Can Washing Machine Remove Blood Stains? All You Need To Know

The washing machine has now become a common home appliance, which can be found in most homes.

Many spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to purchase and maintain it. It becomes frustrating if it cannot perform its expected duties after all these expenses.

When that happens, we tend to question the essence of the washing machine. There are some things many find the washing machine incapable of washing or removing, one of which is bloodstains.

So today, just relax and allow this article to answer that question: Can washing machines remove blood stains?

So can a washing machine remove bloodstain? Before putting the blood-stained clothing in the washing machine, it has to be properly soaked in cold water and detergent for some minutes.

This will disband the stains, which will make it much easier for the washing machine. Just putting the blood-stained clothing won’t be easier to be removed.

There’s a protein in the red blood cells called hemoglobin. It’s the feature of the blood that gives it its red color and is also responsible for carrying oxygen in the body.

It’s also responsible for the clotting of blood. So when blood gets spilled on a surface or substance, this hemoglobin causes it to bind with the surface.

It gets bound with the same mechanism it uses in clotting, which makes its removal difficult.

But once you can break up this clotting caused by the hemoglobin, it will be easy to remove by the washing machine.

How to Remove Blood Stains With the Washing Machine

So now that we are assured the washing machine can be used to remove blood stains, we will see how the whole removal process is carried out.

There have been many tales surrounding the removal of blood stains from clothes.

There are once that suggest using salt or baking soda. Others also recommend the usage of seltzer and carbonated water.

Many of them also suggest using very hot water to remove the bloodstains.

But today, with the easy and simple steps, we will be able to remove all bloodstains with the washing machine with less stress. Before going through the entire process, we will need the following;

  • Cold water
  • Detergent

We can remove any bloodstains with your washing machine and those mentioned above. Now, let’s get to it;

How to Remove Blood Stains With the Washing Machine
How to Remove Blood Stains With the Washing Machine

Soak the blood-stained clothing or garment

Get yourself a small-sized basin one-third filled with cold water. Let’s, please make sure the water is cold.

Don’t try using hot water, thinking since it’s hot, and it will remove the bloodstains easily. No, use cold water, and not even warm water.

Put some detergent in your cold water and stir it to mix up. And at the portion where the bloodstains are, you pour some of the stains if you’re using liquid detergent.

And if it powered one, you can still fetch some, add some small water, and put it on the bloodstains. Wait a few minutes for the detergent to soak well into the clothes or garment.

You can wait 5 minutes, then dip the blood-stained clothing or garment into the cold water and detergent solution you prepared minutes ago. And with that, you can wait for additional 20 -25 minutes.

Run it in the washing machine

After 20 -25 minutes, it has been properly soaked, and the bloodstains disbanded. So it’s now time to put it in the washing machine to do the actual washing.

So, put it into your washing machine without rinsing the detergent in the blood-stained clothing or garment. And get it washed in the usual cold water cycle.


After it is done washing, kindly avoid drying it with the dryer. Remove the well-squeezed clothing or garment and get it air-dried.

But before you do that, you can check the stained part to see how it looks now; if it’s impressive as you want it, you can go through the same process for the second time and get it removed perfectly.

But what happens is that you don’t always see it completely removed after taking it from the washing machine unless you air dry it. That’s when you get to see it completely removed.

How Do I Remove Fresh Blood Stains?

Fresh blood, meaning they’ve not stained yet. Stained is when it’s been bound on the surface it spills on and has become difficult to remove.

So with fresh blood, you wouldn’t need to soak the clothing or garment. You can just go ahead and put it in the washing machine and get it washed in the usual cold water cycle.

But with this one, you can choose to dry it with the dryer or go ahead, and air dry it as it’s done with the blood-stained one.


The washing machine has always removed bloodstains. If you cannot remove blood stains with the washing machine, then it’s possible you aren’t doing it well.

To successfully remove blood stains, you will have to first disband or break up the stains with cold water and detergent.

After the disbanding, you can now go ahead and wash with your washing machine and trust me, and it will come out stainless. And wash well with cold water; otherwise, you will worsen the stains.

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