8 Steps To Remove Inlet Screen from Maytag Washing Machine!

If you own a Maytag washing machine, you should be able to remove and replace some parts.

The inlet screen is a washing machine component that you may need to remove.

You can remove the inlet screen on your Maytag washing machine whenever you want to wash it. You can also remove the inlet screen when you want to replace it. 

However, removing the inlet sunscreen may be difficult because you may not have tried it before.

You can remove the inlet screen from the Maytag washing machine by unplugging the machine from the power source and disconnecting the water supply. After disconnecting the hot and cold water supply, you should locate the valves and then disconnect the horse from the valves. Once done, you can easily remove the inlet screen from the valve.

In this article, I will take you through a step-by-step process of removing the inlet screen from a Maytag washing machine. I will also tell you the cost of replacing an inlet screen.

How Do You Remove the Inlet Screen from A Maytag Washing Machine?

How to Remove Inlet Screen from Maytag Washing Machine

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove the inlet screen from a Maytag washing machine:

  • Get the appropriate tools
  • Disconnect the power from the source
  • Turn off the hot and cold water supply
  • Disconnect the hose from the inlet valves
  • Get enough room 
  • Open the top
  • Locate the valve 
  • Disconnect the hose clip
  • Remove the screen from the valve

#1. Get the Appropriate Tools

Before you begin, you should have the appropriate tools to execute the process. Having these tools handy would make the job easier and faster.

Some tools you would need to carry out this procedure include a set of screwdrivers, a putty knife or a spatula, and a plier. You would also need a wrench to loosen the valves.

You would use the screwdrivers to loosen the screws that give you access to some of the concealed components of the Maytag washing machine.

Here is a summary of the tools you should have and their uses:

Putty knifeLift the top cover
spatulaLift the top cover.
wrenchLoosen the valve from the body of the washing machine
plierLoses the clip 
Set of screwdriverLoosens every screw on the body of the washing machine.

#2. Disconnect the Power from The Source

Once you begin, you should disconnect the washing machine from the power source.

When you disconnect the electric cable from the power source, you are sure to continue the work.

Unplugging any appliance from the power source is important because it reduces the risk of electric shocks.

When you unplug the washing machine, it permits you to move freely around the machine. You might need to work in front and behind the washing machine during repairs.

#3. Turn Off the Hot and Cold Water Supply

After you have unplugged the washing machine, you can turn off the water supply.

There are two inlets through which water enters the washing machine. These inlets are the hot-water inlet and the cold-water inlet.

Your Maytag machine is connected to this inlet by a tube or hose. Once you locate this tube, disconnect the supply.

You will need to disconnect the supply so that you do not have water spilling over your body when you begin to reach for the valves.

If you encounter some water residue, you may need a towel to drain the water that may spill off when you disconnect the hose. 

#4. Disconnect the Hose from The Inlet Valves

After turning off the hot and cold water supply, you can disconnect the hose from the inlet valve.

The hose connects with the inlet valve at the back of the washing machine.

You can place your hand on the hose and run it along the edges to identify the inlet valves.

When you continue along that path, the hose leads to the end, where it is connected.

This connection is between the valve and the end of the hose. You can disconnect the hose by gently twisting it while steadying the valves with one hand.

In some Maytag products, this edge of the hose may be held in place by a clip that a plier can loosen.

#5. Get Enough Room 

Once the plug and the hose are disconnected, you can find more room for your washing machine.

Getting enough room means giving yourself space to maneuver the washing machine either as a whole or in part.

#6. Open the Top

You can now open the top of the washing machine. To open up this compartment, you will have to insert the putty knife in the opening between the top cover and the body of the washer.

Press the putty knife into that opening for about six inches inwards. When you push the knife that far, you will come in contact with a spring.

Press down the spring by applying mild pressure on the edge of the putty knife. Apply this pressure at both ends. The top cover will loosen out of its hinges.

You can now lift the top cover with your hands towards the back. The top cover can now be allowed to rest on the wall behind.

#7. Locate the Valve and Disconnect the Hose Clip

Once you have the lid up, you should locate the valves on the underside of the raised top panel.

You can locate this valve at the bottom right corner of the washing machine.

Another hose connects to this valve. This clip clamps the end of the hose to the valves.

It would help if you disconnected the hose using the plier to loosen the clip. 

You can remove the valve by using a wrench. This wrench loosens the valve from the body of the Maytag washing machine. 

#8. Remove the Screen from The Valve

Once the valve is in place, you can poke out the screen from each valve. When you push a finger through the opening of the valve, the screen falls off.

You can use the flat-edged screwdriver to remove the screen from the valve.

Most times, the screens are tight fitting and may not fall off by the usual poking with your fingers.

Can You Remove the Inlet Screen on Your Maytag Washer Yourself?

You can remove the inlet screen from the Maytag washing machine by yourself. This process is not a difficult one.

Once you have the right tools, removing the inlet screen is pretty easy. You must know the inlet valve’s location to access the inlet screen.

The inlet screen is in the inlet valve. To remove the screen, you will have to use a wrench to loosen the valve from the body of the washer.

When you disassemble the washing machine, always remember where you take it apart. This detail is necessary when you attempt to fix the components back.

How Much Does a Maytag Inlet Screen Replacement Cost?

It will cost you about 6 dollars to purchase the Maytag inlet screen from a Maytag store.

This cost may be the only amount you will pay when you want to replace the inlet screen. Depending on your location and expertise, the prices may differ.

Your location may alter the price of the inlet screen because you might be charged extra for transportation.

You will incur extra charges if you do not know how to remove the inlet screen on your washing machine.

These charges will be the cost of paying the service technician to remove them.  

Final Thoughts

You can remove the inlet screen from your Maytag washing machine by following simple steps.

  • Firstly, you should have all your tools handy. It makes the job easier. 
  • After that, you should know the location of the inlet valve. The inlet screen is in the inlet valves.

It will cost about 6 dollars to buy the inlet screen from a Maytag washing machine. Your location and your expertise can significantly affect this price.

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