This is Why Washing Machines Are in The Kitchen!

To the best of my knowledge, a kitchen is a place well known for everything concerning food. That’s where food storage normally takes place and its preparation as well.

Someone with the same experience as me will find it so weird seeing a washing machine in the kitchen.

And not just been packed there, but rather the kitchen being its permanent place of operation.

Almost all British homes have washing machines in the kitchen for easy access to power, water supply, and drainage. In British homes, sockets are normally not fitted and installed in the bathrooms.

They find it needless to have these power, water supply, and drainage systems in the kitchen again in the bathroom just to have the washing machine there.

So making use of these things already in the kitchen help them save some money and provides some convenience as they can attend to their laundry while performing kitchen duties.

Should Washing Machines Be In The Kitchen?

Washing Machine in the Kitchen

The British housing regulations don’t permit electrical sockets in the bathroom.

And without these electrical sockets, which serve as a power source for the washing machine, they can’t be positioned there.

It’s rather the kitchen that has all that to accommodate a washing machine.

Though, placing the washing machine in the kitchen isn’t that known in the United States.

But if the kitchen has all that the washing machine needs to function to its expectation, and the bathroom or laundry room doesn’t have, I don’t find anything wrong with placing the washing machine in the kitchen.

Also, for convenience and cutting costs, some Americans have adopted having their washing machine in the kitchen, so they don’t spend money on fitting and installing power and water supply in the bathroom or laundry room.

If the kitchen has enough space to harbor the washing machine, you’re good to go with that.

Do Americans Put Their Washing Machines In The Kitchen?

Some American homes are gradually adopting the act of putting the washing machine in the kitchen.

But that’s done by a handful of Americans. The laundry room, utility room, or bathroom is where the washing machine is placed and operated in most American homes.

No housing regulations restrict electrical sockets in the bathroom as in the United Kingdom.

Hence the bathrooms have sockets to help supply power to the washing machine.

And one reason that makes some Americans put the washing machine in the kitchen is the availability of space.

In the instance where there’s no laundry room and there’s not enough space in the bathroom to accommodate the washing machine, the kitchen has.

In this case, you wouldn’t have any other option than to put your washing machine in the kitchen.

Most Americans prefer washing machines even in their garage than in the kitchen.

Can You Put A Washing Machine In The Bathroom?

Washing Machine in the Bathroom
Washing Machine in the Bathroom

In America, washing machines are usually in a dedicated laundry room, utility room, or bathroom.

Where to place a washing machine has some conditions to fulfill, including having a water source, a drainage system, and a socket.

And as we are all aware, pipework is always done in the bathroom, hence the issue of water source and drainage is catered for in the bathroom.

So once you have your sockets installed in there, you’re good to go. It is 100% safe to have your washing machine in the bathroom, provided you’ve got your power source and water.

When we take a country like Germany, almost all its population put their washing machine in the bathroom, just as most British have their washing machines in the kitchen.

Is It Safe To Keep The Washing Machine In The Balcony?

Washing Machine in the Balcony
Washing Machine in the Balcony

It has always been safe and will forever be safe to keep the washing machine on the balcony only if it’s covered by shade.

Electrical appliances in general, and not only washing machines, placed under direct sunlight is a dangerous practice for the appliance.

When that happens, the electrical appliance absorbs so much heat, which tends to cause the internal components to wear and tear as they get heated up by the absorbed heat.

Not only the direct sunlight can cause harm to the washing machine, but it also rains. As the rain can damage the machine, and it will not be able to function or even power when it finally dries up.

So as stated earlier, the washing machine can be on the balcony alright, but there should be a shade on it. There are many ways to build or get shade on your balcony.

Means of providing a better shade for the balcony include introducing a pergola and an open roof system made of a narrow piece of wood. It’s one nice way of blocking direct sunlight on a balcony.

An acrylic sheet, a transparent plastic material, is another effective way of shading a balcony when installed. Plants, as we are all aware, also help provide some good shade on balconies.

You can also choose to purchase an outdoor umbrella, as it’s the most affordable means of providing shade among the above-listed means.

Once the washing machine has been tested and working correctly, it will be able to work perfectly at any place it’s allocated, provided the conditions available are conducive for it.

What’s The Best Place To Put Washing Machine In Your Home?

Washing Machine in the Balcony
Washing Machine in the Balcony

It will be so fine if you’ve got a dedicated room for your laundry, that’s the laundry.

But in the absence of that, the washing machine can be placed anywhere, provided the room has all it takes for it to function as expected.

And when I say all it takes, I mean power, water source, and drainage. If the room has all that, then it’s much okay to place the washing there.

In some instances, the room will have all that’s needed for the washing machine to operate except a single one.

So, a washing machine repairman can see and fix everything to help you have it there. There are numerous spots in a home where the washing can be put.

And some of such places include the kitchen, balcony, bathroom, utility room, under the staircase, inside a cupboard, inside a wardrobe, and many other spots.

But where people normally put them are the kitchen, balcony, bathroom, and utility room.


The washing machine is normally put in the kitchen for convenience, as the British housing regulations don’t permit electrical sockets in the bathroom and the other usual washing machine spots.

In other cases, it’s the issue of space. And that’s when the kitchen has much space to accommodate the washing machine.

And placing the washing machine in the kitchen is safe, just like the other spots we know about.

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