Do You Need Spacers for TV Mounts? (All You Need to Know)

You are no exception for wanting to know if you will need spacers for TV mounts. That’s one of the most asked questions by customers who tend to buy TV mounts for any of the home theatre appliances.

They always want to know if they will also need to get spacers when mounting their TV to the wall.

That and some other relevant queries about TV spacers are what we will be looking at in this article.

So back to our question, do you need spacers for TV mounts? It’s a very common question, but the answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

Depending on your wall, spacers could cause more harm than good. To figure out whether you need spacers, first, you have to understand what they are.

If you have a television mounted to the wall with screws or an L-shaped bracket, you will need spacers to ensure that the television fits properly.

If you have a television that is mounted to the wall with an adhesive, you will not need spacers.

Let’s take our time and walk through the pros and cons of spacers for TV mounts. And that will even help make a personal decision as to whether you need them or not.

Spacers have many benefits, and one of the main benefits is that they can save a lot of space.

If you do not use spacers, your television will likely be mounted too high or too low on the wall. This can cause problems with your viewing angle and your TV’s appearance.

There are also some disadvantages to using spacers, which can sometimes be difficult to install.

What are spacers used for on TV mounts?

Before we get to what spacers are really used for on TV mounts, as already stated, it will be of much relevance to know what spacers are.

Spacers are devices that are placed between the wall and the TV mount. They are used to help prevent the TV from falling off the wall.

They are especially useful when the TV is placed on an uneven surface. Spacers are designed to work with various TV mounts, including ceiling mounts, wall mounts, and articulating mounts.

They are available in various colors, sizes, and shapes that will fit any room décor. Spacers are also useful in preventing damage to the wall and TV mount.

Spacers are used on television mounts to keep the TV from wobbling. Without spacers, the TV could move around and cause interference with other electronics in the area.

Spacers come in different sizes to fit different televisions, so be sure to get the right ones for your mount.

Is it safe to use spacers on TV mounts?

In as much as the use of spacers on TV, mounts help keep the TV from wobbling, there are some other schools of thought that think it isn’t safe to use spacers on TV mounts.

Some others even think using spacers on TV mounts will render your warranty null and void. And that’s exactly what we are going to be looking at now.

Is it safe to use spacers on TV mounts?
Is it safe to use spacers on TV mounts?

There’s no cause for alarm if you choose the right spacer for the television and TV mount.

The weight of your television is very critical in choosing the best spacer for your TV mount.

There are many types of TV mounts and each one requires a different type of spacer. Some mounts require spacers that are 1/4 inch thick while others may only need thin spacers.

However, there is no one right answer since the thickness of the spacer will depend on the mount and the weight of your television.

And talking of the use of spacers rendering your warranty null and void, it’s never true.

If the spacer causes damage to your product, be it the television or any other appliance using the spacer, it will then render the warranty of the appliance null and void.

So once its installation and usage are done well, you have nothing to worry about.

Do I need spacers for Samsung TV?

Irrespective of the television brand, it all boils down to what you intend to achieve with the spacer.

If you want to mount your Samsung TV to the wall and have it get some space between the wall and the television. And be able to move the television without causing any damage, then you can use it.

Spacers can be used for all TV mounts, and because they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, you will always have to consider the size of the television it will be used with.

Once that has been catered for, then you’re good to go ahead and use spacers for your Samsung TV.

How to use TV mount spacers

Generally, you will need spacers for your TV mount if you are mounting a TV on a wall.

Spacers are these black disks that you place between the TV and the wall. They will provide you with extra space between the wall and the TV, making it easier to mount the TV.

Once you begin to mount your TV to the wall, you will first need to attach the TV bracket to the TV.

Spacers are normally used in two conditions, that is when the TV doesn’t have a flat back, or you need extra space in-between your TV and the wall it’s about to be attached to.

Many tend to want such spaces in-between their TV and the wall because of the need for extra space to accommodate cables. That is exactly when the TV mount spacers come into play.

  • To use the TV mount spacers, place the spacers in between the television and the TV bracket to be attached to the television. There are four shallow holes at the back of the television in a rectangular shape, with screwing holes inside.
  • So you fill each of these holes with a spacer.
  • Now, place the 2 TV brackets vertically on 2 spacers in-between the spacers and the wall.
  • Now insert your screws using a screwdriver.

NOTE: But when you don’t intend to use the spacers, you attach the Tv bracket directly to the TV, without the spacers


If you are thinking about mounting your television on the wall of your living room, you may wonder what type of spacers you need for your TV mount.

You will need to buy a TV mount with spacers to do this. However, if you don’t want to buy the TV mount that comes with spacers, you will need to buy spacers separately.

And in doing so, you should consider the weight of your television to avoid any damage being caused by the spacers.

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