Can Washing Machine Effect Shower?

I have a few clothes I need to get washed. I place these clothes in the washing machine and begin to run them.

It was minutes after turning on the washing machine that I realized I needed to go somewhere important, and I was also yet to also take my shower. I’m sure you’ve faced something of this nature or a similar one before.

If I try using the shower whiles the washing machine is still running, will it affect the washing or the washer? Or vice versa, as in, can washing machine affect shower?

Continue reading as we delve into what happens when the washing machine and shower using the same water source run simultaneously.

So can a washing machine affect the shower? A washing machine’s effect on a shower depends on two main things.

That is if the washing machine shares the same water source with the shower and the water pressure.

If the washing machine and shower have the same water supply and low water pressure, it will surely affect the shower.

Have you ever had someone flush the water closet whiles you taking a shower or using any of the taps connecting to the same water source?

If yes, you surely have noticed the fluctuation the toilet flushing caused. The same thing applies to the washing machine and the shower.

And what happens is they compete as to who gets enough water supply at a particular time.

So to avoid any kind of damage and hassle since you’ve got no idea about your water pressure and how good your home plumbing was done, turn off the washing machine as you go, take your shower, and turn it back on when you’re done.

There are other options you can also adapt without turning the washing machine on and off. We will look at it all as we proceed.

How Does Washing Machine Affect Shower?

So now we assume the washing machine and shower have the same water supply.

The washing machine’s operations sometimes need hot water and, other times, cold water.

And what happens when the shower needs the same water the washing machine needs? The washing machine, most times, wins.

And if the shower wins, the only harm is that there will be a slow water supply to the washing machine, prolonging the normal washing time.

But in most instances where the washing machine wins, that can be a bit dangerous to the shower user.

How Does Washing Machine Affect Shower
How Does Washing Machine Affect Shower

When that happens, you first will notice a slow flow of water from the shower as the washing machine has taken much of the water supply.

And that isn’t the case; it’s just that you won’t get to enjoy your shower as you might want it.

What happens is that there’s temperature fluctuation with the shower as the washing machine runs.

The washing machine takes the water and blasts what it doesn’t need at that moment. So if it needs hot water, it takes it and gives you a blast of cold water.

Same with cold water; he takes that and gives you a blast of hot water without warning or signaling the user.

Which will result in burns on your skin, either wild or severe, depending on the nature of your skin.

And in the instance where the cold water which is to mix up with the hot water in the shower is taken up by the washing machine.

This leaves only the hot water in the shower pipe, which can also result in skin burns. This always happens when you don’t have a valve to regulate the temperature of the water that comes through the shower.

Which Uses Most Water: Running a Washing Machine or Taking a Shower?

This is one of the many questions that can’t be entirely answered with just a single experience.

To have the best results, as to which of these will take much water, the best thing is to test on your own with your washing machine and shower; as a result, I might give you will entirely be different from yours if you’re to try it out. And even with that, your results will differ from time to time.  

One’s results will depend on;

  1. The time spent showering
  2. Washing machine type and capacity
  3. Types of clothes to be washed.

The time spent showering.

The time people spend showering differs per individual. I might spend just 10 minutes showering, whiles another person will spend close to an hour showering.

And even with mine, I might spend 10 minutes today because I haven’t sweated that much, but I will shower for 30 minutes the next time. And definitely, the one that takes more time uses water.

The time spent showering
The time spent showering.

Washing machine type and capacity

Each washing machine brand and its level of efficiency. You might put the same amount and type of clothes in two washing machines and will get one finished before the other.

Washing machines also come in sizes; normally, smaller washers will finish washing before larger ones. And as always, much time will require more water.

Types of clothes to be washed

Washing lighter clothes doesn’t take much time compared to heavy clothes. Washing high cotton towels will take much more time than washing underwear. Heavy clothes are known to use more water.

Also, how dirty the clothes are can affect the water used in their washing.

Can You Shower With The Dryer On?

It is uncomfortable to shower while the washing machine runs because they tend to compete for water supply.

But in the dryer case, is there any competition for water supply? If that is the case, then it’s also not good to shower whiles it’s on.

Aside from steam dryers, no other dryer uses water and hence has no water supply connection to it.

Hence, there’s no competition for water supply, which makes it okay to have the shower on whiles you take your shower.

Can You Shower With The Dryer On
Can You Shower With The Dryer On

And talking of the steam dryer, they can even work fine without a water connection.

The latest versions don’t even require a water supply connection. What it does is it’s got a compartment where you can pull and fill it up with water anytime it gets exhausted.

It works just like the steam-pressing iron. You fill it with water and can use it for some time.

And when you realize it’s finished, you fill it up again. So there wouldn’t be the need even to connect a water supply hose.


Showers are most times affected by washing machines, especially when there’s low water pressure.

And when that happens, the washing machine and showers compete over the water supply.

The washing machine always comes out victorious. This causes the water supply to the shower to be reduced when the washing machine is running.

The washing also gives the shower the water it’s not using at the moment and gives the shower a blast of what’s not in its use.

So for instance, if the washing machine is using cold water, it gets the shower blasted with hot water.

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