Are Newly Purchased Washing Machines Tested Before Delivery?

This question always comes to mind whenever one plans to buy a washing machine for the first time.

And it is very normal asking yourself or someone around. It is a question I asked myself years back when I purchased my first washing machine.

Yes, washing machines are always tested before they are delivered to the buyer. There are many lookouts for in the test. Like many other home appliances, they are tested to see if they can connect rightly with the power source, that’s the electricity. And they are normally tested for water leaks.

There are numerous home appliance stores and outlets, and they all have their way of doing things.

But when it comes to testing a purchased washing machine before delivery, it’s common among them. What may defer is what is been tested.

What You Should Know Before Your Washing Machine Is Delivered?

Once the purchase of your brand new washing machine has been finalized, that isn’t all.

You should know some things before you deliver it to your home or anywhere you choose to receive it.

Let me summarize this in 3 main points.

  • Delivery fee
  • Installation
  • Location of outlet making the delivery

#1. Delivery Fee

Many stores charge a fee for delivering your washing machine. And this fee is used to cater for the transportation aspect and the manpower used in loading and offloading the washing from the warehouse and to your home, respectively.

Some stores also offer free delivery any day you purchase something from them and want it delivered.

With some stores, whether you will be charged a delivery fee depends on your location.

When the location you’re to receive the washing machine is much closer to the warehouse, it might be delivered for free.

And the distance will determine how much you will be charged as a delivery fee.

And with all these stores that charge for the delivery fees, they also have times and seasons that sweep off the delivery fee charge. These seasons include Christmas and events like Black Friday.

So it is always best to discuss the terms included in the delivery with the vendor, so you can prepare before the goods arrive at your doorstep.

#2. Installation

And with the installation, even though the newly purchased washing machine always comes with a manual, not all can still install it. And others can install it if only they’ve some free time.

So to avoid the washing machine sitting in the house for days without operation, it is best to know if the delivery persons are to install it in addition to the delivery or if you will need a repairman to help with the installation.

You then direct the installer where it will suit you to install the washing machine in a laundry room, washroom, or kitchen, as it’s done mostly by British homes.

Others also have a special fee for installation if you want them to help out. So asking questions about the installation will help you know whether you’re to get some other person to help out with the installation.

From experience, the installation of washing is mostly free of charge. And even with that, you still have to talk to them about it because there are times there wouldn’t be an installer among the group to make the delivery.

And when that happens, you will have to request an installer which will come at a cost.

#3. Location of Outlet Making the Delivery

Someone might wonder why he or she needs to know where the washing machine will be moved from to or her place.

And what that he or she cares about is for the machine to arrive home in safe hands. Yes, you’re right and wrong at the same time.

Knowing the location or warehouse where the washing machine will be moved from will help you know when they should be at your place, as the time of arrival is normally not communicated.

And with these, you will know whether the washing machine will be delivered in their company truck or delivery service will be making the delivery.

This is because what normally happens is that, when the distance is not that far, these stores make delivery with their delivery trucks.

But when there’s a bit of distance, a delivery service provider is used instead.

Do Brand New Washing Machines Have Water in Them?

Many get to receive their newly purchased washing machine wet or having some water in them, whiles others get to receive theirs dry.

These differences kind of cause confusion as to which should be the best way to receive a brand new washing machine.

Newly purchased washing machines will have water in them or not, depending on the store’s policy. It will come wet or with water if tested for a leak. And in the testing for leaks, water is poured in to have it properly checked.

And this doesn’t mean those that come dry are not tested. It could be they were tested for other functions or features and not for leaks.

Some others might even be tested for a leak, but delivery wouldn’t be done the same day, and that can cause it to dry off again.

Other buyers will also request that their newly purchased washing machine be untouched.

That is, it should be delivered in the manufacturer’s packaging. And can request for testing to be done in his or her home, which is permissible by some stores.

Talking to washing machine owners, some complained of receiving their newly purchased washing machine wet. One tried asking the instructor why it happened to be wet and was told it was normal.

It means that every washer has been tested for a leak. Others received theirs dry, and all worked fine with it.

How Long Does it Take For a Newly Purchased Washing Machine to be Delivered?

It takes one to three business days for a purchased washing machine to be delivered to your shipping address. There are a few factors that will determine the duration.

Testing of the washing machine is one main factor determining when delivery will be made. With basic checks and testing, it can be delivered in a day.

Whiles with other major checks and testing like functioning checks, it could take at most three days.

Also, the work pressure and the queue you join will determine when your order will be attended to.

In the Christmas season, for instance, there are so many orders, which can cause a bit of delay in the delivery.

And as we are all aware, during Black Fridays, when everyone is out there shopping.

How Much Should You Tip For Washing Machine Delivery?

Most appliances are fragile, and handling should always be done with much care. And that’s the other responsibility of any delivery company or person.

Aside from ensuring the product gets to the buyer, he or she needs to ensure it gets there in good shape. And when that happens, the receiver tends to tip for the service.

It could be the delivery has been charged already in addition to the product, but you might again want to tip the person who made the delivery. And in that case, tipping $10 to $20 isn’t a bad deal.


Washing machines are always tested before delivery. It’s the testing that differs for each outlet.

Some tend to test only the electrical aspect of the washing machine, and whiles others will consider the leaking aspect.

But whether all these are considered or some, there was a test. And in some cases, buyers also ask that their washing machine shouldn’t be tested or packages shouldn’t be touched.

And in that case, the testing is usually done on the buyer’s premises upon delivery.

And you should consider knowing the delivery fee before delivery, whether they are to install the washing machine on delivery or not.

And lastly, know the exact location the product is moved from to be delivered to you.

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