Are Washing Machines Covered Under Contents Insurance?

In our daily expenses, we spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on repairing and replacing damaged and stolen household belongings.

No matter how rich or comfortable you happen to be in life, repairing and replacing stolen or damaged belongings comes with a sort of headache, especially when you least expect that.

And most especially when you would have to break budget boundaries to meet those needs.

That’s why we will need to ensure all household contents. And in doing so, are washing machines covered under contents insurance?

Does content insurance cover kitchen appliances? Come along as we delve deep in there.

So are washing machines covered under content insurance? Yes, washing machines are fully covered under the content insurance policy.

Content insurance will cover the financial cost when your washing machine is stolen or damaged and needs replacement.

It also covers when your washing machine gets damaged and needs to be repaired or serviced.

Content insurance is an insurance policy specifically made for household items. The insurance covers the financial cost of replacing or repairing these items when needed.

Content insurance will cover the loss if you accidentally lose some of your home appliances to fire or flood.

Same way if you get any of your household items stolen, the insurance gets to cover the loss too.

Everything under the sun has pros and cons, and insurance is no exception. Yes, you got me right.

Anything in this world you can mention or get hold of has a way to affect lives both positively and negatively.

But what’s best in making decisions is to weigh the pros and cons and see which of them weighs the most.

If the pros happen to weigh most, you stick to it, but if the cons happen to weigh most, you stay away from it.

Insurance policies have been tested and proven to be good. But as we insure our lives and vehicles, we must also ensure our household contents.

What Does Contents Insurance Cover?

In signing up for these content insurance, you’re given options to choose from, so the option and the amount you pay for will determine the level of coverage you receive.

Someone might want the policy to cover accidental damages or lost belongings during a specific event or location.

Someone might also want a broad insurance policy to cover his or her belongings that happen to be away from home. So there isn’t a specific appliance or item that all content insurance policies cover.

You might go for full insurance and cover all your household belongings, or be selective with the appliances or items you want the insurance to cover. It all depends on you, the individual.

The content insurance covers household items you’ve moved from home for a vacation or temporal outing. The possessions of relatives living with you are also included in content insurance.

Does Contents Insurance Cover Kitchen Appliances?

The kitchen seems even to have more appliances than all other rooms in the home. Appliances that can be found in the kitchen include the microwave, stove, washing machine (British), refrigerator, kettle, dishwasher, and many others.

So the question is, does content insurance cover kitchen appliances? Yes, content insurance covers kitchen appliances.

All kitchen appliances will be covered if you have full content insurance for your household belongings.

The moment that kitchen appliances won’t be covered is when there is an exception for them in the package you subscribed for.

Other than that, all your kitchen appliances should be covered when there’s any unforeseen circumstance with them, be it damaged beyond repairs, repairs needed, or stolen.

Does Content Insurance Cover White Goods?

Let’s first look at what white goods are before you look at, whether content insurance covers them as well.

White goods, in general, are large electrical appliances that are domestically used, and white, which include washing machines and refrigerators.

So does content insurance cover white goods? Yes, white goods like washing machines, freezers, and refrigerators are covered by content insurance policies.

All white goods are covered during unfortunate occurrences like fire, explosion, flood, accidental damage, and theft.

Unless there’s an exception for the policy you signed up for, that’s excluding white goods from your package; other than that, content insurance will cover them all.

The only thing with high-value items is that you might be made to pay something in addition to what the insurer is paying to replace the damaged or stolen item.

So it will depend on the package you sign for, as all these details are inked right there.

Problems Associated With Content Insurance

As stated earlier, there’s no way you will always find whatever you find as perfect as you would want.

Same with content insurance, people normally face a few problems. And it will be a good practice to familiarize yourself with some of them, so you don’t find it surprising when you find yourself in any.

  • You may have to buy additional coverage for some high-value items if you would want them to be added to your insurance package.
  • The policy documentation, most times, has some unexpected exclusions that, if you don’t check them well or have an experienced person to check for you, will take you by surprise.
  • Some insurers will convince you to pay an extra fee to cover a safety net to prevent you from being underinsured.
  • The coverage limit on some of your belongings may be way less, hence won’t be sufficient to obtain a new one.

But in all, we would say content insurance is worth having, as it helps cover your household belongings against any unexpected, unfortunate happening.

Even if you paid part of the service rendered, it wouldn’t be that near if you were to do that single-handedly. So, in short, we will say it’s worth having.


The washing machine and all kitchen appliances are covered under content insurance.

All white goods are also covered under content insurance. But the insurance to cover a full financial cost will depend on your purchase insurance package.

In the issue of damage or theft, content insurance will cover the cost of either replacement or repairs.

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