Do Washing Machines Heat Their Own Water? (Explained)

The day I asked myself this question was the first time I saw a washing machine with just a single hose, which also happened to be for cold water.

So I wondered if a higher temperature or hot water was required to wash the clothes. So, in that case, is the washer supposed to heat its own water or what?

In this article, we will know all that needs to be known as to whether washing machines heat their water.

Whether the washing machine heats its water or not normally depends on the geographical location of the user.

Most washing machines in Europe heat their own water, as they always have a single hose that supplies only cold water.

On the other hand, the USA has most of their washing machines taking their hot water from the home’s water heater.

And even with the washing machines with double hoses for hot and cold water, some still have a heating element that again heats the hot water supplied by the home’s water heater.

That’s because some washing machines have a high-temperature cycle, like 90 ˚C, but as we already know, tap water normally has a temperature of 60 ˚C. So, in that case, the supplied hot is again heated by the washing machine’s heater.

Some brands and models of washing machines used not to have their heating elements, but their newer versions have these heating elements, which heat water themselves in the operations of the washing machine.

With the ones that don’t have their heating element, always utilize the home’s water heater.

So these washers always have two hoses, that’s for both cold and hot water. So the home’s water heater supplies the washing machine with hot water when it needs it.

Are Washing Machines Connected to Hot Water?

You kind of feel some hotness in the drained water as the washing machine drains off some water.

You also tend to feel some hotness in the clothes when the washing completes, and the clothes are removed.

Yes, you’re right; the washing machine sometimes uses hot water.

Some washing machines are connected to the home’s water heater to supply hot water when needed.

And some only get a supply of cold water, and with the help of some heating elements in the washing machine, the water is heated to the required temperature.

But most modern washers have a heating element that enables the washing machine to heat its water.

With the ones that connect to the home’s water heater, you will always find two hoses connecting to it.

And those two hoses are for both cold and hot water. It has been proven that washing machines with their heating element use a lot of energy.

Are Washing Machines Connected to Hot Water
Are Washing Machines Connected to Hot Water

As we go on, we will get to know if the washing machine can be used efficiently without hot water.

Can I Use Washing Machine if I Have No Hot Water?

Some home appliances won’t be able to work without hot water or the water heater not functioning.

And one of them happens to be the dishwasher and the hot shower. These two appliances utilize hot water in their various operations.

Considering how the washing machine operates, it will work fine, but getting the best out of it will depend on a few factors. That is the type of washing machine and the kind of clothes you intend to wash.

Some clothes will wash very fine in cold water, as some clothes won’t be as needed. There are some clothes that once you get a good detergent, even with cold water, you will get your clothes coming out so nice and clean.

Whereas clothes like underwear, bath towels, white clothes, soiled clothes, and many others are better washed with hot or warm water. However, there are some pros and cons to both of them.

Washing with cold water helps protect the vibrancy of the clothes and also avoids the shrinking of your clothes. Same way, washing with hot or warm water removes stains easily.

Another thing that normally happens when the water heater isn’t working is a delay in the whole washing process.

As we know, not all washing processes will require hot water, so those processes operate normally.

But at the stage where the washing machine needs hot water, the system will wait for the hot water for some time, which will pass the normal time that was supposed to use.

After some time, when the system realizes no hot water is coming, it skips that and continues washing without the hot water.

And if it finishes with the washing, be assured of something less than what you’ve always been getting or expecting.

Can I Use Washing Machine if I Have No Hot Water
Can I Use Washing Machine if I Have No Hot Water


Most modern washing machines have a heating element that heats their water. Those that don’t have this heating element utilize the home’s water heater, which is connected to the washing machine and the cold water supply.

A washing machine with a heater or hot water supply can be used without hot water, but results won’t be as expected.

Hence, if you have a faulty water heater or damaged heating element, you better replace it with a hot water supply or get your cold water heated up by the washing machine itself.

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