Can You Use Microwave During Thunderstorm?

There are many things that we got so used to but never understood during our childhood period.

And one of these things includes running around your home to turn off all electric appliances and unplug them.

And we used to do that without knowing exactly why we were doing it, but just because our parents have asked us to do so anytime, there’s lightning and thunderstorm.

And when that happens, we are not allowed to get close to any of these appliances, not to talk of touching or using them.

Here I am wondering if the microwave is an exception. And can you use the microwave during thunderstorms?

No, just like any other electrical appliance, it is very dangerous to use the microwave or other electronics during thunderstorms.

During thunderstorms, lightning can easily cause a surge of electricity to burst through the nearby power lines. Hence, any appliance plugged into that power line gets its power rise up abnormally.

When you attempt to use the microwave during a thunderstorm, you’re risking not only the microwave but your entire life.

There’s an available record of the number of people who have lost their lives for this reason.

What Should You Turn Off During Thunderstorm?

During thunderstorms, you need not single out any appliance. Every appliance in your home needs to be unplugged.

Any appliance connected to an electrical outlet is at risk, ranging from TV, refrigerators, laptop, washers, dryers, game systems, and many others.

So you should distance yourself away from all these electronic appliances aside from unplugging them.

And the unplugging should be done even before the storm begins because once it starts, it won’t be possible to compete with the lightning speed.

Hence, once you notice a downpour, then you also start unplugging. In moments like this, it is also advisable to avoid all home water sources.

Lightening can easily pass through plumbing facilities like pipes. So you should try your best to avoid dealing with any of the water sources in the homes.

As such, you should try to avoid bathing, showering, washing dishes, and even washing hands.

Another thing we normally don’t consider during the prevention of thunderstorms is wired-in phones.

They also conduct electricity; hence, during the electric surge, anyone touching them will get injured.

Can You Use Microwave During Thunderstorm
Can You Use Microwave During Thunderstorm

What Electrical Appliance Can Be Used During Thunderstorm?

When you go through the various home appliances forums on the internet, you will find numerous users trying to find answers to whether they can use a particular home appliance during thunderstorms.

And the answer to all those questions will always remain no. Why would you want to raise one appliance over the others?

One appliance isn’t greater or more powerful than the other to be able to stand the surge of electricity.

Not even a single electrical appliance can stand it. So you do well to unplug everything you’ve got in your home. You did not forget to disconnect your telephone too.

Most homes have the main power switch that controls the whole home as far as electrical power is concerned.

Many might wonder if power is safe to turn off from that end and if no unplugging is done.

That’s equally you turning your plugs off without really unplugging them. The main power switch can be turned off, but you’ve got to unplug each of the electrical appliances you have in your home.

This isn’t something you should be feeling lazy about to find an easy way to avoid the effects of the thunderstorm.

Just do what needs to be done to safeguard yourself and all the available appliances. All other appliances that don’t have electricity as their power source can be used safely.

Can You Use Gas Appliances During Thunderstorms?

And talking of appliances with electricity as their power source, can gas appliances also be used?

A good number of home appliances also have gas as their power source and have nothing to do with electricity. So can these appliances also be used safely during thunderstorms?

It will be much understood whether to use gas appliances during thunderstorms if we understand what happens during them.

Lightning, which is produced during thunderstorms, is what does the traveling, that is, through electrical conductors and plumbing pipes.

This lightning can also travel through copper or steel gas service lines. And that also makes it dangerous to use gas appliances during thunderstorms.

Can You Use Microwave During Thunderstorm
Can You Use Microwave During Thunderstorm

All these gas appliances are also to be disconnected from their sources to avoid any home safety hazards.


Using any electrical and gas appliance during thunderstorms is very dangerous, and the microwave is no exception.

So anytime you notice or sense a downpour, immediately unplug your microwave and all other electrical appliances.

You can decide to turn off the power from the main, but that shouldn’t be all. You should unplug all.

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