ceramic become stressed and tend to break easily when they get overheated.

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