Does TV Remote Come Under Warranty? (Quick Answer)

Technology may be powerful, but it is not infallible. That is why all electronic manufacturers offer warranties on their products, from mobile phones to kitchen appliances and televisions.

But while the warranty covers the television, customers are sometimes certain about whether the warranty covers the remote control that comes with the television.

Your remote comes under the same warranty as your television, and if you buy an inbox remote control, it is under a one-year warranty. After one year, you can only claim the warranty if your remote control breaks.

Remotes often break before the TV does; when that happens, you’ll need to either fix it or get a new remote. 

In this article, you’ll find out how long remotes last and if you can fix a broken remote.

Does TV Warranty Cover the Remote?

Does TV Remote Come Under Warranty

TV warranty covers the remote, and it doesn’t matter if you bought only the TV remote or a complete TV set. Either way, the warranty covers the remote as well.

However, the warranty only applies where the issue with the remote is a manufacturing defect

That means the remote was damaged by the manufacturer and not because of your mishandling.

If you break the remote, the warranty will not cover it. Also, if there is accidental damage due to mishandling from the delivery agency, the warranty will not cover it.

The warranty policies regarding your TV remote may vary, depending on your chosen brand. But most brands either replace the remote with a new one or repair it. 

If you take delivery of your TV remote and find that it’s not working, you can take it to the brand and have them test it, meaning they’ll press any button on the remote. 

Usually, there is a signal which indicates whether the button is working or not, and it is usually a red light that blinks if the button is working. 

If it doesn’t blink, the manufacturer will change the battery. If it still doesn’t work after the battery change, your remote is faulty, and the brand will repair or replace it.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that some remotes do not have a red light. In this case, you’ll have to test the remote using a television.

What Does a TV Warranty Cover?

The warranty terms are different across the board, and they vary depending on the brand you purchase.

But, all brands offer a warranty unless you buy a second-hand television. There are several warranties that you can get, again depending on the brand.

#1. Full TV Warranty

A full TV warranty covers the entire television, and the law requires that customers have access to warranty services within a reasonable time after purchasing the television.

A full warranty also means that the seller will provide repair service or replace in-warranty units in place of the repair services.

#2. Limited TV Warranty

A limited warranty does not cover all the parts of the TV or the issues it may develop; it only covers specific parts of a television and some faults that the TV may develop. 

A limited warranty will not cover the cost of repairing your TV, but it will pay the costs of the needed parts. 

#3. Manufacturer Warranty

Customers do not have to pay additional costs for a manufacturer’s warranty. 

With a manufacturer’s warranty, the brand will cover the cost of defective parts and failures within a set time. 

It will also cover any damage that stops your TV from working. However, always check the TV manually to know the warranty terms. 

TV warranty does not cover accidental damage, so if you knock your TV over or move, and the TV falls on its face, and the screen breaks, the warranty won’t cover that. The period of coverage also varies from brand to brand.

Here is a table with all the different brands and their warranty periods.

LGOne yearManufacturing defects
SamsungOne yearManufacturing defects
TCLOne yearManufacturing defects in products and quality
SonyOne yearDefects caused by quality or materials

Can You Fix a Broken Remote?

With frequent use, a remote can get worn out and can stop working. Some keys will have to be pushed hard or stop working altogether. But you can fix your remote.

If your remote suddenly stops working, always check the batteries first. If the batteries are bad, change them. But, if the batteries are good, it could be something else.

The most common cause of broken remotes is the connectivity of the keypads with the circuit board.

Whatever the cause of the malfunction is, you can fix it in the following steps.

#1. Open the Remote

You first need to open the remote to clean it but take a picture of the remote with your phone. 

Some of the buttons may come off when you’re fixing the remote, and you may need to remember where the different buttons go, so keep a picture you can check.

Also, take note of all the screws to remember the proper place to put them after.

#2. Remove the Batteries From the Remote

Remove the cover on the back of the remote to remove the batteries. Once you remove the batteries, the remote will be deactivated. 

Remotes are different, so for some, you’ll have to remove the batteries before opening their battery. 

You can also remove the screw from the remote to open it easily. For remotes without screws, you’ll only have to pry them apart with a bread knife or another small object.

#3. Get Your Keypad Repair Kit

A keypad repair kit typically contains some brushes, conducive paint, and a cleaning agent such as acetone or rubbing alcohol. 

Clean the keypad buttons with water and soap, pay attention to the sticky buttons and clean all the debris on the buttons and sheet with soap or dish detergent and water. 

After washing, rinse the buttons and the plastic case under running water. You can take it to your sink or use a bowl. But make sure there are no electronic components that can be damaged.

Instead, clean the electric comments with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. Place the parts of the remote in an airy place to dry.

Once completely dry, put the remote back together and give it a test run.

How Long Does a TV Remote Last?

A TV remote can last an average of 5-10 years or more, depending on the user. If you hardly use your remote control, you can use it for more than ten years.

But it may barely take five years if you are a channel flipper or your kids keep fighting over the remote. A TV remote can last longer than 15 years if you don’t misuse it.

If you don’t keep dropping your remote, spilling food and drinks on it, and flipping from channel to channel, your remote can outlast your television.

Also, always check your TV remote to ensure the batteries don’t leak into it. If that happens, your remote will be damaged much faster.

Additionally, if you’re leaving town or you won’t be using the remote for some time, remove the batteries and put them away so that they don’t leak and damage your TV remote.

Also, don’t hit your remote, don’t use wet hands to handle the remote, and only clean it with a soft cloth or cotton. 

The amount of wear and tear that remotes go through also varies; some people use their remotes very often, while others don’t. 


All brands come under warranty; you can get a warranty whether you buy the remote alone or with a television.

The warranty lasts one year, but while it lasts, the manufacturer will fix or replace your remote if there is any damage. 

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