Are Washing Machine and Dishwasher Hoses the Same? How to Replace Them

Many reasons will make one want to use the washing machine hose for the dishwasher, likewise the dishwasher hose for the washing machine.

It could be for permanent usage, but that isn’t always the case, as most people would need that for temporal use.

And when that happens, they tend to ask themselves and around if washing machines and dishwasher hoses are the same. And that’s exactly what this article is going to delve into.

So are washing machines and dishwasher hoses the same? No, washing machine hoses are not the same as dishwasher hoses.

But both can be used interchangeably only if the fittings of each hose, either washing machine or dishwasher, will match the inlet fittings of the appliance, either the washing machine or dishwasher.

Dishwasher hoses are always smaller compared to that of the washing machine. With dishwashers, most of their hoses are half (1/2) inches, whiles that of the washing machine is between one and two (1 and 2) inches.

The washing machine hose is made in such a way because of the high volume of water that passes through them.

And looking at the dishwasher hose size, it seems small to be able to contain the high volume of water if connected to a washing machine.

Also, in the operation of washing machines, they discharge a lot of links. So to avoid clogging your pipes, you will need a lint trap if you use your dishwasher hose for your washing machine.

Hence, if the question is asked whether a dishwasher hose can be used for a washing machine, the answer could be yes.

But to ask whether they are the same, then it’s a no. If you want to purchase a dishwasher hose and walk into an appliance store, you ask for a dishwasher hose and not a washing machine hose, thinking they are the same.

Can You Use a Washing Machine Hose on a Dishwasher?

Two things being the same and functioning the same are two different things altogether.

They could be two different things but serve the same function. Let’s take the gas cooker and the electric cooker, for instance.

They both serve the same function, but there’s no way we can say they are the same, NO! Their means of operation are different.

So back to our issue, can you use a washing machine hose on a dishwasher? Yes, you can use a washing machine hose on a dishwasher, and vice versa.

Though there will be some hindrances and difficulties in interchanging them, they will often work interchangeably.

The only struggle I’m sure you might face is the fittings of the hose to the appliance. And once they can fit, you’re good to do with it.

Can You Use a Washing Machine Hose on a Dishwasher
Can You Use a Washing Machine Hose on a Dishwasher

So it is always advisable that if you’re to use the hose of one appliance for the other, it should be temporal.

You need to replace the right hose immediately since you don’t get the full functionality of the alternate hose.

Are There Washing Machine and Dishwasher Universal Hose?

Yes, there are universal hoses for washing machines and dishwashers. And it being universal doesn’t mean you can purchase any of them and get them to work for you.

In getting a universal hose for your washing machine and dishwasher, you need to ensure it has the same type of connection and diameter of hose as the one already fitted to your washing machine or dishwasher.

These universal hoses are not produced by the original manufacturers but are a great economical alternative to the manufacturers’ original hoses.

How to Replace My Washing Machine Hose

The washing machine hose and hoses of other appliances are always given less attention when it comes to the maintenance of these home appliances.

We always overlook them, and as we overlook them, they always give us issues.

It’s high time we give these hose much attention; otherwise, we will always see floods in our homes.

Water also passes through them always as we use them, causing them to wear out. And when that happens, there’s a higher possibility of the hose bursting, causing a flood in our home.

And with the washing machine hose maintenance, you don’t have to wait for it to wear out before you even think of replacing it.

It’s always advisable to replace your washing machine hose every three to five (3 – 5) years because the pressure that the hose goes under when the washing machine is filling is too much.

And as it goes under the same pressure every day, it needs to be replaced, so you can have an efficient working hose, which safeguards your washing machine from flooding your home.

Now let’s look at how to replace or install a new washing machine hose. We can ensure there’s no water in the washing machine by draining the remaining water inside it to avoid spills.

And to do so, you will need to turn off the water supply first and run the washing machine for a few minutes.

One other thing you might need to know is most washing machines use both cold and hot water. So with them, you will find two hoses for both hot and cold water supply.

And to identify them, there are many ways to do so, that is;

  • By color
  • By inscription
  • By position

By Color

You might find the hoses in two different colors, which are the colors red and blue. The color red represents the hot water, whiles the color blue represents the cold water.

By Inscription

With most washing machines, at the back of the washing machines, you will see the inscriptions hot and cold when the inlets for the hoses.

By Position

And if you don’t find any of the above means of identifying which of the hose or inlet is for either the hot or cold, then the position of the valve will tell. The hose connecting to the left valve is hot, and the hose connecting to the right is cold.

Now let’s go on to replace our washing machine hose.

  1. To start with the replacement of your new washing machine hose, turn off the washing machine and unplug it.
  2. Turn off the water supply valve (Usually located behind the washing machine)
  3. Disconnect the hoses from the back of the washing machine and from the valves, where you turn the water supply off.
  4. Now, connect the new hoses, starting from the valve to the washing machine.
  5. Tighten the valves to avoid any leakages.
  6. You can now turn on the water supply to check for leaks.
  7. Plug and run the washing machine to double-check for leaks.

How to Replace My Dishwasher Drain Hose

Now, let’s look at how to replace the drain hose of a dishwasher. Just like the washing machine hose, the dishwasher drain hose should be replaced every three to five (3 – 5) years.

So they need to be replaced in at most five years of their usage, whether worn-out or not.

So we will go ahead with the process of replacing our dishwasher hose by ourselves.

  1. Disconnect electrical power to the dishwasher.
  2. Disconnect the water supply of the dishwater as well.
  3. Disconnect the dishwasher drain hose from the T-junction under the sink.
  4. Pull the dishwater out of its place.
  5. Pull the drain hose off the drain pump
  6. Connect the new drain hose
  7. Connect electrical power and water supply.
  8. Slide the dishwasher to its position
  9. Connect the hose under the sink

Above is a very brief and basic description of replacing or installing a new dishwasher drain hose. Below is a video to help give an in-depth idea of how it’s done.


Washing machines and dishwasher hoses are never the same. They are different in many dimensions, ranging from flexibility, size, and many others.

But one common thing is they serve the same function once they can fit into the appliance it will use.

There are also universal hoses for washing machines and dishwashers, which are great economic alternatives to the manufacturers’ original hoses.

Replacing the hose for either your washing machine or dishwasher is very simple and can be done by yourself if you don’t want to hire an expert.

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