Does Vesa 200 X 300 Exist? (Let’s Find Out)

There are several reasons for mounting your flat-screen display on the wall. Apart from it creating space for other uses, it makes viewing easy. 

Consequently, you would be able to view it from any angle you choose freely. However, to enjoy this, you must get the mounting right.

Thus, you need a compatible mount for your TV. So, let’s find out if VESA 200×300 mounts exist for TVs with such hole patterns.

VESA 200×300 mount doesn’t exist because it doesn’t follow VESA standards for TV or monitor. Instead, VESA 300×200 mounts are available in various types. If your TV has a 200×300 hole pattern, use an adapter to attach your display screen to the mount. The VESA adapter increases the TV’s hole pattern to ensure compatibility with other VESA mounts.

In this article, I’ll explore the availability of a 200×300 mount and unveil its possible alternatives, highlighting the best VESA tv wall mounts to consider.

Afterward, you’ll understand how to get the most compatible VESA wall mounts for your TV or monitor.

Is VESA 200 x 300 In the Market?

Does Vesa 200 x 300 Exist

Vesa 200×300 mount isn’t available in the market. The 200×300 dimension isn’t of VESA’s standard, so you can’t find it in the market.

However, if your TV or monitor comes with 200×300 holes spacing, that doesn’t mean it is a mistake.

You can use an adapter to increase the hole patterns and attach it to a bracket.

One of the market’s most common VESA mount sizes is 200×200 for TVs up to 40 inches. 

Additionally, there are 400×400 mounts for TVs up to 55 inches. The 600×400 mount is available for TVs with bigger screens ranging from 57 to 65 inches.

All the above mount sizes have dimensions that align with VESA’s standard.

However, not only their dimension determines their compatibility with a TV or monitor. 

The weight and size of the TV they can bear are also important criteria to consider. 

The table below shows the available mount sizes, the size of the TV they can hold, and the screw type for attachment.

Screen Size (Inches)VESA Specifications (mm)Standard Screw
80 and above1400×800M8

Is 200×300 Compatible With VESA 400×400?

Some VESA TVs or monitor mounts are interchangeable; owing to the VESA standard, they all work too. 

You could use a universal VESA adapter to make a VESA 400×400 compatible with 200×300.

The adapter attaches a TV or monitor that isn’t of the VESA standard to a suitable mount.

Furthermore, the universal VESA adapter comes in handy when the VESA mount doesn’t have mounting holes.

It works for displays that aren’t VESA standard, e.g., some Apple TVs.

Hence the adapter attaches the TV to any VESA-compatible mount, making the TV VESA-enabled. 

Additionally, you can even increase the VESA hole pattern using an adapter. An adapter never reduces the VESA pattern of a TV mount.

However, while using an adapter on any VESA mount, ensure the mount can support the weight of the display. The size of the tv is also a significant factor to consider.

Best VESA TV Wall Mounts

All VESA TV wall mounts are good but unique and different. They come in different types and sizes with different applications. 

Their capability to hold TVs of different weights isn’t the same. Some mounts can hold lightweight and short TVs, while others are for heavy and long TVs.

VESA TV wall mounts come in different standards with further classification.

However, here are 3 mount standards that are likely to satisfy your needs adequately; 


This VESA mount standard includes mounts with hole patterns 100×100 and 75×75.

These mounts are for smaller TVs or monitors and attach to the TV with M4 screws.

MIS-D is most suitable for TV weight under 14 kg and sizes within 19-22 inches.


The VESA MIS-E is the standard for VESA mount with pattern 200×100. It uses the same screw type as VESA MIS-D. 

It is best for TVs or monitors of medium size that weigh between 23 and 29 kg. This mount is strong enough to bear medium-weight sizes.


This VESA mount standard includes mounts with hole patterns with a 200mm difference. For instance, 400×200 and 600×400 VESA mounts.

Using strong screw types such as M6 or M8, they can bear heavy TVs with screen sizes larger than 31 inches. 

TV and monitors compatible with the MIS-F mount hole spacing usually have the following hole pattern.

  • 400×200
  • 400×600
  • 600×200
  • 600×400
  • 800×400

When it comes to applying these mounts also, there are also differences.

The reason is, excluding from the common central mounting pattern, there are mounts that you can place at other sides of the display’s rear. 

Some displays require placing the VESA mount at the top, bottom, left, and right. You’ll find such mounting patterns in public places such as Airports. 

Several MIS-D center mounts, which include 75×75mm, 100×100 mm, and 100×200 mm, can serve as edge mounts. 

However, that depends on whether they have the additional holes required.


#1. How Do I Know the VESA Pattern of My TV?

That’s easy! First, locate the four holes behind your television. If you found them, measure the distance between them horizontally and vertically with a tape rule.

The dimension defines your tv VESA pattern. For instance, if the horizontal and vertical distances are 300 mm and 200 mm, the VESA mount pattern will be 300×200.

#2. Will VESA 400×400 Fit 200×200?

VESA adapters permit the increase in the dimension of the holes and not otherwise. 

Hence with a suitable adapter, 200×200 will fit 400×400. But, 400×400 can’t be reduced to fit 200×200.

However, ensure the mount can bear the weight of the 400×400 TV. 

#3. What Can I Do if My Monitor Lacks VESA Mounting Holes?

Using a VESA adapter, you can use VESA mounts for TVs without a VESA pattern. The adapter provides the required hole pattern to mount your TV on the wall.

#4. What Are the Criteria For Choosing the Right VESA Mount?

To choose an appropriate VESA wall mount, you must consider the Tv’s hole pattern weight and size to ensure compatibility.

Final Thoughts

The VESA 200×300 isn’t available; you can use it with an adapter. The adapter will increase the TV’s hole pattern and attach it to the mount.

When next you’re going for a VESA mount for a TV, ensure the size and weight of the TV don’t exceed the mount’s capability. That way, you’ll get the best VESA mount.

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