How Long Do Microwave Lights Last? How To Replace Microwave Light Bulb?

This is something that mostly takes the very observant ones to notice. Bedrooms and other lights in the home burn out many times, but it’s hard to find the microwave light that burns out that early.

Is it that microwave lights last forever? Or are microwave lights so special and able to last for ages?

We will surely arrive at how long microwave lights last by the end of this article.

So the question on board is, how long do microwave lights last? Microwave light doesn’t have a specific lifespan.

How long its lights last will entirely depend on the usage rate of the microwave. They normally last longer than the other lights in the home, and that’s because the microwave normally doesn’t run for long minutes, making the amount of energy usage to be relatively low.

Unlike the normal home lamps that can be on for 8 hours and even more, the microwave will just run for like 5 minutes.

Looking at this, it makes sense, and not because they are some sort of special lights.

They don’t last forever, as speculated by some people, but they last longer than the normal light we’ve got in our homes.

How Do I Replace My Microwave Light Bulb?

No matter how long the microwave lights last, there will be a time that you’ll try running the microwave, and the light will refuse to turn on.

When that happens, the microwave light bulb has burned out and needs to be replaced.

So we will look at how the microwave can be replaced if you want to help yourself with that.

But it is advisable to find an expert or technician to help with the replacement if you do not know these kinds of appliances, as you will normally find a notice.

You will first have to remove the faulty one. And to do so, you must ensure the microwave is not plugged in.

And don’t forget to discharge the capacitor as microwaves have lethal voltage even when turned off.

After that, you will have to locate the microwave vent and unscrew the screws to remove its panel.

After removing it, you’ll find a box containing the halogen light. It is always covered, so you do well to remove the cover.

And there you have your microwave light bulb. Then you put the replacement back as the old one was.

Screw back all the screws you removed and get your microwave kicking great again.

Does a Microwave Still Work Without Light?

This question will surely come to mind when you realize your microwave light isn’t working the moment you intend to use the microwave.

Yes, the microwave will still work with light. The light doesn’t support the functioning of the microwave in any way.

All the light does is illuminate the microwave for the user. It’s always good to see what’s happening to your food or substance as it’s been microwaved.

So you can go ahead and use the microwave without any safety issues. And if you want to see what’s happening inside as it cooks or heats your food, you can resort to a torchlight.

Can You Use LED Light in the Microwave?

Before we get to answer, look at this video as to if an LED light can be used in the microwave.

In the above video, you will see an experiment with microwaves and different kinds of bulbs. None of these bulbs survived due to the high temperature of the microwave.

So it will be best to reframe the question well. How possible are microwave light bulbs able to survive inside the microwave?

All forms of microwave light bulbs, including LED lights, can survive in the microwave because microwave light bulbs are not placed in the interior part of the device.

These bulbs are usually located behind a protective metallic mesh or grill outside the microwave cavity. So the microwave radiation doesn’t get to the bulbs; hence they’re safe.

What happens with the microwave operation is that the microwave radiation is only exposed to the inner part of the microwave where food and other substances are placed. The waves get reflected and bounce in the interior part of the microwave.


There isn’t a specific lifespan a microwave light bulb can have. In its normal state, the microwave light bulb can last for a while since it’s not in use most of the time.

And even if it happens to be in use, it’s for a short period, unlike home lamps and other lighting systems in the home that can run for hours.

These microwave light bulbs can be replaced when they don’t get to function. And even before replacing them, the microwave can still function well without them.

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