Why are Microwave Drawers so Expensive? All You Need To Know

I just couldn’t believe the cost when I first heard about microwave drawers and their cost. I initially thought it was a sort of cabinet into which microwaves could be put.

My curiosity made me realize that wasn’t the case and that it was also a type of microwave.

I again wondered, what at all could make a microwave cost this much? You’re here for some reason, I guess?

So why are microwave drawers so expensive? Unlike the regular microwave oven, no tray at the bottom spins the food around.

The magnetron, positioned at the top of the inner part of the microwave, rotates.

And to rotate from where it is, it has to rotate on a special device, and it’s how extremely expensive it is to produce this device that makes these microwave drawers so expensive.

Microwaves happened to be one of the most used homes and kitchen appliances. It is one appliance that helps save lots of time and can be found in most homes.

It is used for various stuff, ranging from cooking, reheating food, and many others.

Microwave oven comes in many types, which include the over-the-range microwave, which is normally put into the cabinet above a range, the countertop microwave, which sits on top of the counter or could even be placed in a piece of cabinetry, and many others too.

Those aren’t very interesting to us today, as we will examine why microwave drawers are so expensive.

What Makes Microwave Drawers So Expensive?

Anything concerning the microwave drawers happens to be expensive. You’re right to classify it as a luxurious kitchen or home appliance.

It is a great advancement from the normal microwave ovens. A microwave without a magnetron is nothing, as it’s the technology behind the generation of microwave energy by microwave ovens.

In the regular microwave, the magnetron generates microwave radiation. These waves are reflected within the microwave’s interior and absorbed by the food or substance.

The microwave radiation absorbed by the food causes the water molecules in the food to vibrate and generate heat energy, which is distributed evenly in the oven by the turntable’s rotation.

The heat then cook and heat food and other substance in it. Unlike the regular microwave, microwave drawers do not have a turntable to rotate the food around.

With the microwave drawers, the magnetron is held and rotates at the inner top of the microwave.

The cost of producing that special device that holds the magnetron at the inner top is extremely expensive, causing the whole microwave drawer to be expensive.

What Makes Microwave Drawers So Expensive?
What Makes Microwave Drawers So Expensive?

Aside from the purchased cost, to avoid any kind of damage trying to install, it’s always advisable to hire a professional to help install your microwave drawer, which always comes at a cost.

Why Should You Buy A Microwave Drawer?

The least amount you can get a microwave drawer is around $1200, which is extremely high compared to the price of a regular over-the-range microwave or counter-top microwave.

So why would one want to skip the affordable that can function the same as the microwave drawer?

The microwave drawer is indeed worth its cost, as;

  • It saves space
  • It’s safer and easier to reach
  • It’s much secured
  • It’s easy to service

Saves Space

The regular microwave placed on the cabinet tends to use space that could be used for other things in the kitchen. But with the microwave drawer, you tend to have all this space to yourself.

The microwave drawer is placed under the cabinet. And it again doesn’t protrude forward so that anyone can pass in front of it without any obstacle or disturbances.

Safer and Easier to Reach

Loading and offloading the microwave drawer is much safer. It’s always much easier and safer if you look for the substance from above as you pick it or place it.

Similarly, it’s always not safe picking heavy or hot substances from a higher height.

Much Secured

With a microwave drawer, a password can be set, which wouldn’t make kids able to access or open it when they’re not authorized to do so.

And aside from keeping children safe from it, it helps secure whatever you’ve got inside there.

Anyone who intends to access it or have whatever food inside will have to be authorized by you.

Easy to Service

Servicing the microwave drawer is much easier from where it’s positioned. It’s easier to clean the inner part and even the outer part.

And in cleaning, you wouldn’t have to carry it from its position to a lower height, as it might lead to damage like breaking it on the floor.

Which Brand of Microwave is the Best?

You might be contemplating which brand to go for. It’s good you’ve come this far to know each brand of microwave drawers.

Comparatively, some cost higher than others. In the same way, some have high efficiency than others.

Choosing the right brand is vital, as it helps in many ways, like saving you some money and time.

Now let’s have a look at the brands we recommend for you. And with these brands, you’re assured of nothing but the best, as it will save you a lot of money and time.

Sharp Microwave Drawers

I will firstly recommend Sharp microwave drawers to you, as they are the first and only manufacturer of microwave drawers.

Yes, you’ll find other brands of microwave drawers, but they are all made by Sharp. With the other brands, you might notice some differences in appearance.

Yes, you’re right; the second and third-party brands add some design to make theirs unique. Such modifications normally happen with the front panel.


Microwave drawers are expensive because of their unique features and functionality. Aside from saving a lot of space in the kitchen, visitors might even walk into your kitchen without noticing a microwave because of its position.

Its locking feature is one of the features that makes it unique. It’s much safer, as anyone can access it, whether short or tall.

Some latest versions even have a mobile application to regulate at your comfort.

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