Hisense Tv Stuttering: 4 Reasons & Solutions

When you have your favorite movie on display, the quality of output from your Hisense television significantly affects how you enjoy that movie.

No matter how brief, a break in the transmission can be frustrating.

This frustration should lead you to ask questions regarding the stuttering of your Hisense television.

As you seek the cause of the problem, you could also find simple solutions to these problems. You’ll discover both here.

Your Hisense television will stutter when there is an interference with the signal transmission or a disruption in the signal. Another common cause of image stuttering is an alteration in your television’s settings. You can fix all these problems by removing the interference and returning the television to its original settings.

In this article, you will find out what makes your Hisense television stutter and how to solve these problems.

You will also find out the differences between a glitch and a stutter.

In addition, I will highlight some of the commonest problems with your Hisense television.

4 Reasons Why a Hisense Tv Stutters with Solutions?

Hisense Tv Stuttering: 4 Reasons & Solutions

Here are 4 reasons why your Hisense Television may stutter. 

  • Poor transmission signal
  • Disruption of the signal
  • System settings alterations
  • System update

#1. Poor Transmission Signal

When your transmission signal is poor, the image output from your Hisense Television will stutter. Stuttering due to poor internet connection is common when you have a live stream.

Whenever there is an interference with your internet connection, your Hisense Television responds with a stutter. 

Since you are streaming via an internet connection, your signal may be tampered with, causing a stutter.

To have smooth transmission, there should be no interference with the connectivity.

#1. Solution

  • Check your internet connection, and be sure of your connectivity from your WIFI source. 
  • Move the WIFI router away from your television. There are some emissions from the television that could interfere with your internet connectivity.
  • You can have a safe distance of one and a half meters between your Hisense Television and the WIFI router. 

With this distance, you can be sure of no interference with your streaming.

#2. Disruption of The Signal

Your Hisense television may stutter when you are not viewing via live stream. Then your signal is most probably disrupted.

There could be several connection points. These connection points include ports for HDMI cables, gaming console ports, or DVD inputs.

#1. Solution

  • Try to isolate each connection channel to check for the problem.
  • If the problem persists, swap the cables and ports before you continue viewing.
  • Check every cable to see if you can find a break or tear on the surface. If you do, change the cord or the cable.
  • If the stutter persists, switch off your Hisense Television and restart it again. These might help to stabilize your new connections.

#3. System Settings Alterations

Your Hisense television is pre-installed with basic settings that ensure you enjoy a free flow of images while viewing.

This problem happens when you live stream or view from another device.

You may have unknowingly tampered with some system settings; hence, your Hisense television stutters. 

#1. Solution

  • Reverse all altered settings on your television.
  • You can go to the advanced settings to activate the motion enhancement feature to custom and adjust the judder reduction.
  • If, after trying these settings, you still find your Hisense Television stuttering, then return your system to factory reset.
  • If the stutter persists, switch off your Hisense Television and restart it again. These might help to apply all settings.

#4. System Update

When your Hisense television stutters, it could result from outdated software.

The output may be affected when the system software in your Hisense television is outdated

#1. Solution

  • Please tap on the settings icon. It should take you to the device preference. At the device preferences, click the update system.
  • Your television will automatically choose an updated version then you can select update now.
  • If the stutter persists, switch off your Hisense Television and restart it again. These might help to stabilize your new connections.

Here is a table that summarizes the commonest causes of Television Stuttering and how to proffer some simple solutions. 

Causes of Hisense Tv StutterSolutions
Poor Signal TransmissionMove the WIFI router away from the TV and restart your Tv
Disrupted SignalIsolate the connection channel, swap the ports, change cables and cords and restart your TV.
Setting AlterationsReturn the television to factory settings and restart your TV.
System UpdateAuto-update the system via settings and restart the Tv.

Is Tv Stuttering the Same as Glitching?

Tv stuttering is not the same as glitching. When your television stutters, a frame lasts longer on your television screen.

In simpler terms, you observe a stutter when there is a momentary pause in the picture. 

On the other hand, you can see a glitch on your screen when a corrupted signal is transmitted.

These signals appear in the form of a jagged line on the screen and inverted colors.

Aside from being jagged, you generally find misplaced squares, freezing problems, and static-looking effects.

When images stutter on your Hisense television, the problem is commonly from the transmission.

It could mean that the supply is faulty from the transmission center. 

When your television stutters, the problem could be your connectivity, settings, or system upgrade.

The table below highlights some basic differences between a stutter and a glitch in your television.

FeatureTelevision stutterTelevision glitch
DescriptionA momentary pause in the flow of signalCorruption of signal
AppearanceLog-in transmission, momentary pauses, and Dark screen.Misplaced squares, freezing screen, static effects, and jagged lines
CausesCaused by problems on the viewers’ endCaused by problems from the transmitters end
SolutionsSimple solutions at homeThe viewer cannot solve it

What Are the Common Problems with a Hisense Tv?

There are some problems you may encounter when you use a Hisense television. These problems are pretty common, and many users share your experience.

Here are some common problems you may encounter using your Hisense Television.

  • Hisense sound problems
  • Power problems
  • Display problems

#1. Hisense Sound Problems

Sometimes, you can tune into your television, either a Livestream or an extension from a device, only to discover that your television has no sound.

You should first look out for the sound system to see if the television is mute or not.

After that, you should check your external connections, such as DVD players, gaming consoles, or even your internet.

Finally, you can look for compatibility with what you are playing. When you do all these modifications, reboot your television.

#2. Power Problems

Your Hisense television sometimes fails to turn on. The problem may be from the remote control, the power outlet, or the control switch. 

Replace the batteries of the remote control, then try again. Once you have looked at these problems, you will most likely fix the issues. 4

If these solutions do not work, try restarting the television by long pressing the start button for 15 seconds.

In other cases, the television turns on and off. Sometimes, the interval between when it turns on and off may be greater than in other cases.

You can apply the previous solutions here too. If these solutions do not work, you may need to draw the attention of a service professional. 

#3. Display Problems

There are numerous display problems that you might encounter, and you don’t have to worry. Their remedies are easy to implement.

Some common display problems include screen flickers, inappropriate brightness, stuttering, and glitch. 

Other common display problems include a blinking led indicator and an altered color on display.

When you experience these problems, you should look for your television settings.

An altered setting may affect the display. Also, you have to look at the connections on your television.

The cords and cables are responsible for the display. Another component to look at is network connectivity.

When there is a problem with your network, you may also experience display problems.

The network connectivity displays when the television is on Livestream mode.

In the case of a display other than the Livestream, the connection problem is rarely the cause.

Final Thoughts

Stuttering is not the same as glitching, though they affect the display output. Some common problems can cause your Hisense television to stutter.

These include;

  • A poor transmission signal
  • Disrupted signals
  • System settings alteration and update

Simple steps can resolve these problems, eliminating the need to call a service professional.

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