Should I Buy Protection Plan For Washing Machine? (Explained)

Having a washing machine is one of the best decisions you can ever make for yourself. After all, the washer relieves you from the stress of washing your hands.

Your washing machine, however, is still an appliance, and there is one heartbreaking thing about appliances: they could develop faults. 

Imagine you are going about your laundry, and you discover a broken washing machine. The question is, how prepared are you for such a scenario?

Buy a protection plan for your washing machine. You will need this protection plan if your washer breaks down unexpectedly. With a protection plan, you will most likely spend less repairing your washer in case of default. In addition, the protection plan you’re purchasing can cover malfunctions and accidents.

This article will show you why you need to purchase a protection plan. I will also show you the best protection plans you can get.

By the end, you will have a great deal of knowledge to guide you in selecting a good protection plan for your washing machine.

Should I Buy Protection Plan for my Washing Machine?

Should I Buy Protection Plan for Washing Machine

Yes, you should purchase a protection plan for your washing machine. Your protection plan covers your washing machine against unexpected damage in the future.

Most washing machines come with warranties. These warranties cover damage to the washer within a stipulated time frame

Therefore, if you bought a washing machine and received a warranty of two years, then you will spend less fixing the machine up peradventure you damage it within two years.

Also, many washing machines come with manufacturer warranties. These warranties aim to cover any defect the product manufacturing caused.  Manufacturers are also human and are liable for errors.

 For example, if the manufacturers created your washing machine, but a mistake on their part created a defect, then the manufacturer’s warranties will cover you.

Now, where does the protection plan come in? The protection plan comes in when the warranties expire. 

Unlike manufacturer warranties, your protection plan generally covers unexpected damages, defects, and accidents.

Often, accidental damage is the critical element manufacturers look at to enforce a protection plan.

You will need to pay an extra sum to get a protection plan. Therefore, if you intend on getting a protection plan for a new washing machine, you will need to budget more.

Although the cost seems too much, it is worth it as you would need to pay even more if you damage your washing machine eventually without a protection plan.

Moreover, note that protection plans differ from washer to washer, and there is no standard protection plan for all. 

Therefore, communicate with the manufacturer before obtaining a protection plan.

What are the Best Protection Plans for my Washing Machine?

There are several protection plans you can use for your washing machines. However, the best protection plans are extended warranties and home warranties. 

Extended Warranties 

An extended warranty is a protection plan which allows you to cover the cost of your washing machine peradventure there is damage after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

There are some specific things you should note about the extended warranties. First, you can take an extended warranty for a specific home appliance. 

For instance, if you have a washer and a dishwasher and wish to purchase an extended warranty, you cannot purchase a warranty covering both machines.

This is because these machines are different; thus, you can get an extended warranty for a specific washer. 

Also, you must purchase this plan before the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Therefore, you should purchase the plan when purchasing the washing machine. 

You don’t necessarily need to buy extended warranties from the manufacturers of your washing machine. Instead, you can buy these warranties from the retail dealer who sold the washer.

However, before you make this purchase, confirm if the retail dealer is in partnership with the manufacturers. Also, ensure you check out every detail of the plan you purchase. 

The extended warranties cover you in case your washer experiences wear and tear.

They are relatively cheap, and I recommend them if you are going for an affordable plan.

Home Warranties 

Home warranties are unique because they have a certain quality that makes them distinct. Home warranties can cover many of your household appliances at once.

Do you remember the illustration of the dishwasher and the washer we used earlier? With a home warranty, you can cover both appliances and even more appliances at home.

Many people prefer to use home warranties as it allows them to cover multiple appliances at once at less cost. 

Rather than get an extended warranty for each appliance, you can get a home warranty to cover everything. 

The home warranties cover even more expensive repairs and costs you would incur while replacing broken parts.

However, home warranties are relatively more expensive. They are more expensive because you are covering several appliances instead of one.

Nevertheless, getting a home warranty is more convenient than getting an extended warranty for each appliance at home.

You can summarize the differences between extended warranties and home warranties in the table below:

Extended WarrantiesHome Warranties
The extended warranties cover only one applianceThe home warranties cover several appliances at once.
The extended warranties are relatively cheaper Homeranties are relatively more expensive 
The extended warranties cover limited areas such as wear and tear. The home warranties cover vast areas of damage, including replacement costs.

What is the Difference Between a Warranty and a Protection Plan?

The significant difference between the warranty and the protection plan is clear. The protection plan covers the washing machine as soon as the warranty expires. 

The warranty, better known as the manufacturer’s warranty, in this case, is always given when you buy a washing machine. Therefore, getting a manufacturer’s warranty is inevitable. 

On the other hand, you do not need to buy a protection plan once you purchase your product. You can even choose not to buy a protection plan at all. 

Note that you will also find the manufacturer’s warranty in the purchase price. 

So rest assured, once you buy your washing machine, you have also purchased a manufacturer’s warranty.

However, this is different for a protection plan. You will need to buy the protection plan. Therefore, if you want a protection plan, you must spend more. 

The manufacturer’s warranty mainly covers product defects and issues you would discover that the manufacturers had inadvertently caused.

However, your protection plan can also cover damage you accidentally cause to your washing machine.

So, the protection plan is more comprehensive than the manufacturer’s warranty. 


Is an Extended Warranty a Warranty?

Despite the similarities in their names, an extended warranty is not a warranty. Instead, an extended warranty is a type of protection plan.

What Happens if I Don’t Purchase a Protection Plan?

If you don’t purchase a protection plan and your manufacturer’s warranties expire, you will spend a lot of money to fix your washing machine in case of any damage.

Can I Purchase a Protection Plan for my other Home Appliances?

Of course, you can purchase a protection plan for your other home appliances. Hence, I recommend you go for the home warranties to cover several appliances.

How Long Does My Warranty Last?

A manufacturer’s warranty does not have a specific period and differs from washing machine to machine. However, you can confirm the period from your dealer or manufacturer.

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