5 Reasons You Have Green Line On Your Hisense TV!

Horizontal or vertical lines appearing on TV screens are among the most common issues in most TV brands. 

In most cases, the appearance of green lines in different TV brands suggests a broken TV.

However, the case is not the same for Hisense TV hence the call for this article. 

Several reasons stand as the culprit to green lines appearing on Hisense TV screens. Let’s discover them in this article.

Primarily, green lines on every Hisense TV are a feature that serves as an error notification. When the entirety of the Hisense TV screen is without use, you’ll likely see the green line. To fix it, you can adjust the screen image’s TV resolution setting to fit the whole Screen.

If you want to know every possible reason and the appropriate solution for fixing green lines on Hisense Tv, this article has you covered.

Why a Green Line Appears On a Hisense TV With Solutions

Green Line On Hisense TV (5 Reasons & Solutions)

Green lines appearing on Hisense TV screens are a common experience for many Hisense brand users.

Green lines, either vertical or horizontal, appear on the Hisense TV screen, which means there’s a fault somewhere.

It may appear due to several reasons that may stand as the culprit.

Below are five reasons you can see a green line on a Hisense TV coupled with solutions to fixing the problem;

#1. The Hisense TV Overscan Feature

While a green line appearing on your Hisense TV screen may suggest that it is bad, it is not always the case. 

Most times, the green line on the Hisense TV screen is as per the “overscan feature” in every Hisense TV.

Overscan which appears as green lines, is a regular feature in Hisense TV that alerts you when there’s a problem with the screen resolution. 

The footage may not occupy the entire Hisense Screen for some movies and programs. 

As a result, the green line will appear on the Hisense TV depicting the TV resolution error

Usually, the standard screen resolution setting that suits most coverage is the 16:9 screen resolution. 

The simple solution here is to adjust the resolution setting of the Hisense TV till the overscan green line disappears. 

Also, adjusting the image size to fill the Hisense TV screen will do the trick. Choose the “fit to screen” option to clear off the overscan green line.

#2. Possible Glitches

It is worth pointing out that some system glitches can also result in the same green line appearing as the overscan feature.

As overworking the Hisense TV can cause minor issues, it also stands as a culprit to green lines. 

Sometimes, when the system overheats, you are bound to experience a glitch in the system.

Also, a fluctuation in power can cause the screen lines to appear on the TV.

The glitch finds expression in several forms, such as the system lagging. Green lines appearing on the TV screen are also an inclusive expression. 

Also, multiple combinations of image resolution and settings can cause a slight system glitch resulting in lines on the Screen.

To fix recurring Hisense TV glitches, you can do a soft reset by switching off the TV and switching it on again.

Also, you can opt for a factory reset which should handle any system glitch. The factory reset also helps you to get to the factory’s original setting.

#3. Physical connections

Even though it seems out of the question, physical connections can also cause green lines to appear on Hisense TV screens. 

An improperly connected video cable may also result in green lines appearing on the Hisense TV screen. 

Also, a faulty or broken HDMI cable will likely result in green lines on the TV screen.

However, for a faulty video cable, you’ll observe that the green lines appear inside the image rather than the TV screen. 

If that happens, it should be a pointer that the fault is coming from video cables. You can unplug and properly plug in the video cable to eliminate the lines

If such a scenario persists, it’s most likely that the HDMI cable is bad. Try to get a new cable as a replacement.

#4. Outdated Hisense TV software

An outdated Hisense TV software can also cause lines to appear on the Hisense screen.

You can never be too sure, and I’m ruling it out as a possible reason for the green lines. 

It is common to experience a lot of errors with outdated TV software; an image error is also inclusive. 

Sometimes, you’ll notice the lines appearing on the TV screen as outdated software notification pop-ups.

As per the regulatory rules contained in the Hisense instructions manual, do well to update the Hisense TV software regularly.

#5. Broken Screen 

You can conclude that the Hisense TV is bad when you rule out all other options. Bad, in this sense, refers to the Screen and display of the Hisense TV.

It is pretty obvious to figure out a fault with the TV screen. In most cases, green lines didn’t just appear; other black spots and the like is the outcome. 

Television screens are a delicate part of the TV. Any little pressure or force towards it can result in its destruction.

Call for professional help to ascertain the damage and get the Screen back to a good state. Be sure that it will certainly cost you.

Why Is There a Green Screen On a Hisense TV?

Generally, when a Hisense TV screen is green, the TV isn’t receiving enough feeds from the device. 

The green lines that appear in the above state are evident due to the overscan feature of Hisense TV. 

Whenever the footage resolution is not fitting the screen resolution, the green Screen automatically appears to cover for the lost resolution. 

However, there are other reasons why the Hisense TV screen can go green. Loose video cables and other faulty connections can cause the green Screen.

In addition, a hardware issue can be the possible reason for the green Screen on the TV. As it applies to every TV brand, so does Hisense TV, even its 4D TV sets. 

Next, a temporary glitch due to fluctuation in power can cause the TV screen to go green completely. 

Also, even though it is obvious, the Hisense display setting may be green. It is worth mentioning to rule out every point.

Another reason why you may see a green screen on your Hisense TV may be due to external interference. 

For instance, you will notice a change in any LED screen hue when you pass a magnet across the screen length.

As illustrated, an unshielded speaker close to the Hisense TV may be why the Screen is green. 

Remember that Hisense TVs come with an overscan feature which explains why green is the dominant color. Such interference can also account for the green Screen on the Hisense TV.

How To Fix a Green Screen On a Hisense TV?

The first step to fixing a problem is knowing the problem to be fixed and the cause.

Only knowing the cause of a particular problem you’ll have gone halfway to solving the problem. Green Screen on Hisense TV has many culprit factors to hold to account.

Therefore, to fix the green hue on the Screen, you’ll have to know the cause of the fault.

For instance, the green Screen may be a simple color setting. Conducting a soft reset will not solve the problem.

The table below lists the numerous reasons the Hisense TV screen goes green, alongside possible solutions. 

Causes Of a Green Screen Possible Solutions
Hisense TV overscan featureAdjust the resolutions of the TV or the image display
Wrong settingsChange the screen color setting to Auto.
Temporary glitch Do a soft reset. (off and on the TV after a little while)
External force interferenceKeep LED screens far from magnetic materials
Hardware issuesCall Hisense service support for professional help
Faulty connectionsCarefully inspect your connections (input devices, DVD, and the like)
Faulty video cable (HTML cable)Replace the cable with a new one.


The first instant of green lines on a Hisense TV screen is necessarily not a sign of a broken TV. 

Every Hisense TV normally has an overscan feature that kicks in when there is a resolution disagreement; however not always the case.

Other causes are:

  • Wrong settings and connection
  • Glitch
  • Software update
  • Hardware issues, etcetera.

But you can resolve all these issues without spending a dime.

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