4 Reasons That Washing Machines Are in The Kitchen!

Reserving a separate room for your laundry to install your washing machine is usually the best option.

However, some reasons necessitate installing the washing machine in the kitchen, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this setup. 

So, if you find a washing machine installed in the kitchen, what are some likely reasons for this unusual installation? Let’s find out.

Washing machines are sometimes placed in the kitchen when the kitchen has proper electrical wiring and a good plumbing system with hot water drains. With such a well-prepared kitchen, installing a washing machine in the kitchen saves you space and the extra cost of wiring and plumbing a laundry room.

Although the above reason is valid, it is not without its downsides. This article explores the pros and cons of washing machines in your kitchen. Read on to get find the facts.

Should a Washing Machine Be in the Kitchen?

why are washing machine in kitchen

A washing machine can be anywhere in your house, including the kitchen. The choice of where to place the washer depends on your preference. 

While you might find this an appealing way to save space in the house, someone else might find putting the washer in the kitchen an awkward decision.

Putting your washing machine in the kitchen has certain advantages, especially if you have a back door leading to the clothesline outside.

For one, you’ll have easy access to dry your clothes immediately after washing them.

However, if you position the washer outside the kitchen, say the basement, it’ll take longer to get to the clothesline outside your home.

Before installing a washing machine in your kitchen, please check if your state/country allows that. 

This information is important because, in countries like the UK, it’s a norm to have a washing machine inlet in the kitchen, whereas it isn’t the same in the US.

That contributes to one of the reasons why Americans find the kitchens of British people unappealing.

One major factor that’ll prompt you into converting your Kitchen to a semi-laundry room is inadequate space.

You likely tend to improvise when there’s little space in your home, including finding a feasible spot for the washing machine.

Apart from the washing machine, a drying machine is another thing that’ll go well in your kitchen.

But of course, that isn’t shocking as it wouldn’t look good keeping your dryer far from the washing machine.

Ultimately, the Kitchen is one of the best places to install your washing machine if you don’t have a laundry room. 

Apart from the Kitchen, below are some good spots around the house that’ll accommodate a washing machine perfectly;

  • Basement
  • Bathroom 
  • Bedroom
  • Sitting room
  • Garage 
  • Beneath the staircase
  • In the wardrobe

Why Are Washing Machines Placed in the Kitchen?

You may not readily consider the Kitchen when buying a washing machine. However, it becomes one of the best options when you discover little space in your home.

Several factors can make you pick the Kitchen as the most convenient place for your washing machine.

Below are some of those factors; 

#1. Little Home Space

Little Home Space

You’ll need more space in your home to reserve a separate laundry room. When that isn’t feasible, the next option would be to figure out how to fit the washing machine.

That becomes troubling when you don’t only have a washing machine space to worry about but also a dryer. Usually, the next best place for those appliances is the kitchen.

#2. Small Bathroom Space

Small Bathroom Space

With little or no provision for a laundry room in your home, your bathroom is another option for installing a washing machine.

However, what do you do if the bathroom lacks any provision for a washing machine? In such an instance, the best place you’ll find in your house is the kitchen.

#3. Personal Decision

Personal Decision

Besides having limited space or provisions in other rooms, you might want to keep your washing machine in the kitchen like the Brits.

You might also be familiar with this setup moving from a home with the washing machine installed in the kitchen.

Hence, you’ll prefer to install your washing machine in the kitchen, even if your new apartment provides it elsewhere.

#4. The Proximity of your Kitchen to the Drying Lines

Drying Lines

Another good reason for fixing your washing machine in the kitchen is easy access to the clothesline. 

You likely have clothing lines behind your house if you do not have an accompanying dryer with your washing machine.

Therefore, installing your washing machine in the kitchen will be more convenient if it’s closer to the clothesline outside.

Pros and Cons of Having a Washing Machine in the Kitchen

washing machine in the kitchen yes or no

Although there are numerous benefits of having a washing machine in your kitchen, there are also negative aspects.

Moreover, some cons of having a washing machine in your kitchen are avoidable.

This table concisely enumerates the pros and cons of installing your washing machine in the Kitchen.

It gives you an opportunity to multitask in cooking and doing laundry.Constant water dripping from the washer can damage the kitchen floor.
It gives quick access to the clothesline in the presence of a back door. While doing laundry and cooking at the same time, particles of food can stain the clothes.
It saves you space in your home.The noise coming from the washer while you’re cooking can irritate you.
If your Kitchen is downstairs, the sound from the machine will have little effect.There’s a risk of food poisoning with detergents or other chemicals.
You can install the washer in a kitchen inlet such that it blends without being obvious.A washer in the Kitchen is easily accessible to children, posing a danger. 
This modality adds additional load to the drainage system of the Kitchen.
pros & cons of having washing machine in the kitchen

Bathroom or Kitchen; Which Is the Best Location for a Washing Machine?

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is another place where you can conveniently fit your washing machine.

However, there are positives and negatives associated with installing your washer in the bathroom and the Kitchen. 

The table below compares both locations, highlighting significant advantages and disadvantages.

Bathroom Kitchen 
A washer can occupy most of the bathroom space.You can conceal a washing machine in a kitchen cabinet.
A washer in your bathroom will help you maintain basic hygiene precautions.It is not hygienic to cook and do the laundry in the same place.
There’s no limit to how much laundry you can do in the bathroom.The amount of laundry you can do in your kitchen is restricted.
Transporting your clothes after washing could wet the house.If your Kitchen is close to the clothesline, you’ll have ease getting them to dry. 
No cross-contamination will occur between your food and the clothes.You can easily stain your clothes with food particles or vice versa.


Different factors can make you place your washing machine in the Kitchen instead of a laundry room.

These factors include;

  • Inadequate home space  
  • Personal preference 
  • The proximity of your kitchen to the clothesline
  • Small bathroom space

Nonetheless, I’ll advise you to weigh the pros and cons of installing a washer in the Kitchen before deciding whether to adopt this setup.

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