Can You Use iPhone For TV Remote? (All You Need To Know)

The iPhone is a powerful device that can serve several purposes while making life easier and better for users.

Although the phone is efficient for social networks, websites, and connecting people, most people are still determining if the iPhone can work as a TV remote.

Therefore, there is a problem with controlling the TV without a remote. But, it would help to read this article thoroughly to understand this part.

You can use an iPhone as a TV remote if you install a TV remote App. The App will connect your phone to the TV through a WiFi network. Then, you can control the TV through your smartphone. However, you need an IR dongle to make your iPhone a remote for Non-smart TV because they can’t connect via WiFi.

In this article, I will explain how you can use an iPhone as a TV remote, how to set up your iPhone as a TV remote, and if you can use an iPhone as a TV remote for non-smart TV.

By the end, you’ll also know the best TV remote apps for the iPhone.     

Can You Use an iPhone as a TV Remote?

Can You Use iPhone for TV Remote

It is possible to use an iPhone as a TV remote. Your smartphone can control your television from any range.

There are two ways to use your iPhone as a TV remote. The first method requires using universal controllers that are compatible with a variety of TV brands.

The other method requires using dedicated Apps for each type of TV brand. But both methods will require a WiFi connection to send signals.

Establishing a WiFi connection between your television and smartphone is essential for the remote control to work.

Once you are in the WiFi range, you can always use your smartphone as a remote. However, these methods only work for Smart TVs.

Older TV sets can’t connect through WiFi, and iPhones don’t have infrared (IR) blasters. So you would need an alternative method to use your iPhone to control it.    

How Do I Set Up My iPhone as a TV Remote?    

Setting up your iPhone as a TV remote is relatively straightforward. The first step to setting up your iPhone is ensuring the television is on. 

Then, ensure your TV and smartphone are on the same WiFi network. Therefore, it is essential to connect both devices to your WiFi router.

Once both devices are on the same network, you can complete the process of setting up your phone to control your television.

Follow the steps below to set up your iPhone as a TV remote.

  • Download the iOS TV remote App for your television brand or a universal TV remote App from the App store.
  • You can enter a search term to find it faster.
  • Launch the TV remote App and follow the prompt on it.
  • Enter your Smart TV ID if you need to.
  • Some Apps will automatically search for your TV through the WiFi network.
  • The TV screen will display a confirmation message asking if you want to connect it to the TV remote App.
  • Accept to confirm the connection.
  • The App will complete its connection to the TV.
  • You can then proceed to tap the controls on your phone screen.
  • Test some of the controls to see if the connection was successful.

In addition, you can use your iPhone as a remote through the Apple TV App. The Apple TV remote App can control Apple TVs and other AirPlay-compatible Smart TVs.

An iPhone has the App pre-installed; you only need to access it.

To use your Apple TV remote App:

  • Swipe down your iPhone screen from the top right to navigate to its control center.
  • Tap the Apple TV remote App or remote icon.
  • The phone screen will display a list of televisions available on your WiFi network.
  • Tap on your Smart TV or Apple TV to select it.
  • A code will appear on your TV screen. Enter the code in the App.
  • The iPhone will connect to your television, and you can use it as a remote.

Can I Use My iPhone as a TV Remote for Non-smart TV?

Yes, you can use your iPhone as a remote for non-smart TV. But first, you will need an infrared (IR) dongle that can connect to your device’s lightning port.

It would help if you had an infrared dongle because non-smart TVs can’t connect to WiFi networks, and iPhones do not have infrared blasters.

You can purchase IR dongles for Apple smartphones from tech stores.

Once you plug the IR dongle into the lightning connector, it will enable the TV remote feature on your iPhone.

You can download a universal IR remote app, while the IR dongle will serve as a transmitter.

Although the IR dongle makes it easy to control non-smart TVs, this method has some disadvantages.

The table below indicates the pros and cons of using the IR dongle for your iPhone.

It is an effective transmitter.You are unable to charge the phone.
It allows you to use TV remote Apps.The dongle may be uncomfortable.
It is easily accessible and affordable.You need to unplug the dongle to charge the phone.
The remote has limited functions.

What Are the Best TV Remote Apps for the iPhone?

There are various TV remote Apps available on the App store. In addition, there are universal TV remote Apps and designated remote Apps for specific brands.

Most Apps are free to download, but you may have to pay to remove the ads on the App. The Apps may also require payment to upgrade to premium features. 

Below are the best TV remote Apps for the iPhone.

#1. Apple TV Remote App

The default Apple TV remote is quite challenging to use. So the Apple TV remote App is the best alternative you can install on your iPhone.

The App is straightforward to use and lets you control the Apple TV efficiently. Although, it isn’t precisely an App because Apple developed and put it on all iOS devices.

The Apple TV remote App also works with other Smart TVs that are Airplay compatible. In addition, the App allows you to view the lyrics for any song playing and adjust the volume.

#2. AnyMote Smart Universal Remote

The AnyMote App turns your iPhone into a remote control for your TV. It is compatible with any television brand.

This App also allows voice commands to control everything. It allows you to set up automated tasks at the intended time.

#3. Universal Remote TV Smart‬

This App is compatible with many brands and TV models. It connects to a variety of TV brands through WiFi and works efficiently.

You can control many features like volume, channels, menus, media, etc. You can install it from your App store.

#4. LGeemote

This App works specifically for making your iPhone a remote control for LG smart TVs. It is efficient and straightforward to use.

The LGeemote App controls function like volume, channels, and other features like the physical remote. It connects your devices through a WiFi network.

#5. SamRemote

Samsung TV manufacturer developed this App to work specifically for Samsung Smart TVs. So you only need to connect your phone and Samsung TV to the same network.

It controls the same function as a regular TV remote. You can install it from your phone’s App store and connect it to your TV.

#6. Sonymote

Like the previous App, the Sonymote is a unique TV remote App for the Sony brand. It turns your iPhone into a remote control for your TV.

You can install this App from your phone’s App store and follow the steps prompted by the App to connect to your TV.


Why Can’t I See the Remote Control Option on the Control Center?

Your phone may require adding a remote shortcut to the control center. The icon will only appear if you add it.

How Do I Add a Remote Control Option to the Control Center?

Go to settings on your iPhone, then select control center. Next, add the remote control option to the shortcuts.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you can use your iPhone as a TV remote as long as you:

  • Install the TV remote App.
  • Connect both devices to the same network.
  • Use an IR dongle for Non-smart TV.

Putting all these in place will make your smartphone work as a remote control. However, you would need to set up the iPhone for this purpose.

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