Why is My TV Crooked On Wall Mount? (Get It FIXED)

One of the critical components of the living room is the TV, which is why it is regarded as the spot to enjoy entertainment. After getting a suitable TV, it then boils down to proper installation.

What if, after installation, it turns out that your TV appears crooked on the wall? What, then, should be your reaction to this matter?

As someone with lots of experience regarding this matter, you should remain calm because all hope is not lost.

Your TV will appear crooked on a wall or wall mount for various reasons. A few of these reasons include a crookedly installed mount base, improperly aligned vertical hooks, and a mount’s loose hardware. Sometimes the mistake may come from your end when you need to gain knowledge of the necessary tools or manage devices and cables correctly.

As you continue reading, keep in mind that not only will you identify the reasons for a crooked TV but also how to place and adjust it. You will also learn about the movement of the TV mount.

Why Is My Wall-Mounted TV Hanging Crookedly?

Why is my TV Crooked on Wall Mount

You will agree that there is no way you will succeed in fixing a problem unless you can identify and understand the cause of a problem.

And this is why we will, first, identify the reasons for the problems that are in one way or another associated with the TV, mount, or you.

Below are the most common reasons why your wall-mounted TV is hanging crooked in its position:

Crookedly Installed Mount Base

If you install the mounting plate (mount base) crookedly on the wall, it will directly affect the outcome- the TV’s positioning. 

As the mount is crooked, the TV will also appear crooked. Also, mounting on a wall having slanty and crooked parts will cause a crooked TV position.

Improperly Aligned Vertical Hooks

Not all crookedly appearing TV has problems relating to the TV’s mount; at times, you may succeed in tracing the issues to the TV vertical hooks. 

Note that the vertical hooks are attached to the TV via the VESA holes located behind the TV.

Therefore, if the alignment of the vertical hook is proper, the TV will appear intact.

Loosed Mount’s Hardware

More than fixing your mount accurately on the wall is required because your mount comprises other components. It is necessary to be sure they are tight enough.

You should firmly secure them to your mount. And from my experience, I have learned that sometimes something as little as a loose bolt can also cause your TV to appear crooked.

Poor Knowledge With Regard to Hardware Tools

It is common for most people to skip some items listed in the guide during installation mistakenly. Yet this little mistake will significantly impact the TV’s look.

And this is why you must use suitable screws, screwdrivers, and stud finders because only these will fit perfectly.

Incompatible TV Mount

Your TV will appear crooked if it is incompatible with the mount. For this reason, you must ensure that your mount can fit the size and bear the TV’s weight.

Managing Devices and Cable Wrongly

At times, the fault of a crooked TV comes from carelessness. If you fail in the effort you put in regarding managing cables and devices, they will put pressure on your TV.

Furthermore, if the cables become jumbled, it may not just be your TV that becomes crooked, but it may damage your TV.

Wrong Use of Level

A level is a tool to determine if a surface is horizontal or vertical. So if you make the wrong markings and refuse to use a level or misuse it, your Television will become crooked.

How Do You Straighten a Wall-Mounted TV?

You can straighten a wall-mounted TV by carrying out a few essential steps, which include the following:

  1. Securing the hardware on the mount
  2. Investing in a mount with an inbuilt level
  3. Gaining knowledge of installation and tools

Securing the hardware on the mount

Check your installation two to three times because one thing for sure is that no matter how experienced a person is, they can still make mistakes. So ensure that you follow all installation instructions.

There are many times when I almost concluded that I have been dealing with a defective mount only to discover that all I need to do is to tighten the bolt fully.

Investing in Mount With Inbuilt Level

The good thing about an inbuilt level is that in each step during the installation, you can rely on it. So, for example, you can inspect which angle is best before adjusting it.

Even when you have finished installing and discover that the Television mount needs to be level, you can always redo the installation with the aid of the built-in level.

Gaining Knowledge of Installation and Tools

Now, if you are hoping to perform a DIY installation of your TV, you must know every step of the process and the tool you need.

The knowledge will equip you with the readiness and confidence to carry out the task without any problem.

How Do You Adjust the TV Mount Level?

Mounts need a failsafe for leveling a crooked TV, which is why it boils down to you having a post-installation level adjustment.

The post-installation level adjustment will come together with the mount. It comes together with it for cases like this, where a TV becomes crooked after installation.

The post-installation level adjustment is probably just a couple of screws that will allow for a clockwise or anti-clockwise movement of the TV.

For instance, I have an MM540 Enhanced Pull-Down Wall Mount, which comes with adjustable stops and patented auto-straightening. And this provides the best viewing experience. 

If you are also using an MM540 or a related mount and discover that your TV appears crooked after installation, the following will help you carry out a post-level adjusting;

  1. With the TV in the up position, put a level on it.
  2. Start loosening the leveling screws if the TV is not level
  3. Keep rotating the TV until it becomes level
  4. Then re-tighten all the screws

If you bolt the bracket to the wall level, you may have a crooked TV, so you must ensure that the bracket and TV are even.

Are Mounted TVs Supposed to Lean Forward?

If your mounted TV appears leaning forward, you may need to check the mounting screws to secure the TV. But first, you will need to tighten the screws.

However, there are other situations where you can make your TV lean forward by giving it a downward tilt. You can do this to avoid straining your neck and eyes. 

Nevertheless, you can not achieve this with a flat TV wall mount. But with the tilted TV wall mount, making your TV lean forward can become easily attainable.

Although you can fix your TV at a set angle, a tilted mount will allow you to shift the viewing position by performing vertical angle adjustments.

To get this space for tilting, the TV is usually away from the wall at two inches at the very least, unlike the fixed TV mount that keeps your TV almost flush with your wall.

You may enjoy having that space behind your TV since it plays a good role in hiding the cables, cable boxes, and some streaming equipment.

Below is a table that outlines in detail the pros and cons of tilted TV wall mounts;

Reduces the strain on the neck and eyesIt will never flush with your wall
Reduction in Glare (with sun glare to light)Installation is complicated
The mounting position should be flexibleNever as Dynamic as the full motion
It gives enough space to hide cables behind the tv.

Can TV Mounts Move Up and Down? 

Yes, your TV mounts can move up and down. And this, you can achieve with a full mount TV. Its extendable arms, high quality, and flexible hinges offer much flexibility.

An even more exciting wall mount is the motorized full-motion TV mount that allows you to turn your TV and its motorized bracket (up to 120 degrees) toward you.

You can turn this TV left, right, forward, and backward with your voice or the app. It also allows you to choose a pre-set viewing position.

Below are the benefits of using a motorized full-motion TV mount:

  1. You can also control and adjust your TV’s position with the app, voice, and remote.
  2. You can set up about seven programmable positions.
  3. Automatically turns the screen even when the TV is turned on or off
  4. Its making is from high-quality materials.

In conclusion, Your TV will become crooked on a wall mount if;

  • You install the mount base crookedly
  • You align the vertical hooks wrongly
  • There is loose mount hardware
  • You have poor knowledge of Hardware tools
  • You use an incompatible TV mount
  • You manage cable and devices wrongly
  • You use level wrongly

But with the information from this article, you can make fixes and adjustments.


How Do I Fix a Tilted TV?

Loosen screws just enough to move the mount, and do not loosen one screw completely, but loosen all screws evenly. Check to see if you can move the mount and make the necessary adjustments.

Why Should I Adjust My TV Mount Level?

It will ensure that the TV has a proper balance and that the alignment is balanced before you place it on the wall mount.

Why Does My TV Tilt Forward?

If you do tilting screws and wires for adjusting your TV are not adequately tightened, then you will have your TV tilting forward.

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