Does TV Remote Come Under Warranty? (Quick Answer)

I initially thought I was only wondering whether my TV remote also comes under warranty.

It could be a separately purchased TV remote or a TV remote included in a whole purchased TV set. But I later realized that I wasn’t alone on this planet.

Yes, TV remotes come under warranty only if it’s a manufacturing defect, which includes button failure. That’s if the defect or fault does not result from your mishandling. TV remote warrant doesn’t cover deliberate damages or even accidental damages. And that’s not a policy for only TV remotes; that’s how manufacturers’ warranty work.

In the case of accidental damage, even in the hands of the delivery person or company, it doesn’t come under the manufacturer’s warranty.

That will be a case before the buyer and the delivery person or company as to whether they replace it or repair it, based on their policies.

How Does TV Remote Warranty Work?

In testing a TV remote, any button on the TV remote is pressed. And normally, there’s a red light signal which indicates whether it’s properly working or not.

When the red light on the remote isn’t giving any signal, it’s either the button pressed is faulty or the battery is dead.

So the battery has to be changed. And if it still doesn’t work after the battery has been changed, it’s a button defect. Yes, it’s very true not all remotes have these red light signals.

In this case, you try to press some buttons to control the TV, and if that proves futile, you change the battery as was done earlier.

The button or the whole TV remote is considered faulty if the change of battery doesn’t still work.

In that case, your TV remote is replaced with a new one, or you get it repaired within a given time, based on the brand’s warranty policy.

And normally, when they try repairing and if it seems not to be working or delaying per their speculated time, you’re given a replacement.

How to Know to Differentiate Between Manufacturers’ Defects and Accidental Defects

Many tend to wonder how one can determine if the defect is a manufacturer or accidental.

You might at times think you’ve got no hand in the damage of the damage, but you’ll be told a warranty doesn’t cover it since the damage isn’t manufacturer damage but deliberate or accidental damage.

There are thorough checks and testing made on products before they are packaged.

So normally, the manufacturer considers all packaged products intact in terms of functioning.

So other checks and testing are again done on the product when a report is made to ascertain whether it’s indeed manufacturer damage or not.

So be rest assured as you’ll not be cheated in any way. The cause of the many arguments as to whether the damage is a manufacturer or accidental damage is in the delivery.

Due to mishandling and other factors, untouched and well-packaged products get damaged. And the damage is realized or noticed at the time of unboxing the product.

And this makes the buyer think it’s manufacturing damage since he or she had no hands in the damage.

Does Warranty Cover a Broken TV Remote?

A warranty does not cover a broken TV remote. The TV and its remote are only covered by warranty when there’s a manufacturer defect.

So the question we must ask ourselves is, is the brokenness of the TV remote a manufacturer defect? If your answer is no, then the warranty doesn’t cover it.

If you found the broken TV remote when you unboxed the package, inquire from the person or company in charge of the delivery.

There’s a higher chance that it could be an accident on the side of the delivery person or company.

These manufacturers we are dealing with are careful and professional in their work.

And that will make it so hard for them to include a broken TV remote in your package and deliver it to your doorstep. That’s a NO!

You can decide to take it back to the manufacturer for replacement. But being within the warranty duration doesn’t guarantee a replacement.

The product you’ve submitted and requested replacement over is evaluated, and a report on it will be given as to whether it qualifies for replacement or not.

What Does a TV Warranty Cover?

What a Television warranty covers depend on the brand or manufacturer. And even with that, there are some common things that all TV warranty covers, irrespective of the brand.

And those are what we are about to look at. And to be very sure of what your TV manufacturer warrant covers, you might want to look at the warrant guide.

The warrant guide is found in the main TV box. It’s a book but normally termed as a pamphlet.

TV manufacturer warranty always covers power failure, mechanical failure, sound failure, button/ touch failure, Wi-Fi failure, screen failure, and a few others.

Power failure, that’s when the TV is unable to turn on, either by the remote or direct power button.

In this case, there’s no way the TV can be used. Hence the TV warrant allows for a replacement or repair.

With mechanical failure, some parts of the TV are not allowing the TV to perform as expected.

This could be corrosion with some materials. Mechanical failure could cause a shock to the TV, which is very dangerous.

Another failure, the sound failure, is when the sound is not heard, no matter how high the TV volume. That indicates there’s a fault with the sound or speakers.

The button and touch sensor refusing to respond upon pressing or touching them is another major failure that the TV warrant covers.

Wi-Fi failure is when you cannot connect to any Wi-Fi network closer.

Whiles with the screen failure, what normally happens is that, even though the power will be on for you to hear the sound, you wouldn’t see any visuals.

These and many other failures are covered in every TV warrant, which can also be termed a manufacturer warrant.

Can a TV Warranty be Extended?

Extending the warranty of your TV depends solely on the TV manufacturer.

You might want to check the manufacturer warranty pamphlet in the TV box, as all information regarding extending your TV warranty is included.

And if your manufacturer doesn’t allow extending your TV warranty, it will also be noted there.

You might wonder why people spend extra money extending their TV warranty; many find that very necessary. It helps save a lot of money in case the TV breaks down.


Almost all TV remotes are covered entirely under the manufacturer’s warranty. And in that case, the TV remote is either replaced or repaired within a speculated time.

TV remotes owners have the right to request a replacement or repair when they happen to be within the warranty duration.

Extending the TV remote warranty is allowed by many brands, and it is 100% worth it, as it saves a lot of money.

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